47 Replies to “GoPro: UCT Wakeboard & Waterski”

  1. Sooo… either rich ass parents that buy them everything… Or they live in a van down by the river because they spend all their $$ on boats, boards, quadcopters and cameras…

  2. awesome video. can anyone tell me how to get the drone to follow and keep the shot on point without being controlled manually? i really need something like that for mine.

  3. Could you please explain in a quick video or tell me how you get stickers to stay on your board? (or where you get them)

  4. Great video! Like the way it was put together has a great flow and feel. Love the thought put into the shots! check out our channel that we are working on. let us know if we can work together.

  5. I feel like 50% of the viewcount are actually my views. Can't get enough of this! Congrats on this sick edit!

  6. Nice! I really enjoy the summer vibes! Awesome! How did you render it? Not 50mbit am I right?

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