23 Replies to “GoPro || Horseback riding”

  1. Who thinks wester is better cuz I ride western.. There are no etger schools that teaches english the nearest is about 6 hourse away if you're going to use a car depending on traffic

  2. At my old house I had a friends horse eating our grass. He was so sweet. One day the jerk decided to bite my hand and "horse" laughed at me when I screamed in pain. I looked at him and said, "Really?" He just bouncedhis head snorting and making grunting noises. Lol it was so funny. I like talking to animals, especially horses. They are something else.

  3. Wow!!! Your horse is gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE those trails!!!! It's so pretty! Love the music with it also! 💚💜

  4. my dream riding out in the beautiful nature <3 <3 looks like you take such good care of your horse, he/she seems very happy 🙂

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