GTA San Andreas O.H.K.O. Summer Mod [HORSESHOE HUNT]

GTA San Andreas O.H.K.O. Summer Mod [HORSESHOE HUNT]

hello wonderful people my name is Barry in full scent I'm here back with the average kills summer mod playthrough in this episode what I'll do is I'll take the jet pack and collect old horseshoes in as venturous it's gonna be a huge trip of success hopefully as is the game gonna crash am I gonna die from stupid stuff am I gonna bump into a car and died immediately am i grandeur cops am I gonna miss a bunch and have to go back to later is all of this not gonna happen which I mentioned correctly yoosh you have to watch to find out so get your snacks this is a pretty lengthy video so get your snacks and get your I was gonna say whiskey but most of my viewers are underaged so don't get your risk you get your coke well I buy coke I mean Coca Cola Matt Cooke this is GTA after all so I should talk about coke a little bit I guess Oh video demonetized no that's gonna get the monetize now dammit I didn't say the D word so haha screw you algorithms speaking of algorithms I learned that the more you see GTA san andreas the better your search results would be so if I see GTA san andreas in a slower manner like GTA san andreas GTA san andreas if I say that a bunch of times the algorithm is gonna favor me therefore this video is gonna get better search results therefore had to get more wheels so I should see it more I guess in my videos I should spam that ggas and Han Geng's or collectibles I should say that word the more I said the better when people search for collectibles or GSM dress the more is gonna get up or in the search results that's something I learnt and luda know how how true it is but I am gonna let you guys in on something just listen to some youtubers the clickbait youtubers just the centrum listen to how they talk they repeat the same word a bunch of times just they just stick to one word why do they do that because of what I just said the more you say something the better search results you get it's new technology guys the algorithm listens to you and the more you say something they are no it just a complicated mess this YouTube thing is so don't dwell too much on it is what I'm gonna say don't think about it much and you'll be ok when I knew a lot less about YouTube it was better cuz I wasn't following trends I wasn't but they were just not following trends so just doing my own thing and now I also kind of do my own thing tastes you don't listen to when people say oh this is gonna get you more views I mean sure is gonna get more views if I make a certain type of video but I'm not about that honesty sure it would be better if I get more cash and more views and more viewers and subscribers but I don't wanna sue myself farts okay well this wins deep I was just gonna talk about the random random stuff in this video but hey I went to very political well is this political now businessmen II I guess it was not my intention guys I mean I know you're here for entertainment Oh a sniper got a sniper too but yeah YouTube is a dirty business what's the people dirty on this website I could become their chief do I want to become dirty maybe in the future but currently I'm happy where I am I'm happy with my view counts it could be better but it's all good as long as you people keep watching and keep enjoying my videos I will keep making videos the way I know all right so let's go up or and get this so what I'm doing here for this collection of phone collection marathon collection at all I guess is Oh get that get that get it it is I meet four separate videos on collectibles for San Andreas these are the most the most detailed and to the point collectible videos on San Andreas on YouTube I'm not lying they're highly detailed nobody has put that much work I am Tooting my own horn I know that but they are already it was a opened D collected with a horseshoe collectible video I'm watching it as I'm playing my own video I'm pausing it what I do is I unpause it check how I collect a horseshoe where I collected I pause the video and fly it at location as I'm flying I'm watching so that's cool and yes I am gonna say that these are the most well detailed videos on YouTube on collectibles lots of people do collectible videos they don't talk about the surroundings for most part they don't show a specific point on the map at the same time as I'm showing the gameplay because on the site I have the map with the little dots a red dot and I'm showing you the surroundings and talking about the surroundings not many people that I actually nobody do does that I encourage you to find me a collectible video which is similar to mine a very similar to mine sure videos are similar but not exactly the same so that was a little praise on my part for me for my whole videos but yeah I believe that they are the most detailed hence you cannot change my mind I don't think so at least so anyway as I'm collecting these I said it would be a great idea to collect these and at the same time buy some properties so I never get close to a property I'll stop I'll buy it and continue I don't think I'll save because if I get in an interior I could lose the jetpack and that's not good because I have to drive all the way to the airport abandoned Airport and that's pretty far until waste time your guyses time which is very important your time that's why I'm trying to spit some boring things up in this playthrough I'm trying to I have