Golden Tate attempts table tennis against an Olympian, buys custom 2019 Benz SUV for his wife | Play

Golden Tate attempts table tennis against an Olympian, buys custom 2019 Benz SUV for his wife | Play

what's up everybody I'm Golden Tate while receiver Super Bowl champion about to play table tennis with a Hall of Fame Olympian I was one who taught for scum oh hey it's time to go buy my wife a new car I think at the first look we had to make something badass 2019 GLS 450 I love it how much do I owe you 84,000 skull hit the brakes go around what's up everybody I'm Golden Tate Wow receiver Super Bowl champion here at Westside Table Tennis Center about to play a Hall of Fame Olympian so I don't know what I'm getting myself into after that I'm gonna buy my wife a new car all right let's do it hey are you doing nice to meet you I'm golden one way nice to meet you work welcome to the west side table tennis thank you thanks for inviting me Marv grew up playing a lot of table tennis and I thought it helped me in my football career that used to be Forrest Gump so maybe I can be a little competitive oh I was one who thought force come oh you just had them one-up me huh oh yeah what am I getting myself into don't be no mercy okay [Applause] oh okay so that's how we plan ha ha ha you get that on camera you get that on camera a score two point scored a point against Olympian ha ha ha we turn this my all in picture hey can we just point out that I returned your Olympic serve you guys that's Noble if I was an Olympian this would be my serve be the ball be the ball [Applause] oh it's about some great footage see that was nice that was fun right beautiful don't lie to me could I actually like train and maybe like have a chance no no not just not only thing my cousin left a that many left he's out there right left he has a load of image yeah yes all right post career ping-pong so score four eight nine one for ya more okay five seven I think it's like I got ten and you got seven okay ten seven let's see if we can't get it it's all I need is one point yes don't screw this up GT don't screw this up all right a tip just like that like you didn't even have to do anything I did all the work for you I'm nervous then after 10/10 have the wind by tools [Applause] what sucks Ahriman oxide I had a few good points too right all right way thanks for having me at Westside Table Tennis Club I really enjoyed it thank you to it alright it's time to go get the mommy mobile the grocery chaser outside of football I tried to keep myself busy and what I do the most is probably golf I hang with Jermaine Dye Jimmy Clausen Michael Floyd Darren Sproles Drew Brees chase Daniels those are just a couple of guys I'm usually getting a golf game with aside from that I like to hang out with my family I just had a baby and also have a daughter who's 13 months they had a super wife who just does a phenomenal job at being a mom I think the least I can do is purchase her a car pretty significant big purchase becoming a father changed me instantly as soon as I saw my daughter born I kind of just snapped into dad mode the moment I saw my daughter just kind of became a responsible human I guess you don't live for yourself anymore decisions you make can and will affect your entire family it's not how much money you make it's who you are as a person deep inside being the best that I I can be and protecting my family and my children with everything I have what a catholic high school pope john paul ii and here's seville so shout out to the the knights doing big things over there really I kind of went on I went on one official visit and that was to Notre Dame and kind of fell in love and kind of saw myself spending you know at least four years there you know right before one of my recruiting trip I watched a movie Rudy and saw a lot of the things back in the movie like that like the dome and then the helmet and I play like a champion today sign the field and to me it was just very special holograph tit and baseball twice first time I was drafted was in all seven by the Arizona Diamondbacks in a forty second round in the second time was in 2010 and the 50th round by the San Francisco Giants which happened to be the same year that they won the World Series so at the time I was like man I picked the wrong career I could have had me a World Series by now little did I know that I was gonna win my own two full three years later I've loved playing football so much that I haven't really looked back and if I did look back the only thing I might wonder is like what will my body feel right now probably a lot better was traded to Philadelphia this year for you know halfway through the season being traded was a lot of mixed emotions because I was literally just driving my car on my off day and next thing you know I got a call from the GM with Detroit lion said hey golden we're trading you to Philadelphia Eagles and I kind of froze I didn't know how to feel I was like okay and I'm kind of confused right now but the same time I was excited to be going to the Super Bowl champs alright here we are but they get the first look at our baby the anticipation is high and we're gonna see what all my did to the car brother it's good something how you doing appreciate you coming all the way out here this is Mike with the exotic car trader this is the only person I used to get my vehicles amount of trust I have is probably a little bit too much but he never lets it down we said with one of Mercedes and he found something that was perfect in size and not to mommy looking I guess you wanted a Benz you needed the room so we had to make something badass so when you're driving it it looks right you want to check it out I can't wait I can't wait 2019 GLS 450 4matic all gloss black accents all the way around the car wait 22 inch wheels fully tailored black pack oh yeah no black trim in the inside row you're gonna love this thing black home black earth bank so the grilles on these normally all that satin like aluminum I wasn't gonna fly so we went all gloss black right down to the emblems – we got the illuminated star I don't know if you knew about that you turn the car on lights up the details are in point I can't wait to go grocery shopping in this take the kids to soccer practice Oh oh my baby that's what it's all about man what should I name her like black panther or something the kids I'm gonna tell no no Cheerios and no cheez-its and goldfish on the floor for at least three months what they invent a Roomba four cars a room before cars yes that's a million-dollar idea we need something I can crop the seat and get the seats too how do you how would you do that well thing but logistics later what the what does sound like cuz you know I'm I like my music and I got it you think I was gonna forget about that I need like excellent quality crisp clean Harman Kardon quality you get your radio your media player and everything like that the wheels on the bus go around and back of course you got the nappa leather seating second row all electric which is really nice and of course if you keep going you got that third row you got that extra space for one one two maybe three more even hit the brakes it's a suggestion I love my wife a lot that's how we got in a situation in the first place I like it man I know we wanted something that was custom for sure but we don't want to do too much draw too much attention I think this is very subtle clean fresh look the new car smell the best this is your old miles the Barrow vials man you can't beat that so now the UH the hard part how much taro you go wire it this week will do eighty-four thousand eighty four thousand American dollars USD oh yes sir okay um three easy payments know what you know that when's the season start let me go back to work alright 84k coming your way well worth it man thank you enjoy a golden have fun with it drops a pre-shave hurry daddy take care all right big day coming to ninh got my ass kicked by a Hall of Fame ping-pong player just purchased my wife a brand-new Mercedes but now it's time to take it home deliver it to her and then spend time with the family later Gators can y'all please move about we'll hit you you

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  1. She didn't win a medal in doubles 1996. 58 years old. Love to see him play a male player, a current olympian

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