HBO Sports Derek Jeter 3K

HBO Sports Derek Jeter 3K

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  1. Great Player But Playing Is Totally Different Than Managing a Team. You do not get rid of Stanton, Ozuna, Yelich and Paddack. What a horrible GM!

  2. As a Sox fan l admit I hated Jeter because he took some of the edge off my loathing for the Yankees since he really was a decent guy. l thought being a scumbag was mandatory to getting on the Skanks roster but he just played great and wasn't a cock…First one since Demaggio. As a matter of fact when the Sox had the rings ceremony at the home opener in 05 the Yankees gave them a nice ovation. Im' glad the Yankees have refilled the team with assholes again and things are back to normal

  3. Although I am a diehard Indians fan, Derek Jeter is without doubt one of my all time favourite players. A true legend of Baseball.

  4. Since the day I was born I have watched him play the sport that I love so much. This sport has been carried through my family for years and to be honest Derek was the main talk of my family. I just remember my grandma telling me when I was 5 how much she loved you Derek and now I know what she meant by that. If I could thank Derek in person I would because he changed the way I thought about the game and he changed my view on how to carry yourself on and off the field. I love you DJ❤️ You mean everything to me❤️

  5. Coming from a Red Sox fan, you are one are the best baseball players I have ever seen congratulations on 3,000 hits!

  6. Amazing career for Derek jeter amazing documentary for Derek jeter congratulations most special Yankee ever Derek jeter

  7. Crazy. I remember when he was at 2997 after Cleveland I told my dad he’d do what Boggs did and hit a homer for 3000. Then, when he was at 2999 I turned on the Yankees game right before he hit the homer and I was going crazy as a cubs fan. Great memory

  8. 20:24 "I wish they went 18 and 0, to be honest with you." Man, Jeter is a class act. He's always been my favorite player, on and off the field

  9. Amazing. My father and I watched him play my whole life, it was what we bonded over it makes me cry everytime I watch it bc it reminds me of my father

  10. Nice documentary, just ditch the girlfriend what a bimbo, dude dated her for like 2 weeks and you put her flighty ass in this??? CMON

  11. Seeing how happy Jorge and Mariano were for his 3000th hit makes this experience that much more special to watch

  12. He's the total package. Doesn't complain. Never hurt. Maybe besides the iron Man the most durable player of this era taking into account his post season games maybe even better than Cal . The shift doesnt work on him. Clutch player.

  13. Naming my first son after Derek S Jeter. Jeter has always been someone I idolized and admired growing up as a kid. Derek is what all ball players should aim to be. On and off the field!

  14. As far as I'm concerned Jeter should by all rights have worn the big English D his whole career, In the Tigers own backyard too, Kalamazoo Mi. Hal Newhouser who was scouting for the Astros at the time, told the GM there you have to sign this kid he is going to be a superstar, the Astros passed Prince Hal was so upset he quit.

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