GIANT Trampoline Board Game in our Backyard!! *DONT LAND ON TRAPS*

GIANT Trampoline Board Game in our Backyard!! *DONT LAND ON TRAPS*

oh why can't I make it I don't know what's up guys we build a giant trampoline board game this board game is gonna ruin more friendships than monopoly there's a bunch of challenges punishments and other fun stuff along the way we will be switching off throwing a dice and you get to go as many spaces as that nice as roll unless you get a big trampoline if you had a big trampoline you have to complete a challenge before you can move on let's get into it before we get started make sure you hit that notification bell so that way you two notified would we make awesome videos you guys want to see them also to follow us on instagram @ – gingy broseph her behind the scenes stuff and really other cool stuff so silver trampoline is the starting point hop from space to space I feel like I'm in Mario Party alright it is now my turn oh but you have to stay on the trampoline to tell you complete challenge oh yes over there that's true taurine avoid some points first challenge you have to take the bowling ball bounce it on the trampoline into that bucket way over yonder if I can do that first try I can continue on my six roll all right Jeffrey Jeffrey did not complete the challenge they stuck here no Jeffrey stuck the trampoline I'm stuck right here and I have to make it before I can move on alright so I'm up next on the start let's see what we get oh yeah oh okay so you have to complete the challenge before you can move on okay if I can make this I'll be taking the lead here oh let's try so let me get a move on this is your fourth jump here I'm right here guys you're gonna roll oh one challenge there we go Rob it's moving on alright Jeff if I can make this I can roll let the power my firm make me pass the turn okay throw that was anticlimactic all right Chris moving on Ivy get it to you there's a trap space right there if I were to land here I'd have to do a punishment ooh mystery chain for the blue guys is a mystery I get a roll if I get four or five or six I can move on to the next trampoline if I get one two or three I moved back to the last trampoline line I don't have to complete the challenge but I move back which will suck for five or six please move back to the last train for you welcome before Chris Rob here you go thank you yeah good stuff here we go Oh USA cuz they roll – you won – whoa phones okay for five for the challenge at the second trampoline you have to land two flips in a row all right let's see if you can do it will he complete Sioux problems first guy oh you got far ahead on this round no no by all right so I need to make this why obviously a nice today why can I make it that volleyball is rigged that ring nurse that rig I don't like those darn mystery species you better not hit a for Chris Oh Christopher your punishment I'm gonna take a pillow that is coated in thick flour oh I'm gonna slap you in the face like there's no tomorrow the thing about this space that I forgot to mention you can either try to roll a six or you can take the punishment and I am choosing you to take the punishment I don't stay stuck here we got the flour on the pillow we're gonna spread it around do that yet all right Chris oh you're dropping a lot of the powder are you ready nope oh I really got more powder on my face that he did what is this okay Rob you're killing it bro commence operation well for 100 mystery today all right four five six be in my favor oh no he's gotta go back he's gonna read what I'll rip in the chat all right let's see if I can do it all right so I can finally move on dude so since I took the punishment I get to move on and also the punishments later on get even worse yeah oh all right cuz if you can do two front flips you're gonna move on on your next role I think I can I think I can I think I'm really bad at this onto the island where I will cast my throw three all right what's my trap punishment Oh Rob either has to roll a six or wear watermelon armor let me that I head his hands and his feet give it a nice way to turn into snakes bro so if you can get a sixth looks like I'm stuck here till my next role hopefully we can get a good role here Oh would then Wow Wow Wow looks like Jeff is in the back of the pack right now treatment all right Chris to my lips guys it's hard to choose in a role six again yep all right you choose like China roll into later on and say yeah I saw that fortunately these nuns are giving me time to catch up after all my downfall oh yeah – great so if I can do two flips oh well I'm stuck here looks like at the moment we're all stuck here hope I can lean this yeah Oh 100 later Robert Wow almost at the pool guys check out the pool this shark if you get eaten by the shark you have to start all the way over and please know so further the challenge for this trampoline I have to jump from the trampoline into the pool and land on the Giant unicorn if I fall off that I have to come back here all right guys jump to it oh gosh here we go Oh guys guys I do not want to wear the watermelons so uh just gonna keep rolling gonna be here until I get four things know do these clothes sides all right I must complete two flips in a row come on oh I finally get to make a wrong three five oh wait five so if I roll four or five or six that means I get to move on four oh wow Oh since I made a floor part of the rule is you're gonna move on to the next big trampoline so boy so now if I can land on the unicorn I'll be in the lead yeah it is see that's what this what I'm saying gotta go all right the unicorn jump Chris it's back to the unicorn homage see if he can do it dad it's kind of hard I'm on your side now and I'm in the pool all right um here we go I'm gonna try to roll six again yeah I'm all solar sticking out right here let's take a nap perrantes roving stuck on the chat side okay all the way back to the star I didn't see that this sucks back to the very first spot I'm triggered all right guys it is now Robert stern I need a 6 oh you really don't let the watermelon our do you know where you go no one it's my turn Jeff I hope you get a 3 3 DK has a bunch of potential DVDs wait wait the win Joanna knows it's the wind all right guys we got a six on a trampoline I can still win right yeah if you get six every single time four five six since I already landed on this trap I don't have to do it yeah so any challenge or anything you've already done you land on again I need to get the shark adopted it all right you've gotta roll six guys oh boy without the watermelon finally he moves on next turn that means I have to stay here yes until the next ring get away from me okay if I don't get it – I'm okay because isn't this one more mystery and that would potentially make me have to go all the way back through the pool again looks suck by the shark yes do 3 1 2 3 so the final challenge we have five of these donut os– floaties and I will be throwing them over the trampoline Jeffrey has to jump up and touch them like this four out of five of them already Jeff alright well guys I mean it yes oh so Geoffrey completed the challenge dance move on in order for me to move on not to roll one because that's like one quick one you have to land directly on it let's go faster race me you really got it you really got to pick up your pace here Oh where's it going Oh Chris you're on a mystery space so since you already did that before you don't have to do it again sweet all right robear no rolling three eight three yeah I will take a three that's good dude I soaked robber you have to lay on the unicorn to move on let's do it guys are pretty terrified right now let's go the sketchy maybe you just need to roll one to win let the power of the fun give me a 131 guys I'm the winner there were a couple of pleasures that no one got so they're gonna have to do them as their punishment it's a Robert doesn't wear all this for the rest of the day and grace you have to put on this watermelon armor why do I get the worst life it's not gonna fit in there hunt it to that dude he was a watermelon watermelon punch me kind of sense well anyways we hope you enjoyed this video click right here for the previous video click right here for the dude stop the video that YouTube recommends click right in the middle just subscribe and we'll see you later and the winning

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  1. When I wake up in the morning I have Minecraft on my mind join a couple service playing SkyWars till I die all these new movies killing me with diamond sword sermons of 5

  2. You should make a video about can a weapon to destroy your other weapons
    Please you can’t destroy the other persons weapon you have to do a Punishment for the next two episodes

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