GTA 5 PC – Shooting Range (Gold Medals)

GTA 5 PC – Shooting Range (Gold Medals)

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  1. How do I unlock the . 50 pistol on Xbox 1 story mode ?
    Do I need to complete a couple of missions.

  2. Anyone please help

    How do i get a good shooting accuracy on any gta 5 mission.

    I used Michael's abillity, used a weapon one at a time, use one bullet with carbine, MG,etc. And shoot shotguns faster.

    Why isn't any of those things worked

    Please help anyone

    Thx 🙂

  3. You need to take your crew here before you do Merryweather Heist because they will be doing sniping

  4. Well of course this guy is op af, he's on a pc. If he was on a console a.k.a ps4 he wouldn't even be able to get a single yellow hit.
    If he can, i ask.

  5. U have to do with Trevor Michael and Franklin and getting gold medals to complete 100% of the story?

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