to do a boring stuff – guys like import/export I have to do it and I Spit some things up but I can't speed everything up because you need to see what's going on or hate and as you can see I went close to this one I stopped plop and bore it and looked here like I lost my jetpack but no it's here which is great I didn't save good because if I did I think I would have lost my jetpack sometimes it is studio sometimes I lose it but this runs the risk of a losing of crashing because this is a crash game but so far it has crashed only for these snapshots snapshots are highly dangerous in this mod I'm not sure which more exactly does it but one of these mods I have installed crashes the snapshots which is unfortunate but it does happen let's take this we have two in there port right pretty sure we have two from what I remember and before you say something I cannot take the armor stop saying that people still say it take the armor dude it'll be all good you don't have one hit point just get a hammer no armor service-disabled and help pickups are also disabled you cannot pick him up what's the point of getting armor is so much kelmot I want to test my abilities I don't want to get more help that's the whole point or is played through I should I play this mod if I'm going to pick up armor what's the point I don't get some people anyway I'm halfway done right is this the 25th one or was that the last one 25th one we shall see and this is actually pretty good place for a horseshoe have you got the word sure sure because it's in the center of a round stink you know it's in the right center this is very easy to spot one but it's also on the edge of the series so you won't normally go here oh it's not in the center it's slightly to the right side depending on which way you look at it oh no it's not in the center if always for it was but it isn't oh well okay let's go next one we have a bunch to correct we're halfway done a little more in halfway this is a simple one and like I said I'm watching my own video as I'm collecting these so it's gonna hurt sometimes I'm also flying with one hand because with the other hand I'm stopping and starting the video on my laptop so kind of hard to fly but at least this was it was nice it was relaxation II I thought this was going to be boring but now this this collecting collect the phone was not difficult it was not boring it was actually entertaining because finally jetpack is pretty fun also I was having trouble finding this one it was right here okay should be on this side oh there we go found it good alright and 27 whoa 23 more well the rest is easy to find we have a bunch of palm trees which I think are changed in this mod there are a little bit different the water is also changed as you can see in the distance I have 20 bullets sniper bullet is that enough for stuff am I gonna use sniper bullets later on I don't have that many missions left honesty I mean missions which are on food I don't have many of them I have tracking I have quarry which are super cool missions even tracking is fun yeah it may be boring to watch but so fun to do and quarry so so awesome I'm not on food usually we have the bank heist of course we have 6 mission spread which is the most exciting part of this whole continuation I hate sink earth nor some string of missions which of course I could have done in the previous in the original playthrough of this the first part with the main story missions but is not required for game completion and I didn't want to increase my debts so I didn't if I had to do it the deaths will be so much more than 137 was it can't remember but they all have been a lot more because yes I'm gonna die a lot zero can guess how many times huh it could even be 130 haha it may be just two sometimes they say who do so many terms I mean there are thousand times but it's a resulted ie two times so it might be two times who knows you have to wait watch and find out I have a million bucks you I'm so rich it's a pretty easy one two spots we have another one inside the castle which I'm not gonna go for because it's not on the way I guess which one am I gonna go for all at church okay good lastly insurance stop chirping birds or burping burping birds do remember it I said in this episode to the previous episode the burping birds the what was it talking about what what else did I mention I can't remember you you probably remember that conversation I got with myself because I'm talking see how currently technically technically I am guys I'm alone in my room and I'm talking to myself because nobody's currently watching you watch it after I uploaded but currently as I'm recording this know what is this Ihnen to me I'm talking to myself I never thought has before ah talking to myself I'm pretty good at talking to myself yes I'm entertaining myself because nobody's listening to me right now and I'm laughing to myself currently so yeah I'm entertaining myself that's great I think this one isn't a balcony when the small balcony should be which is pretty hard to get to if you don't have a jetpack I guess you can climb the roof when you can jump they are not jumping down is troublesome sometimes or acaso one this is the one I was talking about ice take it it was on your right side not the left the right side dummy not here right over here right yes there we go it's not in the center again okay so a little bit more and then we done are guys bored I'm not I'm not it was fun collecting