GOP Senators Block Witnesses in Trump Impeachment Cover-Up: A Closer Look

GOP Senators Block Witnesses in Trump Impeachment Cover-Up: A Closer Look

-Senate Republicans
have all but completed their cover-up for
the president’s crimes as they blocked witnesses
and moved to acquit him. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Donald Trump is not just
a very dumb man. He’s also a very weird man. He definitely believes things
that are dumb, but he also believes things
that are weird and dumb. First, there are your garden
variety dumb things, like yesterday,
when he congratulated Super Bowl champions, the
Kansas City Chiefs on Twitter and said, “You represented
the great state of Kansas, and, in fact,
the entire USA very well,” which would have been fine, expect the Chiefs are based
in Kansas City, Missouri. Now, I know it’s confusing that
there are to two Kansas Cities to a middle schooler who is
just finding out about it. But I guess we can’t expect the
president of the United States to track of all the states. I mean, he knows that the red
ones are the ones that like him, and Florida is the one
that looks like a penis. And Trump really
can keep being dumb because there’s no cost
from his base. Trump supporter and head of
the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp tweeted,
“Dear East Coast Establishment, Kansas City, Kansas,
is in Kansas,” which is true, but that’s not
we’re the Chiefs play, so it’s irrelevant. That would be like me saying
Matt Schlapp sounds like slang for the sound it makes
when you fart in yoga class. [ Laughter ] Irrelevant. Now, those are the standard
sorts of dumb things we’re accustomed to hearing
from our president. But then there are
the weirder dumb things. For example, here’s a weird
dumb thing Trump believes. He seems to think that
stealth military jets which use technology
to avoid detection by radar and other means are literally
invisible to the naked eye. It’s something he’s said
many times, including in a speech
in Michigan last week. -I know everybody here
in Michigan supports our great armed forces
as much as any place. Michigan. [ Cheers and applause ] And that’s why we’re giving
strong consideration to deploying some
of our mighty F-35s to Selfridge Air National
Guard Base. And you know what that means,
right? You know what that means.
That’s a big deal. So Selfridge, you’re gonna see
a lot of very fast planes. Actually,
they’re totally stealth. So maybe you won’t see them
come in. Okay? You won’t see them
come in, but they’re coming in. -He genuinely thinks
stealth means invisible. His brain is only capable
of thinking in cartoons. He actually believes
the military has developed the same technology
as Wonder Woman. [ As Trump ] Our great soldiers
are out there fighting ISIS with their bracelets
and golden lassos. [ Normal voice ] Honestly,
there’s a good chance we could prank Trump
by leading him down a jetway and telling him, “Mr. President,
we would like you to be the first man to board
the invisible F-35 jet, and then just watch him fall
face first onto the runway. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] And you know what sound it would
make when he hit the tarmac? Matt Schlapp! [ Laughter ] Then on Friday,
Trump gave another speech where he did his usual schtick
of bragging about stuff he hasn’t actually done, like, for example,
the jobs numbers. But he also decided to give
his daughter Ivanka a shout-out, as well. Now, as you watch this clip, just remember that about
6.7 million jobs have been created
during Trump’s PRESIDENCY. And, hey, while that’s great, it’s also incidentally lower
than the 8 million jobs created in roughly the same
period of time at the end of Barack Obama’s
presidency. Just remember, that’s how many
jobs Trump and Obama created in roughly three years each —
about 14.7 million combined. Now here’s the president
on Friday talking about how many jobs his
daughter has supposedly created. -Ivanka’s been a champion
for administrative and legislative actions
to combat human trafficking and a true heart. This issue has been
so important to her. This, and making sure people
are ready to work. And she’s now created over
15 million jobs for the people of our country, one of the reasons
our employment numbers are the best ever. 15 million. -She’s created 15 million jobs? I don’t even know
what her job is! I mean, I think she works
with at risk teens. I don’t — At this point, I don’t think he’s even consciously making up
these numbers. I think they randomly
pop into his head like those ping-pong balls
they use in a lottery. [ As Trump ] Tonight’s
Mega Millions numbers are 1, 5, million. [ Laughter ] This is the deranged mind
of an addled man who is incapable of wielding
the tremendous power he holds. Republicans are deeply committed
to allowing him to keep that power
by any means necessary. Take Senator Lamar Alexander,
for example. He was considered
a possible swing vote for allowing additional
witnesses, but ended up voting against it. And on Sunday,
Alexander was asked if by quitting Trump,
he would be emboldening the president to once again
seek foreign interference to cheat in an election, something Trump has already
done twice now, and Alexander insisted Trump
wouldn’t do it again. -Are you at all concerned,
though, when you seek foreign
interference, he does not believe he has done
anything wrong, that what has happened here
