Heart Mountain Horseshoe Circuit hike, Canmore (HD)

Heart Mountain Horseshoe Circuit hike, Canmore (HD)

all right just gonna do art Mountain Tim getting all ready can't see it from here it's just up over there just across from the I think it's a bay mag concrete plant in the heart Creek Trail parking lot I uh I know I usually always have some tea just because my sister's there just on the path from the parking lot just a vote at the creek Oh Diane Oh steep Jade Oh the way to the hole yeah oh yeah I think it's called the bay Meg concrete plant that's heart Canyon down there Summit's up there it's all good getting closer well here we are at the crux got to climb up this section here little view down again team has put me through the paces get there well I say that's the crux Oh done and done going down that could be a little more it's they know I guess we're going the horseshoe just pass the crux I'm just heading up here another little scrambling section just a ways up from the crux I think that's a second some of the heart over there the left side of the heart number read just behind it for the horseshoes that's the way you see those other guys behind you you know those girly man probably got scared their ego first time so yeah it's all good so just left first summit second summit I'm not sure where it is if it's there we got to go around the ridge over to that's the final summit just taking time from the first summit little gully goes all the way down to heart almost to the top of the highest summit and then we'll traverse across the horseshoe over to that by far peak there and down the ridge down to the trans-canada back to the car Hertz is right there the first part of heart we came all across that Ridge all right oh yeah you don't go anywhere without the selfie stick oh there's those guys over there so I think we're just at the third summit of this heart Mountain horseshoe started their first over to the highest point second summit and then where we are here back there is highway 40 I think that's barrier Lake say and I think that that's all be right there not a hundred percent sure but I think it is and Calgary you can kind of see in the distance she's all down from here this is the final rich descent hey so that's the final descent ridge starting point

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  1. Your opinion Harlan. Is this hike sketchy? I've done Temple, Rundle and Cascade using your videos as a template. Was planning to do it in a week or two but we cancelled it after the recent fatal hiking accident. We decided that we will do it this summer instead. Again, thanks for your videos (it probably prevent injuries and saved lives) More power!

  2. The Heart mountain horseshoe is a very nice trip. It has a nice flow. Always liked this trip. Even if you're in good shape it is still a bit of a grunt though. Nice vid. Thanks for posting

  3. Great footage! Doing this one tomorrow. I use your videos as a template. Thanks very much for sharing. Cheers.

  4. Your videos are just fantastic Harlan, I can't thank you enough. You do such a good job of both showing the route, giving people an idea of what they're getting into, and providing an entertaining video. I've used your videos as a basis for planning countless hikes, while also ruling out countless others that I'm not ready for yet. Keep them coming man!

  5. Hey Harlan. I just did this loop solo on November 13. A bit of ice on Grant MacEwan Peak, but not too bad. Late start and got down just before dark.

  6. I LOVE how many videos you have. such a solid record of mountains. You have come up first on my searches for trail research for a year or two now. also we should team film a temple run this year. lets stay in touch on that this season if you are interested.

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