GIANT Trampoline BALL PIT!

GIANT Trampoline BALL PIT!

going boogie-boarding Oh hey guys welcome back to my channel today we're gonna be filling this trampoline full of ball pit balls but before we get started make sure you subscribe to my channel and give me a big thumbs up okay guys I'm about to jump off the roof into this giant ball pit it's pretty high up there thankfully there's enough balls in that trampoline jump right in three how was it that was a lot of fun oh it's a little nerve-wracking at first but you just gotta jump for it now Jarrod's gonna go what are you landing on your back your butt just a back flip three two one I miss the ball completely oh geez need water the one thing we never thought through what's how we're going to get out the only door is this zipper and as soon as we open it all the balls just fall out we gotta push them all that way [Applause] now how are you gonna get out Oh got a bucket I don't know if you can fit your shoulders might hit a little bit unless you put the slip there and then you try to dime onto it ready Jarrod's going boogie-boarding go Boogedy Boogedy Boogedy you know you didn't really serve and it is a great view on the top of this roof I think you see everything and the lovely ball pit below Derek will you need to do is slide with that drop on your belly that's even worse hmm I'm thinking I'm gonna jump down and belly flop with this and break your arms no my arms no I don't think so I have I have faith in the ball pit it'll save me I might be second-guessing myself on this one well guess I'm just gonna have to go my gosh when I bounce I went down that felt like the what pulling the sled him first bounced and came up and hit me in the face you can went down how about we do a game where the coolest trick is jumping from the roof it's cool trick wins okay and we'll have the you guys in the comments right down below who you think won in this game bed choose me I have the clothes tricks I just belly flopped on a slip yeah but that was on a sled I'm gonna win this one easy it is pretty high though so we'll see you I'm gonna start off with something easy triple backflip you call this one always come from the side oh gosh oh my god I don't think I've ever heard of squirrel make that noise play that back on replay I was a good one no no it sounded fine squirrel makes Derek's turn that's your simpleness and turned up a little bit I call this one the distract dead texture your shoe hit me in the rib all right how was that Brett in the connivance dot there are the comments we won round one my flying squirrel or my distracted texture it is way too hot in this ball pit got myself a little shade best way to use this slide okay I pull this one dummy thick yeah Jared Jared are you okay wait a minute well when Jared aka spen jumped off the roof I lost my phone somewhere in the ball pit I can hear chirping so I think it's close me and spend here there's gonna be chillin up here sup spent good jump while Derek treacherous bone down there how long do you think it's gonna taken to find us all give up five minutes Barco 5 million years later right here don't take your phone into ball pits kids you always lose it go underneath the trampoline and look at it from the bottom you might see it come on what do you think we should make Sven do jumping into the ball pit or what other fun things we could do is spend in our videos looks like from up here it looks like dippin dots the dippin dots store son looks like he's tired though maybe you need some water Stefan found your phone yet this is making me crave different Dalton ball it's ringing I see it find it there she is now let the y8 spin off the roof before we start throwing spin off this roof and seeing how good of a jumper he is Derrick still has to do his turn so make sure you write in the comments what you thought I got an out C for the second round for dick really gonna do two rounds so now for Derrick second round I'm not exactly sure what I'm gonna do I could do a front flip I could just fall off the oh I guess I'll just do a front flip in there solid one and a half what do you guys say one and a half are you kidding me yeah the wheel never lies all right that was the final round of our trick competition write in the comments who you thought one either me with my two jumps or remember that dummy thick one that one can't be beat okay now we're gonna start now I think spin or aka dummy pick he's gonna start doing a few jumps so we'll rate his as well I say we throw this big ball down there and we'll see if we can get dummy thick hair to bounce across this that way when we throw him he hits the feet and he launches back this way I just want you guys see I mean how much resemblance is there here if I didn't have arms King Leonidas you are not worthy this is spot oh hey Jared silly salmon broke bro yeah right silly salmon right that's easier than a silly salmon that was straight silly sandwich yeah sure gumpa falling out sure hey oh no Turk don't let me go Jack yes I call this one John Cena John Cena he seems completely unfazed this is called log toss what I said I call this one I believe I can fly I believe in you son I call this one taking out the trash [Laughter] then okay so Sven got a little beat up on that one if you notice his uh his eye and his nose beaten up our only best actor it was an accident and after all it was called taking out the trash so final trick is the classic heads up seven up good luck Sven I'm sorry about this there's a little dismembered you don't want to go feet first it's so hot in here and finally a breeze just came through and who had the best fight against spend that man we spent all day inside that ball pit and I've worked up quite to appetite what do you think me too I say we go get some food because we deserved it of course Derek had to get his pant Express but it's my favorite look at look out put that orange chicken looks today I'm definitely in the mood for some dippin dots let's go get some dippin dots oh yeah flavor did you get I got cookies and cream I was gonna get cookie dough but then they said they didn't have to eat oh we made it back from dippin dots but we're steering Derrick Android Geralyn time to eat my dippin dots I'm gonna sit on dummy thick cuz there's no chair well guys thank you so much for watching our video you guys haven't already you already ate yours make sure you subscribe to my channel give me a big thumbs up comment down below what other things you want us to do inside this giant trampoline ball pit yeah and we will see you guys next time you

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  1. Derek is the king of backflips Joe Watson and only that can do the coolest backflips it was that Peyton in the background

  2. K oπŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

  3. I can’t choose a winner because both of you are so brave to jump from the roof to the trampoline

  4. Dear Derek my name is Hayden I'm Jennifer's daughter I do challenges just like you even though I don't have a YouTube channel. You are amazing. I subscribed and hitted the bell

  5. Was my birthday on Friday on the 28th June and happy birthday to everyone in your family

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