might encourage him that he can continue to do this? -I don’t think so. I hope not. I mean, enduring an impeachment is something that nobody
should like. Even the president said he
didn’t want that on his résumé. I don’t blame him. So if a call like that
gets you an impeachment, I would think he would think
twice before he did it again. -Think twice?
He doesn’t even think once! He’s like one of those
single celled organisms that only reacts to light
and heat. But as the vote to acquit Trump
approaches on Wednesday, this is the argument Republicans
have arrive at. They literally just don’t care,
even if there are more witnesses who can attest to Trump’s
criminality. For example, on Friday, we
got yet another bombshell leak from a manuscript written
by Trump’s former National Security Advisor,
John Bolton. Trump told Bolton directly
that he wanted to force Ukraine to dig up dirt on Democrats. -Ambassador John Bolton claims President Trump’s
pressure campaign on Ukraine began much earlier
than was previously reported. The “New York Times” reports “President Trump
directed John Bolton, then his
National Security Advisor, to help with his pressure
campaign to extract damaging information on Democrats
and Ukrainian officials.” The article goes on to say
Mr. Trump gave the instruction Mr. Bolton wrote during
an oval office conversation in early May that included the acting White House
Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, the president’s personal lawyer,
Rudolph Giuliani, and the White House Counsel,
Pat Cipollone, who is now leading the
president’s impeachment defense. -Think about that —
Trump literally said the crime he was doing out loud
in the Oval Office, and there were
multiple witnesses. At least Nixon tried to keep
his tapes secret. If Trump had tapes, he’d be
selling them in Times Square. [ As Trump ] Guys,
check out my mixtape. There’s more where
that came from. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] Now,
as a side note here, I just want to say
the way Bolton has handled this has been gross. He was already a bad guy, but now he’s selectively leaking
damning evidence of the president’s criminality
just to sell a book instead of coming forward and
telling everyone what he knows. If you know someone
who’s planning to rob a bank, you call the cops immediately. You don’t wait a year
and then publish a book called, “Remember That Bank That
Got Robbed? I Knew About It.” [ Laughter ] But still, now we know
not only did Trump say what the crime was, there were
multiple people present. Senate Republicans could have
called any of these guys to testify —
Bolton, Mulvaney, Giuliani, and yet they voted not to
hear from any of them. Here’s how Alexander explained
his vote to block witnesses during an interview with NPR. -I don’t need to hear
any more evidence to decide that the president did
what he’s charged with doing. So if you’ve got eight witnesses
saying that you left the scene of an accident,
you don’t need nine. -Instead,
that’s not what happened. It’s more like Trump
caused the accident by driving his golf cart through the front door
of a Wendy’s, stayed at the scene
of the accident eating fries off of other
people’s plates, called a press conference, bragged that it was
a perfect accident, then tweeted in all caps,
“NO COLLISION.” [ Laughter ] And other Republicans quickly
joined in on the cover-up. Alaska senator Lisa Murkowski
admitted in a statement that “I have come
to the conclusion that there will not be
a fair trial in the Senate.” And Florida senator Marco Rubio
said, “Just because actions
meet a standard of impeachment does not mean it is in the best
interest of the country to remove a president
from office. Think about that — they’re
literally just announcing it to the world,
“We’re doing a cover-up. We won’t hold a fair trail,
and even if he’s guilty, we won’t remove him
from office.” They might as well
come out and say, “Remember all that confetti
from the Super Bowl? Those were documents from
the White House we shredded. See, this one says,
‘Let’s do crimes.'” But the most shameless response
to the vote on Friday came from Senator Lindsay Graham
who celebrated the GOP cover-up with some colorful language
on Fox News Friday night. -You know what I believe
about all this? It was a bunch of partisan
bull[bleep] in the House, it continued in the Senate.
It’s gonna end Wednesday. The president is gonna get
acquitted. And it’s gonna blow up
in their face. -[ Antebellum accent ] Why
Lindsay Buckingham Beauregard Montgomery Longstry
Winchester Graham, you mind your tongue! Need I to remind you, you are
on the airwaves of a decent, all-American family
channel called Fox News, the network of such stand-up
personalities as Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, and America’s Screamheart,
Jeanine Pirro. [ Normal voice ] The GOP
cover-up and the likely vote to acquit Trump on Wednesday
should seal it once and for all. The Republican Party
is totally and completely devoted to a corrupt imbecile
who thinks planes are invisible and doesn’t know
there are two Kansas Cities. All Republicans care about
is clinging to power. Their supposed respect for
the founders and the rule of law was a fraud and a scam. And every time they lecture
the rest of us about the sanctity of
the Constitution, it was all… -Bull[bleep]
This has been a “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

