27 Replies to “GoPro Hero 7 review: Social over sports”

  1. I have recently purchase a GoPro hero 7 black. Question: Why does the camera display goes blank after connecting to TV for playback using HDMI / micro cable?

  2. Caveat if you want to use an external microphone you MUST buy the expensive model. External microphones won't work on the silver or white versions. I spent a lot of time and effort and money learning that lesson the hard way.

  3. are you using a ND filter? It seems like it… when your using the other camera, the sky color looks different compared to when the shot transfers to go the GoPro

  4. Is this guy for real? Clipping the GoPro to a skateboard? Instagram over action? Nobody in their right mind would buy a GoPro just for Instagram. Don't think he's ever used an action cam before. What a misleading review – the Hero 7 performance is significantly better. Not just in stabilization but in the color reproduction as well as the UI.

  5. Gopro Hero 7 Black : Contender for the Best Vlogging camera in 2019.
    Hyper Smooth Stabilisation. It flies absolutely. Most Versatile camera probably. 🔥🔥

  6. Great review, very informative. I have a Hero Session, really like it, but think the Hero 7 is a worthwhile upgrade as i film mountain bike videos.

  7. Anyone know what drones are compatible with the hero 7 Black? Besides the karma and 3DR solo since both are being discontinued.

    Curious if it works with phantom 2 or 3, or typhoon G or any others.

  8. Check out on my channel to see video done by gopro 7 in dark rainy day without gimbal. Pretty smooth footage.

  9. Really good review man. Is it possible to set the controls on the Hero 7 black to manual iso or things like that? Thank you for the video.

  10. Can it be used by power bank when battery is down , I mean charging plus shooting at the same time and if yes does it get heated??

  11. Is there a way to start videoing without using the touch screen, like a button. I wear gloves, currently use Hero4 with 2 buttons but now want image stabilization. I can turn Hero4 on/off while riding my motorcycle and listen for the beeps. Will I be able to do this with Hero7?

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