38 Replies to “Greatest Sports Bloopers 2017 | Part 1 (funny)”

  1. Wait, about that women baseball thing, how can she be tagged out if the ball is behind the fence? Aren't they supposed to use the same ball for this?

  2. So lemme get this straight. The soccer clip in French is what I’m referring to. The guy kicks the other one in the face, and HE goes down hoping for a penalty?! WHAT. THE. FUCK. These rich guys are such pussies. I was watching the FIFA Women’s World Cup yesterday and the women didn’t do these hysterics. When they fell or tumbled, they just got up. These “men” could learn a few things from the ladies, because they act like a bunch of spoiled kids – on and off the pitch. 🙄

  3. hahaahahahahaha 7:37, as the celebration is going on for the home run, you can see some fat chick INTENTIONALLY move to her right and start groping another girls ass. In todays day and age that can get you into a ton of trouble LOL

  4. There is no doubt the girl jumped over they plate. But the other team had no idea till the ump gave the picture a ball and told her. She didn’t touch the plate. Now why would the ump do that. Why not tell the girl who hit the homerun. Maybe a little bias

  5. College football is shit, the sooner we all accept that the faster we can move away from it for good, no one gives a shit, they're all playing hoping there are scouts watching, don't tell me that is only a few players, its every damn asshole that takes the field and you know it

  6. More power to the kid who caught the refs flag during the Jets game, but it's a damn shame a kid that's a die-hard jet fan didn't get it. The dude in the video has absolutely no jet gear on.

  7. But the homerun girl hit the ball over the fence.. how'd they bring a new ball into play before she touched all bases?

  8. Don't watch a lot of football, but have watched dozens of these videos. These players who get paid boatloads of money nearly Every time that they are running to the end zone slow down and bring the ball away from their chest, not only exposing it, but then holding onto it with a single hand. So stuuupid. What's worse is that a Lot of them lately not only celebrate Before the get to the end zone, but throw away the damn ball before crossing over into the end zone. For the amount of money these receivers receive, they should be penalized for celebrating every single time they are About to enter the end zone, and it should be financial if they either get sacked for it before entering, get the ball knocked out of their possession while stupidly holding it out with one hand (like a damn xmas present for the opposing team), and the largest financial penalty should come from them showboating and assininely throwing the ball away before crossing over. I'm not even a fan and I'll getting legit angry at watching Every GD receiver celebrating and/or slowing down before making it into the end zone. This should be true if every run, but Especially true if you run 50,60,70+ yards at full steam; then you had better finish at full speed with the ball safely tucked tight within your arms/chest. These jackasses pointing their fingers in the air or spiking the ball, sometimes even before scoring should be traded away until they get the point that showboating won't be tolerated in a so-called "Professional" sport. Smh..

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