100 Replies to “GOP Senators Block Witnesses in Trump Impeachment Cover-Up: A Closer Look”

  1. Why are the senators bending over backwards to cover this jerk's crimes & mistakes? I think we should toss them all out of office.

  2. Actually, you are the idiot because Kansas City flows from Kansas into Missouri. This is an easy mistake to make and is like splitting hairs. To the locals, which you know nothing about, we are together and we do not see the Kansas City Chiefs as belonging only to Missouri. This is misdirected comedy and it just doesn't seem funny to most people.

  3. I do agree that no one in the u.s. general government can create a job, nor does that government have the delegated power to do half of what he says. Every president has done this and Trump has done much less than the previous administration. The bottom line is that this president hasn't done anything that is at the level of an impeachment resolution, or a removal from office. It seems to be only the Marxists Progressives that want to remove this president, in addition to those who want the borders wide open. I sure hope people aren't stupid enough to consider any of this real news.

  4. GOP Senators: We know what the Orange Turd did was Impeachable, but we don't have the balls to stand up to him..☹️😢

  5. Trump broke the law by not releasing military aid monies to Ukraine. That isn't mentioned much. Neither are his ties to Ukrainian-born Semion Mogilevich, the Russian Mafia boss-of-bosses. Via Deutchebank. Decades-worth of corruption.
    Trump is a gangster.

  6. Actually Seth, Kansas City is on both the Kansas and the Missouri sides. It’s right down the middle. So, Trump is right. Both states share the city and the team.

  7. Sort of like the Republicans were keeping their eyes tight shut and screaming "we can't see the evidence, so we are acquitting him" …… what signal does that send to people in power all over the country.

  8. Trump want it to bring down joe Biden with bunch of B.S unfortunately he succeeded just look at the results Translation the SKIM worked

  9. I bet you a donut this idiot will be voted in again by idiots. Get rid of the electoral college and maybe someone good will lead again

  10. When are you gonna learn dumbsh**?
    You and the rest of the late night tv hosts have turned what used to be funny and entertaining into a liberal cesspool of anti-American sentiment and Trump derangement.
    Nobody with any sense watches lastnight tv and your left with a relatively small group of anti-American Trump hating libtards who in the grand scheme of the next election do not matter.
    Letterman Leno and Carson were the best and you and your late night counter parts are pathetic and dull.
    #liberalismisdead #MAGA2020

  11. The dems claim he withheld funds in exchange for a public announcement from Ukraine that they were investigating the Biden's, where is this announcement?, the aid was paid. Do you think if I told someone that I was going to rob a bank, and they told the cops that,  A) I'm guilty and the cops will arrest me?,   or B) the cops will stake out the bank and arrest me after I do the crime?, so the dems are moronic, ignorant and liars, any fool can see that, well most can. NO ANNOUNCEMENT NO CRIME, IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE.

