Growing Walls Around Odd Shapes | Shae’s Earthbag Bedroom Ep10 | Weekly Peek

Growing Walls Around Odd Shapes | Shae’s Earthbag Bedroom Ep10 | Weekly Peek

in the last episode the guys installed
beams and Shae decided on the placement of jars and oddly shaped windows for her
earthbag bedroom [music] dad is working on one of the brackets that are going to be
needed for one of the beams all right dad so what you doing? hey over
here I have a pieces for my bracket that’s gonna hold up one side of the
beams on the post it’s also going to give some security to the post itself if you want to come around to this other side the beam will set right in here easy peasy [music] hey you what’s going on? hola I’m stealing paint you don’t have to steal paint paint is free in this shop come and get
what you need [music] you finished your masterpiece Dad? yeah finished enough the great reveal looks like this right post sets a little bit of an angle so we adjust the bracket to fit that [music] well, it’s got some issues what’s that for? for the beam going across here for the roof oooooohhhhh hey mom you’ve got caterpillars splitzed somebody got a little enthusiastic I did Shae got a little too crazy I saw and I fought mom has the guts of glory warriors always get a single
prize for their fights and that was mine and I’m gifting it to you lovely every
year we get a new bug we never know what what’s going to come we just know that we
don’t ever touch them but unfortunately this one has touched us it’s so tiny it’s a caterpillar and you can you see him kind of moving there it
looks like a speck yeah he’s just looks so innocent you just want to pet him I
have battle wounds this thing goes bright red and then it’s white and then it
swells is completely peppered in blisters vicious vicious caterpillars Oh
No he’s brought a buddy two evil catties one two three I killed 26 of them looking around on the ground and killing him and I saw a bunch on a
trailer too but I couldn’t reach it with the pole it’s been a month and the
caterpillars have taken over the entire courtyard hmm it’s not safe up there
anymore I’m running out of provisions I think the best course of action is to
try and blend in I think they know it’s me they’re
falling from the trees oh gosh their beautiful furry flesh burns there’s no escape Shae & I were back there looking for some bottles and
we found some of these glass block Shadow is going to be happy because he has
been on us to get these blocks and so we’re gonna be able to put these in what I don’t
like about having a glass in the wall is because you can usually see the white
bag and it’s all mushy and it looks weird on the edges so that’s why I
painted my jars what I’m gonna do with these and I’m gonna paint along the
sides right where you would see that it’ll still be clear but then they’ll be
purple on the edges Crazy dogs [music] this is what happens every time we go to record they go crazy it’s like they want
to take all the attention from the camera you are the instigator the light still comes through it if you stick your head in there it’s still
lit mom’s experimenting you see a little pinpoint you don’t see it over here oh yeah I see a pinpoint you guys look ridiculous thank you I’m always in your corner we’ll wait till it dries and
then we’ll take off that tape and then they’ll see how it’s turned out are you
admiring my beautiful handiwork yes, I am I was admiring it this is the leftover dirt from the studio we finally used up all the dirt that we dug out from that three foot hole in Shae’s
room that’s pretty much how far it’s lasted we’re now going over to our
backup dirt which is from our MusArt Studio the leftover from that hopefully, this will make it if it doesn’t there’s dirt everywhere that’s a poop beetle dung beetle [music] dung beetles [music] I got your back Diesel [music] that was my impression of Despicable Me it was the cloudy day in the middle of nowhere I practice minions I think that you’d
make a better Gru and maybe I would make a better minion cloudy day in the middle of nowhere no I don’t do voices he’s like yaaaaaahhhhh it feels nice more dirt you have not brushed your teeth yes, I have [music] good boy waaaahhhhhh oh we have to stop we have a surprise nugget that’s going into this building and it’ll be right here dad’s gonna make a frame for it guess in the comments what you think
we’re putting right here at this point in the building we have so many things
going in it’s so hard to keep track of it and it’s slowing us down really bad
because doing prep work after prep work and we’re not can’t just get in and bag
which makes this part really slow and crazy I’m getting the window
boxes level and plumb you’re getting them plumb level now that the bags are
built up high enough the window frames can be plumbed and leveled and nailed in [music] after the window frame is nailed in that
whole wall gets tied together really nicely you notice a big
difference after the window frame is put in headers over the windows are
made up of three two by tens nailed together and then two cleats on either
side the nails hold the header into the bag when the header sets on top it
again ties that whole wall together really nicely so when those last few
layers go on it’ll just keep getting stronger the stairs are made the same
way that cleats are where we put nails through one side of the board and
then flip it over and put nails through it again then the bags sandwich it so it
doesn’t move around at all there’s only one or two more steps going
in because it goes up to the patio there so there’s a roof which is
low because that building is sunk into the ground [music] we sat and discussed this for what was it? 15 minutes trying to figure out there needs to be a something that
goes over the top of this so we were really sure on that so we ended it a foot
early and this one same dilemma so we didn’t touch that one there’s still a
box that needs to be built for this this one there it’s not ready to go over the
tire yet we need cement to go over the top of this one oh and then there’s a
light switch over there that still needs to go in a lot of stuff going in right
