hey yo what's good everybody its ty Larry's AKA ty Killington gaya in this video i'm bringing you a ghulam and this is basically all the information about the shooting range a lot has been going on about this it's mad hard everybody hates it but it's wildly addictive I've caught myself spending several hours in there now I've got all my tier one and one of my tier two challenges completed and I've been hearing that you get certain things or this and that I didn't really know a lot about it I know you got some I knew that you unlock a couple of paints a couple of tents for your guns t int excuse me tints for its a couple of different colors for the guns right but there's a whole bunch of more information I got from GTA forums so hope you guys enjoy it make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real content the game is you said it was bad as that like button and let's get right into okay so mr. Reed over rudolph right he's got all three stars on love and he was talking about some of the stuff that you get to get alright so he says make sure you use name k2 versus the weapons with extended mags and compensators pistol targets take one shot SMG targets take three shots rifle targets take five carbine takes eight which i think it's only five actually but anyways mg takes ten and of course sniper targets take one take your time go for the head shots which that I can confirm you want to go for head shots and keep repeating it until you get used to each respective weapon this is also I noticed that the aim for the guns is slightly off down to the right I kind of noticed that but I thought the aim was just a little a little low so I kind of am a little bit low of the orange head marker the little head shot zone or whatever and he said by the way the unlocks are as follows all Tier one you get the gold red metallic finish for guns gross all tier two you get more throwable weapon capacity and all tier three you get some clothes with the gun manufacturers yay which I echo that sentiment right there oh my god so what does all that mean though so we're going further into Super gamer 505 in the form says you get +5 permanently to each explosive capacity so example you get 25 sticky bombs you now get 30 that's with tier two so tier 2 you get +5 I guess capacity of all of your throwable explosives so that's really cool actually you can hold five of every unit sticky bombs pipe bombs Molotov is so you get plus five for each one so if one is 15 you get twenty one is 25 you get thirty and so forth that's for getting all tier two unlocked okay mr. Rex over here from the GTA former shout out to you man appreciate all you guys has helped and stuff like that he he got all three are all three stars for all five categories and he got a message traitors says clothing items unlocked and get three caps sixties and three hoodies and if you know me I'm all about my my special item clothes and stuff like that I love that kind of stuff I love getting it so I will now be completely glued in psychotic about this an electro gypsy goes on he actually did the same thing and he posted images so here's one of the hats is a hammy nation had it's a backwards cap pretty cool I like it no not bad the bomb gyro y'all get the bomb fear a cap backwards yeah you get that one you get the shrewsbury cap which is pretty cool that's you know like the hunter style kind of capita here's some of the t-shirts Shrewsbury t-shirt right there black with the Reg shoes Shrewsbury on it you get a coil a red coil t-shirt with their logo sorry for the quality of pictures from imager so it's not that good the bum purity shut yeah whose golden blue and then a war stock cash-and-carry oh I would definitely want that I mean as much money as I spent worse like I better get one a shrewsbury logo to you right there at the dear pretty cool it's kind of like John Deere or whatever a vom Fuhrer hoo-dee-hoo you had to keep you warm you gaily man yeah you little coil hoodie right there too which is pretty cool and then you get the ammunation hoodie with some pretty cool stuff you can strive for you get functional things like the the skins the different colored paints for the gun like I'll try that again and then you get the +5 / oval I think the most beneficial throw bowls you get for tier 2 which is pretty cool and then for us nerds we get the clothes that gets the special items whatever after tier 3 so that's pretty cool I just kinda wanted I'm showing you right here me passing tier 2 for my carbine rifle yeah definitely use the mark 2 versions of these guns they do have better fire capacity and they do have like maybe a little bit better accuracy not by much so but they definitely have a bit more damage on them so yes there is some benefits to getting in the mark to guns even though they're mad expensive but yeah I hope this helped out guys make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real content the game especially as bad as that like button and stay dangerous we'll see the next one peace Oh


  1. I didn’t buy the gun range with my bunker.
    Can I use another players range to unlock things?
    Or do I have to renovate my bunker for 700k?

  2. Do you get the grenade launcher and the rpg if you unlock all 3 because it said that in my bunker. I have those weapons as of they are pick ups

  3. I haven't finished the video yet but here are my tips: make sure to get the upgraded weapons. Except the sniper it doesn't really matter. Buy the best sight. Use first person for all weapons except for the smg and pistol. I did it this way and it was easy

  4. The shooting range is easy i did evry single one of them in like 20 minutes but the fucking combag mg i cant even get tier 2 xD

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