hawk proof chicken run 3/3

hawk proof chicken run 3/3

see what that is on my pickup truck that
is frost that is not supposed to happen and what is it 35 or so it was it was
right at freezing overnight just thought I’d throw that in there to maybe make
amends for the 78 degree video I did the other day okay I got a day off and Jesus
one day off it’s not enough I’m gonna have to give this company a little time
to get used to me and see what kind of work I do and then I’m gonna tell them I
need two days off back-to-back or or it’s just not gonna work I’m working
five six seven days and then they give me a day off and then another five or
six or seven and and you never know when you’re gonna get a day off so you can’t
make any plans anyway I’m gonna try to get as much done I thought I could
probably finish this but I’m just not gonna rush it I’ve come this far and you
know I just can’t sleep unless I do things to the best of my ability it
might not be the best for any anyone else but uh I’m not gonna cut any
corners on this just so I can hurry up and get it done so I may not finish this
today and as a matter of fact it’s highly unlikely I’ll completely finish
it and I only like to do things once I hate going back and redoing stuff just
because I didn’t do it right the first time but this next clip my wife called
me at work yesterday and of course I pulled over to the edge of the road to
answer the phone because I would never talk on my cell phone going down the
road and she said you’re not gonna believe what’s just two feet outside the
door or your chicken house and she told me and I said you’ve got to get the
camera and by the time she got the camera and got back she only got about I
don’t know eight or ten seconds of footage but look at this next clip
apparently word has got out that BC truck has a chicken buffet over here
he was sitting the hawk was sitting just right outside the door to the chicken
house so I check out this next clip and then after that I’m going to start
working on the door that’s gonna go right there
and I’ve got everything I need now I got to weld some hinges and I’m gonna walk
over that show you where but I’ve got to look down so I don’t stack up on dog
poop that new dog of ours just hasn’t doesn’t do what the other $2 the other
two dogs go way out in the yard to do their business and the new dog doesn’t
okay I’m gonna weld some hinges on this pole
and I hate dragging a welder and generator out again but I got to do it
it’s the only way to attach them so that’s what I’m gonna do next and then I’m gonna turn those two by fours into a
gate along with some a piece of chicken wire I got all right there that’s enough
to make gate out of and then yesterday I picked up my other rolls of chicken wire
and I’ve gotten my bird netting to go on the roof but I got to put this wire up
first because I’m gonna hold the bird netting on with some zip ties cable ties
and wire it’s gonna get held on with some baling wire
all right get my tripod out and and have a look at this next clip and then I’ll
start building on that door alright there’s the beginning of my door
it’s a 35 by 71 I got my last piece marked out here then I’m gonna cut I’m
cutting these 45 degrees on the ends and then one and then I’m going to screw
them just to hold them together long enough for me to put some plywood corner
gussets from here back and got some plywood over there I’m gonna use there’s
a wide try not to throw nothing away cuz that’s just enough to do what I got to
do here alright I’m gonna put this on tripod and
and give that a cut right there okay now I’m going to cut my plywood for
the corner and go around there and get that chicken wire flip this over nail
the chicken wire on the back and I have a daughter all right I got the gussets
cut corner brackets whatever you want to call them I call them gussets I’m gonna
scroll down and I did put my square on this and check for square on both
corners so I’m good to go what it was in before powertools
what do that so watch there so she’ll grab tools and screwdrivers and
everything okay um pretty certain that was very interesting it’s right up there
just to step above watching grass grow so I’m gonna do the other end and turn
it over and start spreading that chicken wire okay I added a third piece there I
just I was afraid the door would warp over time and like I say I hate things
doing things over so I try to do them right the first time
but right now my stomachs growling and I gotta have a little breakfast oh man
that looks good you think we got get facts okay thank you all right it’s on there I just
got to go all the way around this and staple it real good and then cut the
excess off and just wanted to say a word to my friend norm norms green home norm
lost family memory there’s a four-legged family member but a family member
nonetheless and I just wanted to say norm that my heart goes up to you man I
feel your pain I felt that pain and uh I know how important blue was to you and
I’m real sorry I wish I could say more but there’s really nothing anyone can
say besides that we’re thinking about Jen you’re in our hearts and uh we’re
sorry for your loss all right now I’ve dragged my welder out weld the hinges on
to that T post and I can mount this gate and that is actually the probably the
most tedious and time-consuming part of this job so on to bigger and better
things all right doors up now drink me a soda and I think I want
to start on this side I got attacked the the far edge of that chicken wire up to
that wooden pole there and then stretch it out this way to this corner stretch
it around here and then we’ll do the same thing on that side no I’m like I
might get it done today there’s still a chance let me show you the little handle
I made here I don’t know if that’s a raccoon proof or not because they’re
pretty smart but uh we’ll see well uh gut oh I would say probably half way
down here I got the top and the bottom attached I may have another day off
tomorrow on if I do absolutely certain I can finish this now that I’m actually
got this stretched out and attaching it it’s going pretty quick but uh it’s a
little after 4:00 now and I’ve been at this since the crack of dawn and I’m a
little tired let’s see if I got it again while I’m here coming in knock knock
everybody decent oh thank you baby you gave me two eggs
can I get them you gonna pick me meereee each other and grab them don’t Peck me
cuz I’ll break the eggs thank you very much alright somebody’s gonna have
omelette anymore thank you ma’am

52 Replies to “hawk proof chicken run 3/3”

  1. you sir,are the winner of an entire set of craftsman left handed screwdrivers!!!! please submit your addresss and 20 bucks for shipping and handling.

