GTA 5 – Shooting Range (Gold Medals)

GTA 5 – Shooting Range (Gold Medals)

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  1. How do you get the 300 point i,m shooting om the middle but get only the 200 points on that position

  2. I’ve gotten Gold in Pistols, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, and Heavy, before I did Mission 3. But I cannot get all the Light Machine Guns Gold Medals I only got 1. I want to get ahead before the game takes off. I got the free available Weapons, Molotov’s, Sticky Bomb’s, Crowbar, Baseball Bat, Grenade Launcher, Assault, Pump, & Sawed Off Shotguns, Assault & Standard, SMG’s, MG, Parachute, and a Sniper Rifle. I want to know when I get MG & Combat MG upgrades when they’re available

    I robbed a few stores and did flying under bridges it’s hard to remember the ones I did already. Also Stunt Plane Trials are extremely hard for me I don’t know how Pilot upside down in a plane It makes me dizzy. I want to have Franklin, Micheal & Trevor’s Stats set to the Max Special, Strength, Stamina, Driving, Flying, Stealth, Lung Capacity, & Shooting.

  3. My tips for every shooting console game:
    1. don't bend your thumb, only move your finger it will give you much bigger control
    2. your viewfinder should move smoothly and stop only when you shot more than 1 shot at stationary point.

  4. I cant even imagine getting all these on a console. I have a pc, so it's not that hard to get gold on all of them tbh.

  5. What do I do for the light machine I always run out of time and reloading very slow and its harder than the assault rifles

  6. Hi I am stuck on LIGHT MACHINE GUN. it dose not go +300 . I do not know how to change that. I am stuck wit this. +100 (not +300) the next is +50 the  next +25 and the last +10. got any ideas. with this kind of score and 32 seconds  the best I done is 3000 out of 4600 What I got is XBOX ONE and its on story mode Please help how do I fix this. Please respond. Oh NICE CHOOTING have a nice day

  7. lmao @ how the creators of this vid made it seem like they were playing each round for the first time, but then when they're within the challenge their previous "best score" is shown

  8. I bet the Ammu-Nation owner will close the property forever after that miniguns’s action. 😂

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