Glock 20 10mm long range shooting at 175 yards

Glock 20 10mm long range shooting at 175 yards

hey guys out of the range going to be doing some long-range shooting well try to anyway throw it at the 175 yards gun I'll use this yeah Glock 20 bar so 10 millimeter so see if we can hit the target and possibly our little jackpot right there okay there's the ammo I'm going to use as our target way down there go zoom in here there we go right ah no way yeah see now if I hit it or if I hit the wood under it let's go look yeah I hit just below right there alright try again okay let's give another shot you you holy shit hell yeah that's kick-ass you got now let's walk down and check it out there is this week's of Red Bull cherry flavor that's just awesome well that concludes my range session today Glock 20 10 millimeter barstow precision barrel Dawson sights Underwood – 20 s red bullet 175 yards alright thanks for watching

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  1. That ammo certainly isn't made for precision oh, those are all over the place. I've never seen so many flyers

  2. Those 220 grain bullets are not the best choice for that caliber

    The 155grain is much better. More energy & more accurate.

    The longer the shot. The better the 155 grain is vs that heavier 220grain round.

    ….more energy, less drop, & more accuracy with the 155 grain.

  3. Only 10 inch drop at 175? That’s not bad. Especially with 220s. If you were shooting the 135s underwood markets for self defense you may have been able to hold strait on. Was that barrel drop in or did you have it fit?

  4. Watching the bullets fly I see a spray pattern rather than a cogent 'walking in'. That pistol/ammo combo seems to be a mismatch for accuracy work.

    Spray n pray with 1 lucky hit, nothing else on paper that I saw.

  5. Instead of aiming high off the target, keep the front sight in the target and lower the back sight. It's easier to gauge your shot that way and to make adjustments. I think this was Elmer Keith's technique for long range handgun.

  6. Why would you shoot a pistol at 175 yards? What’s the point if you have to use 4 boxes of ammo to do it?? 🤔🤣😂

  7. 10mm Glocks Dirty Harry gun. I have a Gen 4. Out of my 5 Glocks it is master blaster hog gun. What is the barrel brand name?

  8. Thats crazy how you can see the bullet getting there and dropping.It is STILL moving VERY FAST.Don't be fooled.That 10mm round in that grain would PENETRATE through any North American wildlife beast and BRING IT DOWN.Yes.I said it.

  9. you cannot even see that can from that range. maybe you use a camera or something to zoom in maybe

  10. It's amazing how u can see the bullet cartridges, go before the target is hit! Nice shot on the round that rocked, the red bull can!

  11. Sorry – I have to call BS! We never see the shooter where he's shooting from! I think he may be very very close to the target! Nice camera placement! He'd have a better chance of shooting down a 747 than hitting a soda can from 175 yards!!! Funny!

  12. Crazy how you can watch the round fall away as it gets toward the target, basically you are arching it in at that distance

  13. nice shot…to damn far to walk you need a 4 Wheeler or a gocart…nice shot no more wings red bull…

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