these pretty darn fun also you probably have noticed it but the flames are different that's from the HD mods HD whatever it's called it's in the description you can check it forgot the name but that is installed too which changes the flames on the jetpack which I'm not sure if they look better it looked more realistic but is that better I don't think so or I guess I'm just oh no this one oh this one took me forever to find oh you're gonna be here for why I oh this is a pretty pesky horseshoe dude I wasn't sure on which floor it is I knew it was next to a parking sign but there's a bunch of parking signs oh this lamp and dude this is the Stan Van no now I didn't see it in the video there is season that I don't think I saw it in the video Oh missed it again for a second time I missed it or a stupid or injured a duster I guess it's pretty far from Sam here oh sure but I just gave at least put it in the garage yeah it would have taken me time there is Lucy how didn't I see it I guess yeah I guess it was too far that's why I didn't take it yeah okay I don't fault myself maybe I wouldn't have gotten it if I saw it maybe I saw it I don't know stop her there we go Hey finally for he will go back to the Steinway and now come back I guess I want okay that's fine now it's completely fine alright let's collect the ones these are easiest ones by the way because they're so easy to spot the last ones like this one this is a pretty easy to spot one just look for the skull and you collect it the next one is at the waterfall right alright the waterfalls yep haha smartypants come back this one it's underneath I wasn't sure exactly it is oh there we go eight more guys and I'll be done it's a pretty difficult to spot one because it's no not there oh this is an easy one to the next one is difficult to spot collect dirt fly seven more good let's continue not here stupid Oh to the right side good oh here this is difficult to spot one because it's in the corner of the street let's store but it's okay it's nice and bright in the dark background which is making it easier to spot but it's not easy to spot it's an easy one to spot from the street the next one which was oh this is a hard one guys you shouldn't go in here because you have no reason to I guess for the clothing store sure and when you're going close to a clothing store you would see it but still it's not an easy one all this one sucks if you don't have a jet pack this one is it the most difficult one without a jet pack the jet pack was made specifically for Reese I think because it's so hard to collect I think three are hard to collects without it all this one sucks if there's a train guys if a chant that student was talking about this train and sometimes as I'm going inside I see a train like five seconds later I see a train in the opposite direction which makes no sense because how could a train go in one direct you miss it dude how can you train go in one direction and immediately another train go in a different direction they would collide because there's only one on track so how can they do that here we saved so far I don't think I have said oh my goodness it's what I talking about this was pretty close to the other train how can they do that and I got super lucky because guys if I get hit by train I immediately did I remember this is the how it came out and I died from anything so I would have died most likely and I must have lost my jet pack oh no that was circ Oh horseshoes fondue Oh languages stop it's good to go to good 6000 stop it Oh so I think oh shut up I think I'll stop the game now great see yep I'm gonna stop good and restart because the light bitches I wanted a clean slate and to continue I don't have a jet pack unfortunate because they save the game ain't loaded the game however I have a bike I have a slam van which I'm used uh it's fine life goes on I guess okay what am I going this surprised me too cuz I don't know what are you going dude oh this is is the eros eros is the euros guys is it that's a lady what other stuff okay it's not the euros and for it was it looks like it I'm still searching for cars for import-export but I'm a dummy and didn't a this time van oh these I'm going for the fights this is a hard fight guys if he hit hits me once I die sir is the hard fight what is dude he's a dude no I don't I want to teach you some new moves please don't hurt me please don't hit me please don't hit me please don't hurt me please defeat our opponents to learn new moves I'm Way ahead of you dude the trick with this is to study lock them after hit the ones they can't hit you back if you miss one shot one hit I guess if you miss one hit he's gonna kill you because he's gonna hit you if he hits you you're dead I'm not sure even if blocking works shut up okay so that's fast that's fast seriously okay Oh see this was fast good whew I was fast the first one he said the first one he said to do it fast and then whoa nice demonstration whoo nice and then he said now he said do it fast and then he proceeded proceeds to do it incredibly slowly which was stupid whatever I'll forego alpha Oh courier right right right right this is not as thank you therefore it would be so it wasn't that bad this mission I did too so far right I did the same fear one and a DD last Santos one so this is the third and last courier mission which is great I wasn't looking in the street I was looking at the map I guess that's why I crashed take left good good