what's going on guys today the grab gang is taking on dojo boom Kevin bull himself is allowing us to do some crazy person contest arena no see who's the best graduate Matt well thanks for coming I'm glad to have you guys here I'm excited to see some serious flipping and tricking out here so I like to do ninja if you guys get on the ninja course we'll join you but I'm gonna let you guys get it on the transfer this swing set up triple gainers off the toes you own me back but right now do a quad quad alright challenge I haven't I haven't done this yet myself I tried a couple times let's see if you've got it side Lachey from one coupe to the other hoop top move to the lower left shape rock back Oh oh no in our sport meds gotta do Oh [Applause] what that's weird ready I whipped up but the goal is to run through there's a ninja parkour anyways hey you gotta run through the course and basically the first one wins hey ka Eric's about to lose you I'm gonna win again all right come on bet on me why am i first hey guys hang it white gives you one last time wait where does it end this bar over there [Applause] 95 20 seconds [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh h1 did you holler down where I did no it doesn't go good now we're about to do a front-flip competition well you got the front foot on every seal chuckling touch the end all the way back and then go you have to go over the first one yeah brain is Elmer's glue you might have been lies bro I'm gonna get you I'll destroy everyone I don't mean it I don't mean it it's just gonna happen come on doesn't be a hamster they won't shoot me out is your word tomorrow oh you actually get strapped in turn in the air like this let's go even gonna fit in there phileas so much room in there and Eric's like this and me runnin shit we just run into each other let's go and we're saw the right way we'll see [Applause]


  1. The fact that Andrew was wearing crocs and has his way phone in his hand during the Front flip competition is amazing 😂

  2. I love Grav Gang's videos. They are LIT.
    I find some of their insane double flips and shit SO inspiring, but i also have a friend whos only 15 yrs old and hes only been training for 2 yrs and i am just AMAZED at what he can do! i just find him SO SO INSANE and inspiring and i think u guys shud check him out too:

  3. I've been do dojo boom like 1 million times I have a brace lite from there on right now lol cause I went on Saturday

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