GMBN's Ultimate Mountain Bike Circuit Training Workout

GMBN's Ultimate Mountain Bike Circuit Training Workout

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  1. Very upper body and core focussed. I maybe wouldn’t call it the “ultimate circuit” without some compound leg movements like squats, lunges or hinging.

  2. Loving my bike>>> It was quite easy to assemble, no issues at all. I followed a YouTube video about assembling it and that helped a lot. Only small issue is that moving it around is a bit of a drag because you can only bend the bike to a certain angle to be able to move the bike around, which to me isn't the best angle since i have to be constantly moving it. Wish the wheel was a bit larger or situated further back so one could bend it further out and make it easier to move around. Other than that, i have no issues.

  3. Definitely worth getting a PFI on the job. I wanted to get fitter so I could ride. With Yoga and a PFI my fitness level doubled in 4 weeks. At £20 per 45 minutes that is better value than trying to buy more gear for my bike to go quicker. I've done 4 sessions and the improvement is huge. I'm more tired in 45 minutes than I am doing an entire day on the bike. In 6 months I'll be fitter at 45 than I was in my 20s.

  4. If you don't have access to this equipment, a good way to exercise the muscles used in mountain biking is to get hold of some kind of metal frame you can balance on. If you can find one with wheels attached that's a bonus, and to make it really effective I would recommend riding the whole thing down a big hill.

  5. quikc question. How does this fit in with actual riding, can you do this is in the morning then ride after work say? how many times a week should you do this?

  6. Guys it's awesome but the handlebar twist isn't easy to replicate in all gyms. Do more excercise that can be done either at most gyms (typical olympic weights) or at home. Not one where I need to drive 2h or buy stuff for my home

  7. All good if you have access to loads of good gym equipment. How about a workout for poor people who can't afford a gym membership

  8. Eh. This stuff is good. But with limited training time people should stick to the basic strength stuff like deadlifts, squats, shoulder and bench press and pull ups. Most bang for the buck for the average rider getting stronger.

  9. Check out This is a non profit fitness community with loads of free demanding fitness programmes. You´ll definetly find one suited to your fitness level.

  10. Shame I need so much equipment to do this circuit, I'd rather spend that money on bike parts instead of a gym membership or the equipment

  11. love it, but unfortunately dont have most of the equipment, so will have to improvise my own circut. Love the handlebar roll excercise, will have to make one of the up.

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