Guns Stores Makati Manila Philippines S4, Vlog 39

Guns Stores Makati Manila Philippines S4, Vlog 39

hustle and bustle welcome to my cutting now this is old Makati okay I'm at Makati cinema square or formerly known as it's now just called McCarthy square even my driver was cool I got a taxi 100 pesos from their main makutsi Manila where I was near the Clipper Hotel a lot of cheap shopping and market stores here even though it's a mall and cheaper food and of course armed school shooting range and gun club in the basement level thanks okay so I'm at the basement level of cinema square trust traders name of the business they're really nice with me so he said I could make a quick video but I have to avoid the stuff I don't want to put one color green this is a Noriko this is a Chinese manufacturer norinco is a Chinese company but this is a 40 caliber in P 58 40 caliber Smith & Wesson they shoot hot meaning it's a high-pressure caliber I don't like it I prefer 9-millimeter but to each his own and are they do work well just to give you an idea they also stock MagTek ammunition okay MagTek has a very good brand i meaning they're known for being very reliable to have good quality assurance it's the full-metal-jacket they are selling them 21 pesos each they also have hollow points for how much 40 47 pesos each for hollow points okay these 124 grain as you can see Full Metal Jacket very nice very nice and why is this interesting they've gone with a good brand that's all they stock as you can see they have multiple calibers forgive me let the camera adjust their multiple calibers and 45 is 31 pesos each for Full Metal Jacket do you know how many grains 3 220 or 200 230 okay 230 excellent this is a Glock 21 I was very interested is a gem fall because this is a 45 caliber Filipinos viewing they love the bomba they love the big boom but and this all sorry the pricing this is forty five thousand nine hundred and forty seven forty six thousand pesos then you have to pay licensing separately only Filipino citizen only a Filipino citizen can own it and how much is the Noriko this is about 1970 are about twenty thousand pesos almost just a bit about that just to give you guys an idea and this is how much capacity for ten rounds of living a living round capacity and this one is 13 plus one 13 round capacity was this interested to say that I'm gonna just show you guys I got I'm not gonna point this at anyone that's why I'm pointing out the ground yeah okay guys it's clearly empty but um yeah it's also locked clearly it's locked but there's there's been nice letting me take a look at it I'm gonna put that down there I might hand that back I think that back to you yeah thank you and yeah very nice this is interesting Nariko have really made a comeback they used to make full quality goods but now it depends on what year what time period they'll you know that there are like a joint manufacturer meaning just because this isn't Rinku doesn't mean it came from the same factory but it's basically a copy of the Sikh believe it's a Sikh p226 but supporti caliber so it might be two to nine forgive me forgive me I forgot wrong but it's a pretty much exact copy of the six er 200 series see I've cocked it this is the decocker okay not the trigger the decocker up here sorry and what have I done see energy costs it it's because your trigger lock on me but um see what I mean so just has the features that's what I'm trying to say press that the lower the hammer safely and that actually puts a firing pin block it blocks the firing pin to make it safer as well if you use the the appropriate decocker anyway just interesting and I'm gonna mosey on around because you don't want to be in camera so as you can see this is just a small branch in Robinson's gallery Oh Robertsons Galleria is your main branch so they also have yeah more a larger branch in mora you know just just to let you guys then and though they all see have more samples to show people okay trance train there what's got Taurus on display here these are all tourist pistols but we're not too worried about that buzzes interesting they got the good stuff okay thank you very much okay still in basement level this is where all the gun stores are like they're all literally I gotta be careful some don't want to be filmed you know they're all just light laid out like market stores this is Twin Pines corporation as you can see they have multiple stalls around Philippines a bunch of them had problems just because of previous administrations making it so strict so they had to close some of the satellite stores in the provinces but they still have them in the major cities because they're just do it to do with the gun laws because those changes the gun laws as you can see cleaning products all brand names and accessories what got my interest with these magazines these are lances very high quality they're maple will known for being reliable I'll go show you inside and other accessories you know other magazines I just had chapters oh no he doesn't want to be on camera which is why I have this thought to myself the stuff are right behind me all right so it's not like I'm running around crazy but as you can see all the accessories this is a smaller satellite store in Makati cinema Square or sorry McCarthy Square oh they put away the magazines I had a bunch of magazines laid out to show you guys but you get the idea I mean ition for sale too okay so so you could come down here and look for yourself just want to show the guys who may not have seen it before or maybe a bit of gun shy now though saying that's interesting they they specialize in civilian sales but they've sold a lot of everything pistol rifle and shotgun but they said rifle is most popular one of their best sellers is the MMP 15 it's a type of ar-15 or m4 style rifle okay I don't want to get too technical but you guys know what I mean it's just another type of ar-15 style rifle but yeah they said three gun 3-gun competition shooters tend to buy the M&P 15 and it's one of the best sellers there's not much more to show you guys on the guns it typically locked up this is very common in Philippines they show pictures and whatever and then and then you can look at a catalog and then if you're a serious customer then you buy it but yeah I just want to showcase another stall but I've even been to their dumaguete store before it closed down but I didn't catch it on camera and then see you some Eastern Western