Giant Swiss Underground Shooting Range – Brünig Indoor

Giant Swiss Underground Shooting Range – Brünig Indoor

yeah I got a USP but this sake is actually pretty sweet everyone is shooting at this one p210 okay fifty meter competition yep so that's like the classic sporting piece big caliber pistol like they call it here okay what else we got here your since in life yep these are so-called standard KBO Lone Star standards rifles okay I think some of them are in GP eleven so like the key 31 okay but I think there's also either six millimeter or six point five millimeter okay special for yeah but here's a little guy really expensive how much is it couple thousand like five thousand three thousand I don't know that's pretty nice yeah oh that's pretty awesome I'd have way too much fun with one of these things so I got 4,000 to 7,000 okay so swings yeah that sounds about right actually these are for the sites right a deal – yeah nice to meet your boss what's that alright that's the mo you're getting the army okay yep what do you want to shoot first no I'll let you go first and then I'll follow you okay you demonstrate the proper way to arrange any first-time 300 meters fifty five fifty okay yeah so you'll see this one that was a wrapper around it but it broke off yesterday okay NP right so should I know 20 no I you had to work so I was gonna help you he's Salome Mike as a novel true of a carbonara there's grounder estimate of three huh zip up Tony lon it's okay Tommy man hello beastie hey Holden night y'all ups me out doing it's true I don't know you know that got us so much target am I going for number 12 right there okay others shirt I'll just shoot ten okay see Emma Doshi yes to deep sleep a fearless ask if she's come she is ruched becomes don't dog Holly but when you get each dog without the D control other senators the dev sir – mr. Fredrick's up epically for tricks – you know I saw guys slide them on the show Adam you're up dude your turn I will see if I can reset this yeah be matter of fact I'll know yes folks do not know all right let's name this critter nothing that's a guy's a guys guys and where did it live up in the mountains or yeah on the on the farms okay maybe no right these guys it looks kind of like a American pronghorn almost kind of too fat in the body different stripe different horns a little bit but most most of these have like cutoff horns okay so they don't hurt each other when they live on the farm oh okay yeah I got this sigue of boys is it guys okay guys in this charming I'm CJ Joe now and what does this say here no 50s allowed or knows magnums um lose that say okay yeah it's just rock Ametek that's like the top seller of the ammunition for law enforcement and oh okay okay just such an advertisement this may be just because you can't fire the special rounds or what the world that's kind of weird way to advertise stuff yeah yeah oh it's tape Oh probably good it's taped on there I see makes more sense now availability current availability for Michael sector so has a bit more punch to it right now you have to give the guy's a user's lesson on this weapon this is something that they don't see very much yeah just have to backwards himself only how it works yep so basically this is a Swiss k41 it has a straight pool design so you just have to rock it forward or backwards to open it you don't have to do this section just slam it forward and hold and just have to watch that you slam it forward and not easy forward because when it stays right there it isn't fully closed and it could fire right this and yeah that'd be a bad thing bad thing and where's the magazine release on this and stalled there goes on the magazine okay yeah pretty cool so let's just grab it pull it out oops that's the bullet you'll see this weeks already that was it yeah just a tiny bit left but you're real close okay almost the same place damn at least a seven you want to try sure five five six six six okay we holdin on this the same spot no more more uploads like at the bottom of the leg okay that's pretty cool I like that has a nice tree go yeah yeah this is hole 1942 okay okay Reese it you're right in there man yeah cost effect it's like a three stage trigger yep yep kind of a battle trigger not real a target trigger say how the truth nice now it's right on top of each other ah gets better all right so what do we have here my friend so as you said this is a bench rest mission so a guy can clamp his rifle into this thing and then do some shots and then he sees if the ammunition and the rifle go well together and yeah you can just exclude all the shooters what's it called rifle deployment fee and all that stuff right now looks steady yeah that's a switch engineering right there built pretty stout oh yeah no wiggle no wiggle at all this block down there yeah I'm on creep block here's a picture of what it would look like quick safety soon so okay yeah I could take that home I'll just put it in my luggage yeah put in my luggage Wow very very good feel like really close to bullseye still good do some attention oh yeah Oh hot hot and sweaty so here we have the blow dart range the top secret underground blow dart range okay or pellet rifles or is it Ola Dargis no that's not able to be bigger and that more okay like round cool you can give this okay okay sure more targets here so we're on the third level correct so on the second shooting level but that's another 300 meter range there same on just lower level yeah yep okay if you go down one more then it's hundred and 950 okay oh sure yep one thousand dollars sure sounds like 42 rowing up we wanted 25 sure yeah so that's the shooting Cena come to talks I think law enforcement can shoot three rounds here of the one I don't know anyone seen there might be loud oh it's empty okay this is quite nice pistol range here rifle range also I think this load yeah pistol happy sites gets the clearer it's just I think that's a respect ready back there yeah that's the candy so oh we can go with you yep okay good special

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  1. LOOOOL, I'm working with Robin together. Was a bit suprised to see one of my coworkers here, I came here cause I was searching some Brünig-Indoor clips. Didnt realise it right after the beginning, but his voice and his accent was quite familiar xD

  2. 300 Meters, I would not give it more then 100 meters from the look of it. 300 meters in yards is about 328 yards or 984 feet. Mind you the targets could be enormous but it certainly don't look like it. Thanks for the video. 🙂

  3. Went there about a month ago, great fun, nice people, unbelievable experience, definitely recommend arranging transport though, it’s a nice walk from the trAin station about 40min.

  4. Interessantes Video! Hier ist ein wunderschönes Lied für alle Tell-Söhne und Töchter. 
    Im Anhang ist der Text zum Mitsingen. Viel Spass!

  5. That range complex is fantastic. Thanks to you and your Swiss hosts for bringing this to us. THIS is the sort of thing that OUR tax dollars SHOULD be spent on.

  6. That's the type of firearms/shooting education Americans should have. Then we wouldn't have the ignorance and demonizing of firearms that we do from some who have no clue what they're even talking about!

  7. Yeah that sure look good to me and i notice a restaurant in the place, but i still fire Swiss guns an AR-15 and Sig Sauer P220 in my place in Tamper,Fl and the best one in Tamper, where the other are shacks.

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