27 Replies to “Guild Wars 2 – Heart of Thorns | Shooting Gallery – Gold (1:57)”

  1. Yeah, this isn't easy, but the timer has been increased by a full minute since this video has been posted. The only thing I don't like about it now is the npcs randomly spawning and forcing you to abandon the event constantly.

  2. OMG! Wait, lemme guess: the SADISTIC SCUMBAGS at ArenaNet have locked desirable things behind highly undesirable content…am I right?

  3. Pure RNG, can't even get silver, nothing but lucky especially the fern dummy if you miss that once it's all over.

  4. Just repetitive nonsense over and over and over. I don't even know how people get silver let alone gold when the patterns are so random they just switch almost every time you do it. It's 50% luck and 50% "gameplay content"

  5. The worst tbh is that the targets spawn randomly near the end, so you can't learn an exact pattern to get gold, and sometimes the RNG just screw you up badly by spawning targets far way in your back. Not to mention the enemy toads that spawn in the area like to stun you.

  6. Bullshit. This does not happen. You shots go straight to the dummies, when I fire they only stray. I stand still, do not move the mouse, right on top of the dummy, press 1 10 times, 10th shot hits the dummy.

    I have to do this on every freaking dummy. I'm extremely lucky if the 3rd shot hits.

  7. a shame that no one from Assnet will ever read or at least admit to reading the virtually unanimmous derision aimed at this even more moronic than usual ?? adventure

  8. this is the worst 'content' anet has put into the game. this challenge is pure bullshit and its just nauseating to go into 1st person mode just to be able to shoot in this fking mode

  9. To zoom in like that you need to activate Action Camera, Under Controll options. Cant get passed 33 myself.

  10. how can you zoom in? i tried to chamge my options many times its really hard, besides i tried with asura too still can't make it 🙁

  11. So you basically devote a massive chunk of your life memorizing semi-random patterns for a single mastery point? Can anyone say 'Padding playtime'? Seriously, fuck anet for thinking THIS is content.

  12. i move A LOT MORE
    like i basicly never stop moving..
    also i never stop shooting.. im jsut holding it down.. ishould probably try focusing more on accuracy if i see your vid..
    i never passed 38 with going in there like a berserk.. xD

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