Gunrunning bunker shooting range guide! – GTA Online

Gunrunning bunker shooting range guide! – GTA Online

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  1. I got tier 1-3 on pistol and sniper in the 1st try but never even got tier1 at the other weapons. maybe this helps, I really want the RPG and grenade launcher

  2. is there any diffrence (other than visual) between black & white shooting range ( white is much more expensive, but i like dark one )

  3. Tip:
    Turn on Initial D eurobeat that you like the most.

    Sensitivity on 50% on all

    Full uograded MKII weapons

    3rd person

    Takes about 1 hour. Trust me.

  4. Carbine rifle is the hardest one to beat, I have tier 3 of the assault rifle, SMG, and Combat MG

  5. It's easy just buy extended clip for each weapon from the mobile operation center, that will make it way easier

  6. this is nearly impossible on console because if you move your analog stick 1 milimeter to the left you all of the sudden aim at the other side of the room

  7. To pass the tier 3 pistol challenge, you literally have to get perfect headshots at a rapid pace while somehow accounting for the targets that randomly pop up in front of targets, which fucks up your concentration, your aim, and wastes what little time they give you. There is no breathing room at all.

  8. Well… I have a guide for you guys who've played with keyboard and mouse and it is still hard… Just set Weapon Target to COMPLEX and you will be fine. I just changed it and my score increased from 28xx into 32xx

  9. (my opinion)Extra tips:

    Lower ur sensitivity (below 50%)

    Zoom In (R3 for ps4)

    Tap to shoot on far targets and rapid fire on close targets

    Shoot 1 more on ceiling targets For example smg need 3 shots to down a target then 4 shots to the ceiling targets for bonus score

    Shoot the head and keep the multiplier going

    For tier 2 and 3 (i think) you get to use modified weapons which means you can use ur custom ones with Grip attachment

    And lastly GOODLUCK

  10. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ GOLDDDD
    That's the whole reason I watched this haha to see how to unlock gold mk2!

  11. I can only complete first level of handgun and sniper with a PS4 controller… how to complete all with a ps4 controller…??

  12. I didnโ€™t purchase a shooting range for my bunker. Can I still unlock using another playerโ€™s bunker range?

  13. You're obviously using a mouse and keyboard for this video because it's almost impossible on console.

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