  2. i wish i knew! i dont like frost on my pickup. i feel like i should cover it with a blanket at night.

  3. thanks for watching. i know it was a bit to much of me yapping but i forget to get to the point so i dont make 12 minute videos.

  4. I swear you can tell when there is a hawk around because the girls will scream AWK! Then everyone scatters and hides. If you notice in your clip not one girl was around they were in the coop. Smart girls. My hubby at first didn't believe me but he does now. Your set up is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

  5. thanks! that wire can up up only two ways. quick or correctly. that ber tree of yours should be getting ready to start blooming eh? (<canadian word)

  6. they are real skittish. the two layers were witness to the chicken murder that occurred the other day. they run for the hen house anytime a shadow passes over head even if its a plane.

  7. ive gathered all the frost together and placed in an envelope. you should be expecting a letter from me,,,,, a very soggy letter. please keep that stuff at home.

  8. I so wish we had some land for a chicken coop. I am so jealous of you. We always had chickens when I was a kid. My mom and dad have quail and chickens now. My dad eats like 30 quail eggs a day. Those suckers lay like crazy.

  9. dont be jealous of me sweetness. you live in the land that Jesus feet trod. i envy you. hope dear leaders visit wont upset to many Israelites.

  10. You can't please everyone, I'm sure there is upset on both sides over it. Yes, I am so blessed to be here, that is for sure! We live in Eilat, right by the Jordan Mountains and the Red Sea. It's amazing. Still want some chickens!! haha =)

  11. thanks jason! one day off a week is really cutting into getting things done around here. ill never get my garden in with just one day a week off.im gonna give them a couple months then ask if we can agree on the standard two days a week off. this aint over the road driving.

  12. Is there anyway to tell the cost per egg. If you don't count the start up costs, wonder how the feed and other expenses relate to the cost per egg. Less than store bought? A big plus is knowing you have eggs without chemicals and hormones. I've been thinking about raising chickens, rabbits, and maybe goats for meat thats not full of bad stuff.

  13. Can't wait to see the chickens using the run. It's looking real good. Was that hot dogs and eggs? That's one of my favorites!

  14. Dog Poop, welder, plywood, chicken wire, bailing wire, generator, Bird netting, Soda., and eggs. Sounds like a great time.

  15. 3 seconds into the video I was laughing my butt off. Pay-back baby! I telepathically trained Lucy to poop in your path by the way. I think that is the same hawk that got my Zelda, chicks and Ron Jeremy…I told him to go to Timbuktu. I think he thought I said bctrucks house. I am sorry for Norm and will send him my blessings

  16. Well it's looking mighty fine, and I must say you looked a little chilled when you first started out, that would be balmy weather for me,,lol Take care.

  17. Were I you I would bury the chicken wire at least a foot into the soil. Racoons, foxes, groundhogs, weasels, and even rats can and will likely dig under your fence.

  18. Are you sure your not supposed be a carpenter instead of a trucker. Good job on the gate.. What kind of drill was that was it a hammer drill or just a regular drill. Seems like it has a lot more torque then the couple I have here.

  19. Looking good. Next you will need to make it dig proof, don't want a critter digging into your coop or run.

  20. HAHAHA YOU GOT FROST!!! BC you know that every project is twice as long as estimated plus 3 days….. lol

  21. One day off? That's nuts brother. You'll burn out on the job unless you can do some work around the house. I hope they agree to give you some more time off. Nice work so far.

  22. Ha so its not sunny all the time there Bc,about time you had a bit of frost, you sure that was a hawk funny looking hawk, looked more like a pigeon, granted a big pigeon but never the less a pigeon I will send you a picture of a real Hawk from the UK for comparison chicken coop looks good you should dig that netting into the ground or mr fox will be digging under it I presume that you do have foxes over there, keep up the good work

  23. I bet your dog replied and said to you I will quit pooping all over the place when you train your chickens not to poop all over the place.

  24. Sometimes those predators will use team work. In the past we were losing a bunch of chickens. One night on the check the girls round about 2 am or so we found out why. A raccoon and an owl were working in tandem. The owl kept returning until he bit off more than he could chew by attacking a full grown goose. He managed to kill the goose but killed himself during the fight.
    If you don't mind noise a guinea fowl or 2 will help keep your chicky girls safe. Ours learned to run for cover whenever the guinea gave her warning shriek. Also, if you have crows around they will harass owls and chicken hawks until the predators birds can't stand it anymore and leave. At least that's how it works here.

  25. I love this tutorial so much! I just got my first chickens about a month ago. I currently only have three hens in a small A-frame and I'm looking for good ideas on expanding. I love your method of welding rebar to T posts. I've looked into bird netting before, but this is honestly the most secure way I've seen it implemented. Your coop is gorgeous and the run you built for them is great! Thank you so much for posting these, I definitely have more ideas now for what I want to do! Since this is from several years ago: hope you and yours are still doing well!

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