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  1. TearMender is a great TT glue but i have problems with it clumping very shortly after i put it on the blade/rubber …… any hints ??

  2. Actually, yes. Larry Thoman of Newgy tested it putting a freshly glued racket in the ENEZ device. It passed with no problems.

  3. @chantal191298
    I believe this is available only in the U.S. In the United Kingdom they have a very similar product called CopyDex that you may want to try. I'm not sure if it is available in Germany (I'm assuming you are in Germany?) Basically both products are water based latex glues.

  4. @kevinqew
    No need to put weights on the blade and rubber – though sometimes I'll do that. That or a racket press can't hurt, but I don't think it is really necessary.

    There is no glue effect because there are no VOCs.

  5. Very nice glue!!! I just bought one ina hardware store & just used it. It's almost the same as the new VOC free Butterfly glues. I highly recommend this product because it's safe & most of all it's cheap.

  6. TearMender is a glue that has been around for nearly 100 years. It is intended primarily for the repair of canvas/cloth. It is a water based latex glue. I think of it as being the water based equivalent of rubber cement.

  7. If the glue is similar to TearMender, remove the rubber from the blade, remove the glue from the sponge, and glue again.

    You get a more even glue job if you apply the rubber while the glue is still quite wet.

  8. No. It won't harden. The residue is latex rubber. Though it does seem like it might stick more tenaciously to the sponge when glued for many months. I'm finding that removing the residue from rubber that was glued many moths ago is more difficult. It seems to adhere to the sponge more tenaciously. Of course that may be due to the colder weather as well.

  9. That was RITC Magic Red Sponge (MRS) with LKT Pro XT topsheet. Oddly, I don't see this listed separately on the Zeropong site anymore. But some of the sandwich rubbers do come with this spone pre-glued.

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