Harvesting Osage Selfbow Staves with Bear Grylls wannabe!

Harvesting Osage Selfbow Staves with Bear Grylls wannabe!

I make a lot of primitive bows and that requires a lot of bow staves so this week we're headed up to central Alabama's black belt to cut a Kruk low to Osage orange bow saves this week my nephew Phillips tagging along and he's going to be operating the camera so there is absolutely no telling what we're gonna end up with so stay tuned what's this clay that there be some Pisan ivy growing on an Eastern redcedar next to a Red Bud tree and some sumac I'll call it boy that ain't poison to have it boy you guys stay hydrated there that's better this is sumac not poison sumac and you can make a tea out of the berries when it's done quite right but you stay there real sour like anyway you can take those things steep them in hot water and then throw a little sugar in there it tastes just like lemonade lemma dude you almost screw up the sign that's rabbit as I what makes your hair grow so good American beautyberry yes your smeared on your head and makes your hair grow actually keeps the mosquitoes off of you little bear put one in your hat oh my gosh look at that Oh see got there thank the flowers thank the ants you label let us right into this marvelous Osage tree there's even a wild clay appeared this is why this is why Osage orange staves cost so much cuz you got a deal with it and this trees they get hung up they don't just fall yeah just keep swinging on it you know just keep swinging to get tired then take this movement again it ain't moving one of the characteristics of Osage is it often grows with its tops tangled with other trees so it rarely falls down when you cut it cutting a single Osage tree in a situation like this can take hours which you can operate a chainsaw as good as you can build a boat idiot yeah I will have to reshoot this the ice on your heads way blown out what you want i Boeing or Whitley diddle [Applause] not out there pretty sure I know what you're about Tyler pretty much same thing as 1/2 inch but no ah [Applause] [Applause] winning now pull it out baby [Applause] [Applause] oh it's a micro into a boat x3 hello we call them a bow deck huh that big boat osage is scattered all over the east and Midwest but the heart of the range runs in the Midwest from the Texas Panhandle up through Oklahoma Kansas Illinois and all that country if you can find a landowner with Osage on their property it's often looked at as a nuisance species so it's not difficult usually to get permission to cut it just make sure that you close all the gates and clean up your mess you

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  1. From Louisiana, never can seem to find osage. I hear all the old timers talk about em, but never saw one personally. What's your take on honey, or black locust?

  2. How old is your nephew? I'll bet his momma was glad to get rid of him for a couple of hours. Good ole Uncle Clay will take the boy off your hands so you can have some peace and quiet.

  3. Much like cutting buckthorn for staves here in the upper Midwest. Nice bow wood when you can find it big enough and everyone wants it out of the woods, but what a tangled, hung up pain in the rear.

  4. Clay , the place where you cut Osage on the Cemeron here in Oklahoma last year looks way different now after the floods , some of them have the bottom 4 feet or more under sand now , the whole river bottom there is covered in sand and getting to any Osage there is going to be tough now .

  5. We've all got friends like that. Why? I dont know. Looks like you got some mighty fine wood for bow staves. Shouldn't be much crown. Nuisance species? Not for me. Boisdarc makes the very best fence posts going. It doesn't rot and will outlast creosote posts 3 times over, makes a good knife handle with wood hard enough to take a polish. Need to br careful though, the dust works like little fish hooks and once in your lungs wont come out. Best type of tree in the world to hold a wash. The roots go deep and thick to hold the soil. Bois darc is a mighty fine wood. Question: after the staves are split out and sealed, would it be beneficial to hang each end of the stave to a rafter and hang a weight from the middle? If the stave is green, it appears to me that a person could possibly force some reflex in the stave while it is drying. Have you ever tried this?

  6. Nice land. Trying to find Osage here in North ga. So far no luck. Would trade a finger to get ahold of a good size tree like the first one. Hope all is well.


  7. That boy is hamming it up lol very entertaining. Im going to be cutting some osage in Oklahoma soon and i am not looking forward to it.

  8. Great video Clay. Not sure about the nephew. He may effect your fan base. Not sure if he mixes well with the type that watch your channel.

  9. I wasn't affected by poison ivy until I was in my forties. It takes multiple exposures before some react, so watch out.

  10. That was entertaining, but I know too, that osage trees are mean and don’t give themselves up easily!

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