GIANT Backyard Water Slide in our Trampoline Water Park!!

GIANT Backyard Water Slide in our Trampoline Water Park!!

hey Jeff I'm gonna come in from right here I'm gonna dodge all the way at the last second so guys it's just me right now because Jeffrey is that a fly lesson I'm gonna get started because we've got a huge project we're gonna be building a waterslide from the roof to the pool it's gonna be so sick so I've got to go to Home Depot we gotta get the supplies I've also got to get some chlorine for the pool so it's gonna be a really busy day today and somehow I've gotta figure out how to build this waterslide it's no easy to get off our roof now this is good Joe so we're gonna attach the waterslide to the roof right there it's gonna go through the trampolines and into the pool so now we got to go to Home Depot so we got all this stuff from Home Depot we got the wood we got the parts we got the nails and the screws this all cost two hundred forty six dollars so that's not bad for a waterslide I don't even know if that's gonna hold so hopefully it doesn't fall out so guys I'm back to my file I said Chris is back from Home Depot time to build the waterslide [Applause] pretty dang straight line right there all right so it doesn't look like much but that's the base right there we're making progress guys we have the base here some supports we're adding way more supports also the slides going to be starting from way up on top of the roof Jeff very hot right now yes jump in oh so we've made quite a bit of progress this might take more than one day I really hope it does I hope we can get it done today but it's just taking so much time look at it it's crazy so the slide is gonna start at the skylight right here we're gonna slide down all the way to the pool but this thing is just taking so long that the kite wave it's time to put the guardrails on folks this thing is coming along quite nicely if you look at the end there's a drop-off tropa so demos going to the truck okay I think you're gonna get enough speed to clears the edge of the pool there all right mr. nub at its finest it's gross well guys the guardrails are on and it's almost complete we got to finish the waterslide tomorrow we're gonna put tarps water all sorts of things going in there but first we have to walk the plank to see if chris is designed good yeah I think it did bro I ain't worried dude dude it seems pretty stinking stable Chris designed this thing all by himself I'm just enough I can build Legos but I can't I can't really good because I literally just designed this in my head today Wow and then just just built it pretty dang good dude wellthank it's pretty sturdy oh I think it looks pretty cool well that works dude all right guys it's the next thing we're gonna start finishing the water side so we have a couple more things to do we have to cut off those ugly posts we got to put the tarp on it and then we got to route the hose up to the top of the roof so that we can have water running down the waterslide so uh here we go so do you want me to do a standby no maybe that's what is that you're cutting that you're cutting the guards dude it's not going as easy there was last time that's because I was going through two pieces of wood five minutes later top man okay guys ignore this vide no it's ugly I see it's not a big deal you balance I need you ever know as you guys can see I did quite a nice job at cutting off now we just got to cut some tarps so I was thinking maybe we could just build a ladder on this thing so that way we don't have to you know deal with the other ladder you're gonna do a row yeah we're gonna do a ladder here we did it so hot I can't wait to go down the water slide into the night I'm so tired of working on this and water perfect right – they're perfect perfect perfect 75 years later Jeff I don't need your sass bro reasons I'm the guinea pig let me climb up to work go ahead it's a nifty little argument bro I like it that's quite intuitive I haven't so that's good glad to hear it tarps and then water and we're good to go all right bring the tarps up here bro this looks pretty clean from up here where's the last one oh my gosh oh my gosh you see it immediately need some are we all it's right there Jeff it's right behind the trashcan think about that kid it's on the neighbors roof Jeff your dingdong well you're getting it because you threw it up there happy right sneak mode on nailing in the tarp here yep came the build Irukandji build it can the Builder no he can't just kinesin so we finished the slide guys as you can see the tarp is going all the way down and Chris this better work as we spent a whole day they cold 24 hours on this thing the top might not be slippery we're hoping it's slippery yeah so if it's not slippery then we're gonna be triggered so Chris is gonna turn the waterworks on okay great countdown Jeff in 302 good go oh oh you want to go down well that looks pretty good he's definitely hot by dude that's legit should I go first go ahead dude okay let's see if this line where I got a little nervous and the shirt off I just I went in the pool everything okay go further on sandy dude no I don't think it's slippery do you serious dude did I literally knew it we need to get a new material for this limits lime stinging me and it's a forever start it know I'm making you worry I'm making it work yeah it needs to do with your home for sure bro okay there's one flaw with the waterslide okay that did Chris Harper obviously yeah okay Jeff I'm going to come in from right here I'm gonna dodge all the way at the last second oh my gosh that is so fun we can't forget about the trampoline whoa dude this is like it every kid's like dream backyard we do this waterpark fly trampoline so much fun just go on your back backwards hi mom it'll be fine bye Chris you gotta push harder bro you know get more speed oh this is an epic this is absolutely epic Chris we did go on the slide good job defiantly you cuz you designed it but well I'm glad this drink is pretty sturdy guys I know he like this worked very very well do something Chris do a flip when you go off of it yeah pretty cool well guys hope you enjoyed this video leave a like for water slide that we worked so hard on if there's anything else you guys gonna add to our water park lesson on the comment section below guys are not everybody sleeker are you for the priests video look like I'm here for the video that you to recomm it to you can we'll see you later

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  1. If we could only trade backyards my life would be complete! Just kidding but I really want to trade backyards.

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