Haiti (2) vs. Costa Rica (1) – Gold Cup 2019

Haiti (2) vs. Costa Rica (1) – Gold Cup 2019

Hadean blue pulse Auriga in white from the Harrison New Jersey on to Rita to the back host headed back across nodded down and into the goal Costa Rica leads it was Saborio it was their 36th minute and then applying the pressure now to Haiti fuller right back to fuller that spins wide [Applause] collision they're been taken away by NAS own my soul that's in the area pointing to the spot he could get right back into this whether or not this is a foul and also whether or not it was inside the penalty area both of interest those onap bolts of Hades goals in the 2015 gold jump the zone wait ahead Basile chance now for NOS zone but back still waiting the shot is arm hits the base of the post Marrero pounces on it you see on side it's real tough to tell from that angle might be just level with the last defender and Moreira coming up the near miraculous saved that leap back and kept just a fingertip on it that's magnificent at the end the touch leading outside of Gonzales and that's across to the back Oh broken how far he had to run he's not even in the picture yet wait for it there he is there any time left Haiti wins Group B they've beaten Costa Rica for the first time in their history

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  1. oh en serio este equipo es haiti , pero que gran futbol hace todos corren driblean atacan defienden un equipo que juega con todo haci que muy dificil que lo derroten

  2. Se supone que Costa Rica es de las selecciones fuertes de Concacaf y pierden con la toda poderosa Haití?

  3. Muchisima GRACIAS a todos amigos extranjeros quienes animan el esfuerzo ,de la seleccion de mi pais Haiti.
    . .

  4. El fútbol caribeño está creciendo mucho, Jamaica ya llego a dos fiales consecutivas y ahora dan más pelea las islas

  5. O!!!!! Mon dieu papa garder c voleur politisyen ayiti kap detyi nou . Nou gen fos nou konn goumen malerezman nou gen yon bann tisousou kap vann peyim pou plat manje ak viza si non peyim TAP bel mesi mesyem yo felicitasyon

  6. The first goal of Haiti was not valid, it was clearly out of the penalty area. That influences the game a lot.

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