  12. Look I'm not even concerned one way or the other on the FINAL VERDICT. Don't you think it abominable that these Reps and Senators vote straight PARTY LINES.It seems to have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with guilt or Innocence.These LOSERS vote the PARTY LINE PERIOD ! I think for the MONEY they get paid, WE DESERVE BETTER.

  13. Seriously – why would it matter if "he" deployed every F-35 in America to whatever airbase it is talking about?

    Also, considering it has been afflicted with, y'know, BONESPURS, why DOES it love the Military so much?

  14. Trump’s company says it charges only minimal fees. But Secret Service records do not show that.
    At Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club, the Secret Service was charged the $650 rate dozens of times in 2017, and a different rate, $396.15, dozens more times in 2018, according to documents from Trump’s visits.
    And at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, the Secret Service was charged $17,000 a month to use a three-bedroom cottage on the property, an unusually high rent for homes in that area, according to receipts from 2017. Trump’s company billed the government even for days when Trump wasn’t there.

  15. Whats wrong with our government? Senators arent supposed to be ignorant. But they are ACTING ignorant. And why? Just to protect the Party. And THEY are the ones being partisan.

  16. This is like complaining the the NYC Fire Dept wouldn't let anyone use the elevators at the WTC on the morning of 9/11. You fuckin libs are so stupid it defies reason.

  17. So it appears that the media, joke writers and late night hosts will have lots more material for a while longer. It’s entertaining, but it’s a sad statement on our society. I guess that it’s unrealistic to imagine Trump just doing his job, and putting his ego and foolishness aside. This draft dodging, lying, racist tweeter needs to go. I’ll bet that if a Jeffrey Epstein video ever surfaced of Trump in a compromising act with a teenage girl, he would simply say that it wasn’t him. We should all be offended to have this clown in the White House.

  18. This is just a Soros bellhop trouble maker with just his own opinion, Seth just wants to keep starting trouble. I guess it's a living, if you like being a lap dog for an oligarch.

  19. You're giving Trump way too much credit by saying he was thinking of Kansas City, Kansas. We all know he saw "Kansas" in the city name, recognized that as a state, and just assumed it was in Kansas.

  20. People need stop buying their brand. we may not are able to get those criminals out but we can stop buying their brand and hurt their banking account

  21. "Coverup for the president's crimes"
    Literally no crimes were mentioned in the articles of impeachment.
    "Not a banner week for American democracy"
    Read: Us democrats were unable to overthrow a democratic election.

  22. “You represented the great state of Kansas and, in fact, the entire USA, very well.” 1. Wrong state 2. I highly doubt other countries care a whole lot about the super bowl, so how was the US represented?

  23. Nadler blocked Strozks testimony before. Bolton refused to sign a written statement. Bolton was paid off by Clinton Foundation donor.

  24. Senator Graham is an imbecile who wants to keep power and hold the American public down. All he cares about is himself just like Senator Mitch McConnel the most corrupt man in America

  25. Trump isn't the problem. Americans are. The average American is okay with what Trump is doing which is why he is so blatant and keeps doing it. Trump who less than 60% of the people wanted to see impeached even after all the evidence and the vile things this man has done less than 60%.. That is shameful that isn't a good percentage. Trump is a representation of who America is. Shame

  26. So Stealth planes really are invisible! Ya learn something new every day!
    Who needs sitcoms when we have Trump?????

  27. Okay so to be fair and to be objective, as somebody who can't wait for this fool to stop representing our country, the Stealth line was a joke. Just the way he said it you could tell he was just trying to get a laugh.
    The Kansas city, Kansas tweet. Not a joke. Let this mans own ignorance dismantle him instead of pulling focus to things that were ment to be facetious

  28. He’s got a fifth grade brain on a 70-something body. It’s fine, but should he be President, and how the hell did he get here??? He was voted in by those just like himself….5th grade mentalities.

