34 Replies to “Greatest Sports Fails/Bloopers | January 2018 (Funny)”

  1. bs vid. chiefs touchdown called back. you can hear the whistle blow before the kc player touches the ball, the announcers act oblivious.

  2. Well, the first sport to be shown is soccer… so I'll give this a thumbs down and move to the next video.

  3. Fucking Americans … with their “soccer”…and their “football”….pussies in full gear….fuck you

  4. I'm not into basketball (big auto racing fan instead) but is the backboard aligned with the edge of the court? I'm wondering because it kinda seems like if the ball bounces off the back of the backboard and into the crowd, did it ever actually go inbound? Also, the ref who lost his toupee needs better staples…

  5. At 5:48 minutes: This goes to show that this hair restoration science has its dubious notions: as the official has his wiggery whipped and wiped from this windy situation, wincing while weathering the super storm of embarrassment. A wife who one's spouse knows about this sartorial situation can adorn themselves in artificial hair enhancements providing alternate sensual fodder nightly for his concupiscence. Deeply discern the one you are contemplating an initial relationship with. Be sure — to make sure, ask and find out all of the details as to whom they really are. One would not desire the popping of silicone and estrogen in the middle of your popping your apex of anticipatory amorousness.

  6. I accepted my fate as a bald guy in my late 20s so i would never end up in a situation like that ref, poor guy

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