good this is not a fast bike scooter scooter broad arse do you know that video in guys on GTA 4 that was one of my first introductions to the game in gta4 the scootch our brother our video just search for scooter brothers you'll see it it's a pretty funny video it's pretty short to it I think it's like three four minutes and I think the youtuber who made it doesn't make videos anymore not sure go watch it after you finish this not before you finish it for a spin you just send and watch it do you guys watch this when do you actually watch these or do you just listen to them because sometimes what I do is I put on a video and then just don't watch it and do other stuff like play other games or do chores around the room I just turn up the volume and just this entire youtuber I don't watch the video sometimes a glance over the the screen and watch it but overall the majority of my YouTube ink YouTube viewing is not actually viewing it's just listening so I don't know guys do you do the same or do not specifically for my videos I one drink for some videos of course we have to watch because I'm showing stuff on the screen but for this one specifically does not wish to see especially for collecting but I also reference the screen a lot if I crash into something I say oh a crash into this I could have bought that can i buy it when I'm on a mission hmm not sure also this is a good place for stein vans to spawn the airship spawn on the street here I think I went forest street when I was collecting the d'Estaing when because I missed it a bunch of times before that I missed it so many ways unfortunately I even saw it in San Fierro guys if it's okay I'll come back here Estela in the biggest issue with this continuation this whole playthrough was that stupid I have an O in the bike he arrives here was also a bad thing stupid bike also have black spawns here pretty frequently so I have a good chance of spotting it here it also sponsored the bike school and I think I'll finish back school and then take it from there pretty sure that's what I did but it's not worth stopping this one if I see a snap man for instance is not worth stopping this mission right now to take it because I already spent a bunch of time on it and if I stop it here just take a sign man there's no point as first one super far away from Las Venturas from San Fierro a second of all sad words you have to repeat this whole process now not worth it if I spot the knives here currently or if I see Stevan is not worth the effort to take it and I'll probably spot one here because they frequents the streets and they also have a spawn location in Los Santos I got super lucky with other vehicles like Saints know we had a sentinel I saw it two times in cephiro and it doesn't have a spawn locations I'm here it has publication Los Santos which is pretty far so I got pretty darn lucky with that one which was good okay just a little bit more I think I have one more level let's see this is the second to last one I'm pretty sure which one was this I'm I was the third one yeah we have a bunch of dots on the map so this should be the last one it's an easy mission Casey's mission nobody shoots at you you don't have cop attention the streets are wide and stuff so yeah it's an easy mission just time-consuming ours was a difficult one to get it's all good because either you have to go round Tory have to do this maneuver which could make you fall off a bike and if you follow her bike sometimes with this mod you might die which is not pleasant for anybody especially for me you're gonna laugh your ass off from a hat I know what should oh I want you want me to die as many times as possible some people may not because how to take time off the video just we're doing this mission in this mission if we do it again what bit boring torch I think the first viewing is not I guess I don't know oh we have to go round hello hooker did you see hooker it's my hooker stop crashing oh yes I'm gonna go here afterwards I think after this oh go here and do the stadium events one of them which is currently dirt rink I think I'll do dirt ring because they're drinking was the last one we have to in the stadium and they appear in different times of the week so if I do one now I have to wait for a different day of the week and then do the other one the way to check a day is to press tab when you're on foot a front foot press tab and I'm gonna see on the top and the bottom left the day of the week the weekday which day it is let's go back we have three and we have to go back to oh my goodness that could have killed me how me I could have cured me I worried so if CR these refs you're saying again I see it an agonist a furnace here or stanvan but I thing is were they could be BF bikes who knows there's pretty similar so you can't really say what they are okay three more collect collect collect collect go go go go go not clicked drop off I'm not collecting I'm dropping off I have four more items for to delivery spots which is plenty and also if you drop one by each you can collect it back which some people don't know about yeah guys you can collect them which is pretty handy it makes the mission so much easier because if you miss you can just go over it again and take it again also the way to go faster is to tap Deline down button makes a little bit faster not by too much but is definitely faster and it helps a lot with this machine in particular and also the other missions the other