Heavyweight Taekwondo Champion vs. Elite Kickboxer | Lawrence Kenshin

Heavyweight Taekwondo Champion vs. Elite Kickboxer | Lawrence Kenshin

we see super baby Michael um alligator then torture one console with a victim turned on Channel about the other thing jung-soo Park Republic of Korea if Park had made it to the Olympic tryouts Dessalines gold medal surely would have been his this fighter is a master of taekwondo known for its beautiful yet devastating kicks he's already shown his potential and Nikki will reign but now he aims to show all of his homeland he's the new ace of the korean fighting world you you for Korea's former Taekwondo champion young super you talk about a man with the most phenomenal kicking range in all the world of martial arts and you talk about young super he makes his where – Centuri jerome lebanner makes his way to century the man with the highest kill ratio in all the k-word is looking for another knockout here tonight and esto there is always that excitement in the air whenever jerome lebanner is in the house the way he walks to the ring determine termination on a space you always expect some action have a listen to the ovation for arrival of Anna and a perfect Frenchman looks ready for action no cheaper here we go Michael Shigella greenside methyl ester it'll be the kicking acid all the Taekwondo stylist Jung soo bahk is the sheer brute power of jerome lebanner bouncer barks circling the ring eight to right hand from Levin another southpaw digs away to the little section buddy shut from Lamanna bellybutton through the back now sorry floor I came from young super advantageous study of all the victim on hey taxi front rail don't sleep is that the pan is already other crimes Oh jerome lebanner jerome lebanner is a gay through to the final light always the bridesmaid and never the bride at k12 2007 finally Pedro ximénez here it wasn't looking opt to rhyme with matter proportions I'm uh stammers out he is back in right in your to park astral traveling we better just stall him hunted him down snack bag on the kisser there every put the count on but yong-su Park was gone the ringside physician is just asking your super what his name is and no shoe park says Thursday thunderous knockout the highest ki ratio in all of k1 estou moment we've got a great crumb free lineup basically Grand Prix 2007 a-hole interesting fights coming three more fights on tonight's card – Ranma banner Thunder zis way let stage and you'll be thundering his way into Tokyo in December

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  1. Tkd is a great ranged fighting style and can help your arsenal by giving you long range attacks for opponents the keep backing up. It's a good addition to other martial arts such as muay Thai and boxing. But on its own it's just terrible. Basically no punching. No inside fighting skills. No grappling. Worse yet he drops his fucking hands with almost everything he does which is asking to get knocked out when fighting a much better boxer. I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did

  2. this is why i refuse to send my son to TKD even tho my wife wants him to learn just because she did when she was little. i would kick her ass all the time if she wasn't heavier than me. hahahahaha

  3. ppl thinking this is takewondo what a fuckin joke,

    no crsent kicks, no spinning and TERRIBLE distance control AGAINST SOMEONE WITH HANDS!! that guy is fuckin retarded.

  4. wtf?? taekwondo but NO cresent, spinning or side kicks??? this dude was not simply ready for a pressuring opponent.

  5. Taekwondo guy hurt his leg, probably would have been finished anyway but that's why he was open right then. It also looked like he stayed down for the leg. If you're taking a punch on the chin, the harder you are to knock over…the more of that punch you're going to feel and the more damage you'll take. With a 'strong base' you're absorbing that punch with your face, it just means your body will hold you up to take every bit of it.

  6. Is it possible to be an analyst yet never competed NOR thrown a fkn punch in your life? How's that work? Is that possible?

  7. BeFore watching I say tkd guy predictable slow lack of feet movement. There is not bad martial art just a bad practicener this guy looks like he just learn like a blue or purple guy, or even white belt, this don't prove the mma is better.

  8. Korean has no muscle tone whatsoever. The opponent is simply an power engine. Korean doesn't look like he could do one pushup.

  9. After i get my tKD black belt, i Hit the gym and do a 45 min weight and 20 minutes boxing, you can't win a game by just kicking need to learn how to mix your kick with punch. There's no rule in street fighting.

  10. Your name is Thursday ?? Hi , I'm Friday … You can come back Saturday and we can share a Sunday….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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