39 Replies to “GTA Vice City – Shooting Range”

  1. I have this on ps2 and can’t get it with the stupid analog being too slow. There doesn’t seem to be away to change the sensitivity in the options menu. Could anyone help?

  2. I left the game at this mission… Watching this after 7 years … Realised that I was a total dumbass ! Lol

  3. If I get 45 points during the first phase of "The Shootist" mission, do I still have to do the side mission again?

  4. This is stupid I sat here on the shooting range for 2 hours and keep almost getting it the falling short exactly one point

  5. Today i finished the GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V) shooting range and got an 10(or 25)% discount on all of the guns and items

  6. A tutorial for this with a PC and mouse is pointless. On consoles, with a hundred year old gamepad with the twitchiest analogue stick ever and this is THE HARDEST bit for 100%! Tips, for old gamepad users: See that white run of paint at the top of the brown on the left wall? Aim at that at the start to shoot the left 2pt target twice. Then move across – in huge random jerks of the old analogue stick – and focus on shooting the 3pt target and shooting the 2pt target when it's all you have. Also, as early as possible shoot all but the head of the 1pt target – it's a waste of 4 bullets but it keeps it from getting in the way of the 3 and 2 point targets.

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