careers especially actually specially certain because this one is the slowest one this is the slowest bike the first one in Los Santos is on a bicycle the next one is in a freeway which does benefit from the lean down lean downward tapping and this also benefits a lot even more so in the freeway and this should be each mission call oh my goodness stop it mission complete completely well she required all Simmons 2,000 bucks not much but it's a nice job thank you for a help I guess it's curved etc so let's see am I gonna save first I'm gonna save and go to the stadium events which should be door drink in Saturday sits there drink I'm pretty sure let's have a looksie saving is priority of course I'm pretty sure restore the game again we're gonna start oh you have to bat first okay for 3,000 bucks okay that's fine I'll make sure to save another think our store because these like glitches all our grocers always in my face here it restart yes I'm gonna restart to tick tick tick tick tick good here we go now alright glitches it's good to restored constantly because you would prevent lots of witches from happening this again the DFO if it was the FCO actually if it was there sure it won't matter because there's your spoons right next to me it's the bikes cool so there's no point in taking it from the streets in Mexico is right over here yeah it's bones right here after you do some tests oh my goodness I could have to hate I'm doing bike school okay guess I'm doing this is to be if it's not thieves here cool yes certificate good I'll do a u-turn and go back I'm not going for medals for gold medals I should say I'm just taking medals in general any medals gonna do because I'm just after 100% completion I don't care if I don't get medals I just want 100% that's all I want not more in that qu one Harper sent qu because 100% I think gives you the energy which is not very useful currently it's usually useful but it's not useful currently this is dangerous one because I could take damage for this one specifically if I fall slightly slightly bad I just die oh my goodness that could give kills me oh my goodness oh I was scary oh my god I think qu ll guys was how fast this coup is and this is the FCR guys the rewards so take that in cafeterias yep you can export it I'll do the stadium event and I'll take it all the way back to San Fierro pretty sure it's what I'll do okay Saturday so this is kick start okay so kick started is then there drink is the other one with bikes which we'll do later or I should really do it beforehand I can't remember also but that was a method which turns off the music because the music is copyrighted if you do that it turns off the music can you can listen to and you can just do this without any music interrupting stuff which is also because otherwise I would have had to turn off the whole sound of the game and all sucked so much but with this you can just listen to my voice did not listen to the music and also listen to the gameplay I have to collect a bunch of things I think it was 42 I was the number the magic number or not sure but I'll collect a bunch as much as I can and I'll stop afterwards this is a super fun to do mission and I have done in just for film before – not only for mission because the fun mission and go yeah not only because for a pocket represent completion but people because it's pretty fun collect good and we have a few more here – I should go for the the red and yellow ones but it's not always possible I mean it's of course it's possible but that's easy I collected this one good I was 36 the number of courses or was it 41 42 [Applause] can't remember there's one on LCS 2 which had similar points which we had to get and that's 36 go I guess I'll go for this one first and then go back unfortunately unfortunately move it up this happened I fell I remembered it correctly I feel like a dummy I shouldn't have fallen there but I did I was stupid honestly I could have had three more points but I didn't get them okay forty forty-one let's collect for two at least I'm not sure how many needs but elects as many as I can it my walk through recollected the right number not more just to show that it actually did work without collecting all of them but here I'm just having fun and collecting every single one as many as I can of course this is not a true one Hodgins playthrough so not going for every single think and not doing every single thing I'm just after 100% with the I which came out remember I'm still playing with the which came out if I fall here I die and I have to repeat the whole mission again well 51 oh look what that was scary 51 points guys let's go hey dummy go back up there yeah all is lost I can't collect it we have three seconds dude you can't collect it 51 but anyway guys this was it for this video I'll stop it here and continue in the next episode thank you for watching and thank you all my lovely patreon supporters an extra base and max Robinson I'll see you in the next episodes

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  1. No matter how many times we search the ohko 100% save game we cant find it so can you upload savegame on it PLEASE

  2. I love Kickstart so much, after bloodring my favorite stadium event! The other two events which involve racing, I hate them 😀

  3. 18:06 In Prickle Pine, The Strip and the place on the boat School you have more chance to get the slamvan

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