Health Benefits of Horseback riding

Health Benefits of Horseback riding

good morning I hope everyone's having a great Saturday they actually have me with the horses literally I'm at of Berwick Saddle Club and this is sunny this is my appendix he's a part thoroughbred and part quarter horse and not in a million years would I ever have thought that in the 27 years I have done television I would ever be talking about exercising with horses you know horses are wonderful they're 1200 pound creatures and the respect needs to be earned but once you have this relationship and it deals with cleaning out and mucking these stalls it's also about grooming this beautiful beautiful animal and walking him and then the benefit of riding him but putting the saddle and tack again is a job in itself it really all starts by taking care of this wonderful 1200 pound creature called a horse and what you need to do is you need to make sure that you clean him thoroughly and this is exercise I mean this is just a wonderful creature but taking care of this horse you burn a lot of calories so once you clean the horses back now it's time to put the saddle on and it's called tacking the horse and you want to make sure that this is part of the spine and you are not gonna hurt him and it's nice and comfortable and talk about exercise this saddle weighs probably about forty to fifty pounds and you're putting it on this wonderful horses back and then what you're going to do is you're going to make sure that you secure it and that's exercise all by itself let's go midnight just like with any animal or human you need to make sure you warm up before you start running so you need to walk with your horse so this is great exercising you realizing how many calories you're actually burning while you're walking with your horse when you're on a horse I feel like I'm losing muscles I've never used before it's working your core your abdominal muscles I'm taking 200 pounds and trying to balance it on this 1,200 pound creature why oh he's doing 25 miles an hour and I'm working my inner thighs because I have to control his speed my shoulders my glutes it's an awesome workout I guess I could say I'm Sunny's human and this is his treat he loves apples and we've done Apple pieces just a couple weeks ago the bottom line is that this is a beautiful creature you need to respect him or her and they could not only give you great exercise but unconditional love and you know I love animals but it brings family and it's all about unity and it's wonderful if you have the opportunity to actually get your children involved or even if you're sick when you're around an incredible majestic creature like a horse and it should feel good from the inside out hopefully these tips will open up your mind and your spirit to try something you've never done you just may like it until next week I'm Peter Neilson with sunny with Curtis principles

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  1. Children who grow up loving, grooming and riding horses with good training are less likely to do drugs, get depressed, drink and drive and have bad grades. Horse rider are more conscious.

  2. I LOVE this !!! so cute and a new and fresh way of looking at fitness! I am posting and favorite- ing:) hope you had a fun summer Peter!

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