so yeah they get all the brand name Sig Sauer Glock as well what else yeah they've got all the brand name is basically you know you put it in a water and yeah and you bring it in they import it I just let you guys know the Lancer magazines average two thousand pesos which is about forty dollars us and the Magpul magazines are four thousand pieces on average which is about $80 us now it's as ridiculous but the reason why they imported goods and because of the brand name Magpul have such a good brand name now that tends to be a very good seller but as we all know Lancers have reinforced steel feed lips these are very nice magazines to take em off I'd rather buy Lancer but anyway this is good this is good to see the brand names Marine arms call makutsi Square Mall in the basement level at the very bottom basement level they've got some basic sporting rifles check it out they've been expanding have been expanding this wasn't here lies fun textures I want one of these I want one of these taxis in pesos okay these are in pesos it doesn't usually include the licensing fees from what I understand she get the storm see the push it up they expanded they got all the accessory Canada this was a new before so they've opened it up ammunition obviously as well all the accessories yeah they've really expanded broadly so I mean it's a it's a gun club and retail stall and a shooting range so all three why not they're selling their product and of course they are a manufacturer of ammunition as well that's the names Rockland armory but they exported the world very popular in USA well they got 30 caliber carbine for 26 bases each that's actually hard to find sometimes okay yeah it's special between three pesos each 9-millimeter full-metal-jacketed to pesos each and 45 caliber 25 paces I'd say excellent price that is an excellent price Full Metal Jacket usually 45 to around 30 pesos 35 paces the Buckshot where we got I think that's number seven you know McCool I'm looking for the heaviest rock where is it anyway 25k says a shotgun Sean nice okay and all your accessories are hearing protection all the other stuff cleaning products excellent good to see is the professional office they moved they just be here now they've opened it up it's cool well it is a professional facility that's why I recommend it I'm not joking around guys be very careful of those dodgy ranges because you can get hurt you can get seriously hurt all their trophies they've got sports teams they've got competition teams online is the range now let's take a look let's go run I'd better go grab a pistol myself I've covered it many times guys I've been here so many times I might as well become a member this is awesome I met this gentleman Randy he actually said hello and he said what season are you following me I was like what you watching my videos so go ahead and introduce yourself me and I'm here I'm Laura you know what's your huge YouTube blog and that's all you are announce or every year yeah yeah thank you for visiting Philippines and also blood why do you have a favorite video any particular video that you might have liked but adventures by Brandon okay thank you now thank you appreciate because we're joking you seen all my shooting videos and now he's is there an arm school and you or maybe I'm looking at this one I've heard yeah it's been very popular in USA where you can swap the barrel from 2030 cm to 9 millimeter so you have two calibers it's a package here are you gonna maybe tried today okay well you know maybe they have a sample you can look at maybe there's a sample we can look at but um yeah oh no no just look at his brother he doesn't wanna get in camera but I'm awesome impromptu you we didn't set this up meddlesome subscriber so thank you or any anything you want to say to your friends or family maybe just say hi okay cool was also meeting will chat some more okay thanks man all right guys let's get shooting I've already been to this range many times before word covered a lot of things so let's use the map one go for about one nine millimeter plug in my frame it's a copy of the cz-75 we're shooting lit reloads with a cop Teflon coating okay just blinking training ammunition and I'm coming close kitchen [Applause] magazine we're shooting it five meters by the way guys well that was my warmup I did some dry fire practice but these were two separate groups I'll just change checking my holdover meaning well selling my sites but god I'm pretty tight touching each other I was actually holding up here there's weird I was loading up here and then they'll dropping here and I was holding on the center and they were dropping down here that's me that's all me meaning I'm inconsistent let's see these actually two bullets touching okay so as you can see I lost it I pulled one I pushed too far to the left but yeah I dropped one here many I was aiming here and I dropped it really low I jerked joke the pistol down and same thing here I was actually aiming a higher I was aiming high and dropping it low and of course the same here and dropping it to the right for some reason mangas pushing too hard for some reason but yeah not too bad this is not my last mag I'm just gonna have some fun guys okay repertoire okay here we go obviously still learning still practicing what I found was I'm not making excuses I'm right-handed and usually right-handed people will push to the left this gun was shooting to the right so I actually think the sights were off so I was typically aiming here or here I mean my point of aim was here but my point of impact is here to the right which is unusual okay the same with the head shots the way I achieved that I went really slow aiming up here and I dropped it low right for some reason so when I was aiming Center I was dropping low right again so it's consistent that's just why I'm covering it but again that's all idea the idea is to try and learn try and understand why you're shooting this way okay and then I just wasted some bullets on the left side just rapid fire and that is sprayed everywhere but you're not too bad I mean see if some of these are bullet on bullet touching so the gun itself is consistent you know but maybe I am NOT as the shooter I think besides near adjusting but anyway it's a good fun at the range professional range Thank You Kuya awesome stuff huh and some other shooters thanks for watching just do the line thanks for watching the adventures okay done we're rolling thank you Oh

