what's up YouTube family welcome back to a new video today we're doing an intense glutes circuits using only barbells we're gonna do in get shit done out workouts for those of you who don't have so much time in the gym now when the summer is coming up we want to get a quick workout from time to time you want to have a quick workout and then go out on the beach you know relaxing sunbathing you just you ready you ready so today's go girls is to give you intense insane good workouts in the most short time possible we're gonna max out all we have in the glute muscles targeting all the angles in 5 exercises for rounds 15 reps on each and every single just like that's what we do it you ready well I'm prepared for the circuit I have been doing my stations and I'm ready so what we're doing here is that first of all we're gonna do the first exercise which will be hip thrust after that we're going strictly over to a sumo deadlift after that one we're going to a Romanian deadlift and after that one a frog pump and last one reversed from pumps and we're using only barbells as I said so you have to find your own weight when it comes to this it doesn't matter which way I use because we're always different but if you want to have this workout you can just screenshots the workouts and you will have everything you need for this session now we're ready oh oh baby won't you say something you thinking about the state on me going back to that place we met yeah someone did wasted no I can't turn back I need that crazy nothing say you wanna baby take this thing but I know you wanna know you wanna [Applause] on my own babies god you saying that you needed this you needed this I know I haven't called you it's been a few months since I tried to maybe I'm scared we'll say the wrong thing my apartments been shaky from her weight have a hot that's pretty pretend I don't care just killing me I be happy feel if you say you're happier with someone else this time you'll be speaking out moved on but you should know I'm always waiting first round man are you feeling I'm regretting a little bit this you're gonna hate me so bad wow I'm dead that was one round now we have three more two minutes rest track the rest time two minutes don't miss the double pulse one the hospital one and a fourth rich on the hip this point you've been thinking a number you should know you even do you so that was to work out you barely walked down the stairs now and for those of you who are trying this you will hate me a little bit but your glutes will love me and this session is a quick intense session as I said you will be doing four rounds of these five exercises targeting all the angles of the good really good right so as I said save the workouts printscreen and do it yourself and please let me know when you tried what you thought of it give me a thumbs up or the video and subscribe my youtube channel so we can continue in doing this together and you know the cute little Bell as well the cute little bit as well you know a video with me I'm gonna go and lay don't know bye oh girl just say something oh baby won't you say something no really you got me thinking about the state

35 Replies to “GLUTE WORKOUT WITH ONLY BARBELLS (quick circuit!!)”

  1. Came here to find a good workout for the ol posterior chain. But then you made it a point to address your audience as girls. . Guys want glutes too😒

  2. You’re booty has definitely changed recently. It’s looking a lot meatier thick 🍑🍑 Good job! I’m definitely trying this circuit tomorrow. I can’t wait. I love your workouts. No BS.

  3. Hi Hanna! Can you please show us how to loose fat in the upper back. I understand that we can not choose what place we want to remove fat, but what method is best is my question. Is hiit workout the best method or working with weights or maybe a mix of both?

  4. You really helped me kick start my fitness journey and in just a few weeks the results are rolling in , thank you so much 🙏❤

  5. I purchased one of the guides today. I'm excited to have a plan when I go to the gym. I love your videos! thanks a bunch for the work you put into it all.

  6. OMG! Hanna girl, I tried this routine and I'm going to feel it come Friday a.m.! I love the super set combination jumping from one exercise to the next. After this workout I hit abs and did my sprint running, great workout today thanks so much!👍🤗

  7. OMG is really intense. I did 3 rounds and i never sweated this way. I would like to know tips for the last exercice "reversed frog pums" because it was very dificult to breathe and i wasn't concentrated in my glutes. For growing glutes how often do you recommend to workout them?

  8. I LOVE that she did the first round un-edited because i’ve always wondered how people manage to get this type of barbell on or off before and after a work out. thank you for this!

  9. Is there an alternative for that last exercise? I’m really self conscious and I feel like I’d get weird looks for doing that

  10. Tights hugging up that nice sweet gorgeous fat pussy peaches of yours. Tights wrapped around that pussy mountain.

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