now we’re not sure what we can and can’t bag are you okay? I found a stick bug and he’s so cute look at him I feel like maybe we should put him on the tree or
something he’s kind of panicky I would be panicky too Hey dude, come here there we go he’s going up on a Tuesday we’re branching out to new
things you just got to cut those out of your life I can stand I can finally stand you that was just as bad as mine are you ready? are you ready? thank you Bree thank
you I’ll kiss it for good luck grossest thing I have ever done that’s what I’m talking about that’s true grit she picked the day to completely abandon us I love you Mother She abandoned us we are heading out to pick up some plywood we found on Craigslist three quarter inch I got it so dang right here, this fell out of your
head oh that fell out of my head again oh wait no it’s mine all right let’s get this over with you got to get his rolling shot he won’t be able to sleep tonight woah she did a good job these yeah, she did a really good job these babies can go in here but you want to frame around the whole
thing because Dad could make a frame around the whole thing if you prefer I was thinking about having that like a mini window let’s do it keep them all
the same okay let’s pull that out and ask dad it would be perfect water for you guys we need some way to glue that in it can’t be what are you thinking? butyl kind of stuff set it in and butyl around both sides it should do good or not? I need a little gap so we can squirt enough butyl in there that it actually
seals okay [music] alright dad like switch? light switch for this yeah Egor pull the switch we need to plug this in first it doesn’t work without air pressure very loud a couple little sticky poos in here sticky poos? you’re not suppose to nail it to that that’s funny Dad yes, this is hilarious I nailed it right into there that’s amazing what those nailers do you
know good enough stick a bag on that huh? okay now we put a couple upward hammer them in right very hard wood and now we have one secure box I love how you say secure and then you
move it it’s really secure see how secure that is very secure box right here with the bag over the top of it it will be secure you will have some sort of lighting whatever it is somewhere yeah okay then a light in here okay that’ll give you some light in this area a little light down there and a light outside [music] is that it? yeah, and then this will fit in here two diamonds and a square we’ll save these and put them in later does it look good? yeah it really does it’s gonna put some light in here too it’s gonna be real nice down here you building a box Bryson? yep watch me work [music] that look good? it looks like a Kawaii wall it’s even got a smiley face eyes nose it’s a happy room it is a happy room smiling at the world it doesn’t need to be happy, it just needs to be better than Bree’s room the way I see it is if your walls are straight you automatically make yours better than
mine mine is very homey because of its very organic shape homey, homely, tomato, tomahto the fact is, is that it’s better in every way Bryson’s showing me his new 3d model they’re out there working so we gotta hurry up but that’s his next video project a lathe chuck chuck i love how you say like i know what that is it’s four jaw pieces that go on it like this yeah and then you turn these and those jaws move in and out they’re like teeth and then we’ll be able to tighten
it down and then we can spin it and lathe it very cool can’t wait to see it all right dude we got to go back to the action [music] we built this little box right here and
we have a mystery item that’s gonna be going inside of it dun dun duuunnnnn you see the height of the walls Mom yeah the top of it’s here this is the level that the rafters set on so then we will fill the
block the bird blocking okay originally I put the bracket
together and set it up in there and it didn’t really fit quite well right there like that there’s nothing for this a nail to you’re gonna cut this off flat? you really need to plate this if wanted to do that originally when we put
the post up we knew that it looked a little on the weak side I have two ideas one I’m gonna use all the mesquite pole to actually hold up the main
post or and I’m gonna use some type of pipe and fixture from here yeah another Mesquite pole of some kind snap it it’s the bracket he fixed it gonna hang it up to dry? yeah the bracket is drying so when
it’s dry we can put it on tomorrow after the… podcast? yeah podcast every Wednesday 6 p.m. Eastern shameless plug be there it’s awesome we do cool things I’m just kidding but really [music] stay tuned for next time we continue
building on Shae’s earthbag bedroom in this week’s podcast we talked about a
time capsule that we’re putting together we would love your suggestions as to
what we should put inside of it if you missed that podcast we’ll have a link to
it down in the description a special thank you to all of our patreon’s if you’re interested in helping to support us financially check out the link in the description to our patreon page we try to give our patrons an early
viewing of the next weekly peak or the upcoming weekly peak usually about an hour, half hour early before it goes live please check it out if you’re interested thank you so much for being here and we hope to see you next time bye [music] what do you got there? huh? good boy look at that baby lizard baby lizard I feel like I need those anime glasses where you go and you go shing our family moved from the city to the
country thanks for taking part in our adventure we have new videos every
Friday evening if you would like to help us out you can like this video share it subscribe or support us on patreon see the links in the description A plus you’re not a square you do these corny puns and then you make fun
of me when I do one? that is wrong it’s mutual you got to make fun of each
other for puns oh is that the case yeah you just have to acknowledge that they
were bad I don’t know many puns that aren’t bad okay fair enough I can roll with that behold the evil caterpillar lurking just lurking [music] [music]

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