GTA San Andreas: ULTIMATE Hidden Horseshoe Location Guide [+map markers]

GTA San Andreas: ULTIMATE Hidden Horseshoe Location Guide [+map markers]

Haga is bearing fuss here and this is GTA san andreas in this video I'll show you all hidden horseshoe locations in the game including older areas surrounding them and will pinpoint the spot on the map so you get a better understanding where each one is located it's possible to collect them all at the beginning of the game before you even pass the first mission however I suggest not doing that because collecting them all at constant four stores is not easy you can do it right after you pass the I kaboom boom mission which unlocks the desert nt1 have police trouble sure that's fine you can do it then but if you start a collection right after you pass the green goo mission you can use the jetpack the jetpack is the ideal mode of transportation for Horseshoe hunting and I'll be using it for the majority of them in GTA san andreas we have 50 horseshoes total and they're all located in Las Venturas with that's it let's begin the horseshoe hunts we're starting off at the very top left corner of las venturas at the very entrance and we just look for the welcome to the Fabulous Las Venturas sign and underneath it is the first horseshoe we can see to safe houses here which right next to the train tracks the one which is the closest to the train tracks contains a horseshoe let's collect it we have a go of course in this game and a big parking lot right next to the go of course this is the building of it on the roof we can find the next one here it is we have a huge pool here with a few red dots inside the pool is the fourth horseshoe pretty close to the pool we have a few tennis courts at the very last one over here we have a horseshoe this is a pretty secluded place you need a helicopter or a jet pack to get here what you have to do is find this huge chimney and go right below the chimney and you'll see the next one we have a bunch of billboards here a huge parking lot if you hit this way to the side of these two buildings you'll see it right next to a fence there is a huge hotel here with a very funky looking pool inside pool we have an oyster and also a horseshoe this is the police station over here we have a gas station to a blue church if you go on the left side Church jump this fence you see horseshoe again pretty close by this is the gas station the police station and you can find this huge billboard underneath this billboard specifically is this one this is the highest horseshoe it is on top of a huge hotel and there's a parachute right next to it this is the same hotel we can see a train hard sign pretty close to the sign behind this fence is the next one the same photo is here and the same sign but on top of this roof is the thirteenth horseshoe we have a bunch of stores here we also see a cowboy in the distance behind this blue fence is the 14th horseshoe we can see an interesting looking at over here at this motel and also the cowboy if you lent your jetpack over here and to walk for a little bit on the right side you'll see a horseshoe there a bunch of trees over here with a parking lot we have two buildings with pretty similar roofs on top of this one at the center is the next one this is the red steak house behind it we have a casino on top of the casino roof is the 17th one we have a baseball stadium over here we also have a yellow crane on top of these containers is the next one I'm closer to the stadium right now right next to the parking lot we can see a restaurant building climb on the wall and collective's if we go one house over to the left from your safe house you can see this fence and this red building right next row fence in the building is the next one the other stadium is pretty close by across the street at this place is Horse Show 21 this is the airport and there's no good way of showing you the exact location Forest just look for is $2 pretty costume is the next one similarly this one is also at the airport and there's no good way of showing you the exact location at the very center of the same Airport right next to this building we can find the 24th horseshoe at the very center of the university yard we can find the 25th horseshoe 25 more to go the freeway is pretty close by right next to the sumo building which is yellow we can find the next one again pretty close to the highway right next to these palm trees and this building is the next horseshoe this place has a huge parking lot a bunch of palm trees and a funky looking building on top of it is the next one this is one of the entrances to a Las Venturas below this street we can see this horseshoe there we go this one is pretty hard to pinpoint just took for this Center house over here in the backyard is the next course shoe just like the previous one in the backyard of a building is the next one this one however is a lot closer to the freeway the entrance to this casino is right over here right behind the casino right next to the parking lot on the building is the next one for this horseshoe I highly suggest using a jetpack you can also use of course a helicopter but a jetpack is the perfect vehicle for it there is a church right next to the freeway on the roof of it is the next one at the very bottom right side of Las Venturas over here on this dumpster is horseshoe 35 we have a bunch of air conditioners on this building across the street however we can find a few stairs just climb these stairs or just land with your jet pack on this horseshoe it's a pretty hard one to collect we have a bunch of towers here at this castle on top of this tower however you can find the next one at the very top of the giant pyramid we have a horseshoe and tried behind the giant pyramid over here we have the next horseshoe this is Caligula's casino across the street we can find a huge parking lot with a huge parking sign just count one two and on the third floor is the next horseshoe this is one of your safe houses which has a huge skeleton right next to it go towards the skeleton and collect the horseshoe we have a bunch of waterfalls here if start counting from right to left two times you can see the horseshoe behind this second one this is the entrance to the clown's pocket hotel just go on top of the roof of the hotel and here is the horseshoe look for the 24/7 during which is right next to the parking lot in between these two buildings is horseshoe 44 we have a clicking bell here a steak house and also a gorgeous-looking palm tree it's on the roof we have a bunch of stones over here we have a pizzeria and also a zip store on top of this building is horseshoe 46 for this one I suggest using a jet pack is the ideal vehicle again just go on top of this billboard leant on it and collect it for the next horse show you need to find the entrance to the underground train tracks which is right over here in front of the general store just enter the underground train checks fly for a bit and you'll see it right over here 48 pretty close to the rock hotel and the erotic sign on top of this building is the next one and the very last horseshoe in the game can be collected in front of this casino sign and with that guys I completed my collection of horseshoes and now let me show you what you get as a reward first of all collecting a horseshoe is gonna give you 100 bucks each making it a total of five thousand dollars for all horseshoes separately from that you can receive 100,000 books as a bonus the next reward is your luck is going to increase to max and lastly for weapons are gonna spawn in front of the four dragons casino entrance we have satchel charges a combat shotgun an m4 n an mp5 sorry Souza's guys I hope I hear crowd if we have to attend the other collectible and click on the screen and I'll see you in the next one

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  1. I reuploaded the video because the original I uploaded yesterday was stuck at 360p for 12+ hours even though the video file I uploaded was at 1080p 60fps and I used the same render settings like I always do…. it glitched out I guess. That's why you are seeing this again.
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  2. You did a remake for all the collectibles very good.
    Donβ€˜t you think you should do a remake for the Import Export vechiles?

  3. That ain't no cowboy, that's Avery Carrington! But, seems like you were joking. Anyways, it helped me again, you won't let no homie down.

  4. I usually separate my gathering by collecting the Horse Shoes that can only be collected with a Hell or Jetpack. I play the PS2 version πŸ‘

  5. The best way is to follow the video which give information about no cops in other island remmber that

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