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  1. not your if its the gun that's bad or the shooter jk Just picked up a RIA Tac Ultra FS HC 9mm its shoot great but havingΒ  issues already with the gun only 150 rounds look like extractor is bad not ejecting the empty shell casting

  2. I’m glad Twin Pines is still around. This was my preferred store 25 years ago at the basement of Makati Cinema Square. My second favorite was Super Bowl bowling lanes. Is it still there? Thank you for the vlog.

  3. Not your fault. Dont be surprised that you got those results. Ive shot at that same place before. The problem with ARMSCOR rental guns is that the guns are so inaccurate. They dont care to align the sights at all. They are just interested in renting them out. Sorry but thats my experience there.

  4. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘4/7/2019

  5. ive only shot a few times in my life. it honestly still scares me to shoot anything bigger than a .22 but im deadly accurate for some reason. never shot a semi auto pistol in my life and only a revolver once and i hit cans at that distance no problem first shot i attribute a lot of it to the way i stand relaxed despite being hella nervous i keep my weight centered and back and instead of being titled forward into the shot i tilt my head back a little. i also bend my right elbow slightly and my left elbow a lot more and keep them pointing down towards my hips, i also pull out on each hand slightly and with even pressure to keep the gun centered left to right

  6. I've shot there many times but the ammo is not what it should be and fake. The best part of shooting there is Shakeys, proper pizza, not that Italian crap with stringy tasteless cheese.

  7. Dropping low right is typical in over trigger pull or over anticipation of the shot causing you to briefly pull the gun to the right prior to the shot.

  8. Not too bad, you were shooting better than the person to your left anyway. It looks like some of the rounds were too lite so it caused them to keyhole, turning sideways as they went through the target. I roll my own rounds, meaning I reload my own ammo at home with my progressive loading press.

  9. ive had basic firearms training before, and first gun ko i purchased 2013, at 23 yrs old ako noon,
    maalala ko nung pagpunta ko sa gunshow sabi ba naman sakin "Ay bata ka pa yata ser para bumili ng baril?"
    sabi ko: Miss excuse me po, 23 years old na ako and 3 yrs na ko nagwwork, may issues ba kayo sa edad ko? XD

  10. Good info. Your vid helped me find a good place to do some range work while on vacation. Thanks for sharing πŸ€™πŸ½πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ™

  11. Good video. This is the first Philippines gun video I have seen. I tend to take for granted the rights I have. The majority of people shooting and hunting tend to be more polite and respectful. Stay safe and enjoyπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  12. Nung araw wala yang mga baril na yan…Martilyo at kutsilyo gamit nang mga kriminal….Merong mga business sector at foreign investors nag push for its legality specially the people in the government to boost their rating…Ano kaya pinag kaiba nang krimen nuon at ngayon? They made a mistake unleashing weapons in a tribal country….

  13. most filipinos cannot afford to buy legal guns because its too expensive and obtaining a license/permit is very hard that is why PALTIK(local made guns) are patronized by those who cannot afford.IMPORTED GUNS ARE TOO EXPENSIVE HERE.

  14. New Subscriber here in your channel, I am an airsoft enthusiast now starting to be a fan of a real gun…..

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