  29. America (The Good) VS. Trump (Bad + Ugly)
    Be advised MAGA maggots:
    The Greatest Generation would crap on Putin's Puppet Donald Trump.

  30. Welp, when some of us are in Canada looking over Gilead… The moment yall put out a Pence 2020 Hashtag… orange will lose his sh!t.

  31. Everyone ready for Lev Parnas, Emoluments CRIMES, Tax Evasion, Bank Fraud, Solicitation of Prostitution, Sex Trafficking, Obstruction of Justice, Perjury, Grand Perjury, Grand Larceny, Witness Tampering, Witness Intimidation, Racketeering, & Foreign Agency Federal Election FELONIES of TRUMPEACHMENT #2, FINAL CHAPTER OF THE GUANTANAMO APPRENTICE ?

  32. Canadian here- Americans should be ashamed of themselves that this is what your nations leaders and "officials" sound like. The only reflection the rest of the world has on America is you are equally or more inept than your leader- the level of stupidity Americans exude combined with your arsenal …. its like a sociopath with a bomb, you know they just want to hurt people its just a matter of who and when

  33. President trying to cheat in elections- senate and fox think “no problem.”

    A trial with no witnesses or evidence permitted- fox and the senate “no problem.”

    Pelosi rips up a piece of paper with trumps speech on it- fox and the senate, “the horror! Lock her up!”

  34. No, Donald Trump is not Dumb. Its Dumb to say so. Donald Trump and his family cannot be handcuffed and sent to jail just on your whim, and just because you only like presidents who make it to ellen degeneres and late-night shows, while they killed hundreds and thousands of civilians in drone strikes even if unintentionally, ruined race relations, had an abysmal foreign policy, used intelligence agencies for political ends, got a noble peace prize as soon as they entered the oval, for reasons absolutely mystifying even to the recipient, you had a foreign secretary busy running private servers, and smashing and destroying cellphones, and leaving middle-east and Ukraine decimated, while her only claim to equity among races was that she carried hot-sauce in her bag. Bernie and AOC and Ilhan and Rashida etc who are themselves alarmists, with nothing but racial and social divisiveness as their only relished tool. No he is not dumb, you are just too self-righteous. And making a hell of a lot of money for copying cutting pasting clips all day long, you probably have someone doing that for you too.

  35. And people continue to wonder why his base sticks with him…let me give you a hint the rich senator A holes stay for money and power and the poor ones probably have a higher IQ then he does and he speaks their language. But trumps stupidity is contagious to all those around him

  36. Donald Trump is actually a symbiotic relationship between a plant and a fungus. He was genetically engineered to randomly shout right wing buzzwords when exposed to hot stadium lights after being primed with beta carotene. (Smeared on his face)

  37. The impeachment proved that the Trump administration is the most crooked and corrupt administration in U.S. history but the Republican party just looked the other way with a ho hum, "we don't see anything at all, he's 'innocent'."

  38. yes, it has become extremely important to vote 'Blue' in November to save this country from Trump….and from the Republican party.

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  40. Q: Can anyone be really as stupid as Trump ? A: Yes his unwavering supporters and young Erik that volunteered to keep inventory of the "invisible" jets. Great for military spending though, the contractor gets the check and Erik points to an open field and says " there are our 40 invisible jets Dad" to which Trump exclaims "Nice, but just to be sure, why not go count them again ?"

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  45. Seth's smugness is his MOST attractive quality, which should tell you all you need to know about his comedic abilities (or lack thereof). His arrogance, puerile commentary and pathetic attempts at jokes should give hope to even the most feckless aspiring comics that they may well prevail despite an appalling paucity of talent. TRUMP2020

  46. everyone one of you are sheeple still believing 2016 lies that were made up by CNN here is evidence

    yea just remember they aren't the source… John Bonifield is lmfao

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