GTA San Andreas – Ammu-Nation Shooting Range Challenge – Completed with low weapons skills

GTA San Andreas – Ammu-Nation Shooting Range Challenge – Completed with low weapons skills

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  1. Yeah. It'd be easy with a mouse. A lot steadier. I'm personally in a shitty position that I have it on ps2 and it so happens I have third-party controllers, which seem to be a bit stiffer in a way, than the actual analog controllers. They're good, BUT makes this a real challenge. All weapon stats that matter in the shooting range callenge are maxed out but I've kept losing on AK-47 round 3.
    The worst feeling was when I lost with 1 point.

  2. From the wiki: "Although you can fail a round and keep redoing it until you pass, as
    long as you don't leave and come back." I don't get this, I was on the
    shotgun round, failed, and it put me back to the pistol round, I didn't
    leave the store after I lost and I went straight back to the range, what

  3. I never said the graphics were good. I said they were better on PC compared to the console but I honestly don't care about the graphics. I do care that the PC has better performance than the consoles but the consoles aren't bad though.

  4. Where did you get the costume? And well your also shooting other person's target. Good helper? Even i do!

  5. Modding has nothing to do with it. PC is easier to aim because you can aim with the mouse. I've played Gta on console and PC and PC is better imo. Better graphics and better aiming. I've never modded a game in my life and I never use cheats on Gta.

  6. im pretty sure he did a video on the bank heist mission but im not sure if he got a headshot on every person

  7. thats because pc players always mod but they have better cheats
    and I have it on the 360 its also as easy as fuck
    and the pc isnt better than consoles so thats your opinion and i respect that

    I've got a challange for you: Try to complete the mission "Breaking the bank an Caligula's" with having a headshot on every single enemy. I would be very happy if you did this challenge.

  9. And dual wielding sawn off shotgun, pistol, and uzi. I can't remember if the Tec 9 as well, it's been a long time since I had a good game.

  10. I've never played San Andreas on PS2, but yeah I'd think they are easy aswell, that guy must be new to consoles.

  11. Actually, shotgun challenge may be hard since you can shoot only one piece of target and NPCs can shoot up to 3 pieces at one shot

  12. What difference does it make having low or high skills on this challenge? I don't think I ever maxed any weapon skills when I played it.

  13. That's because your supposed to play San Andreas on PC imo, shooting is so much easier, and PC player will always be better than the console player.

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