Heckler & Koch MR762A1 Long Distance Rifle on shooting range at Shot Show 2013

Heckler & Koch MR762A1 Long Distance Rifle on shooting range at Shot Show 2013

hi my name is why I'm gonna heckler & koch and this is our mr cell five sixteen point five inch barrel piston gas piston system operated we've got our nice g28 buttstock nice thing about the buttstock is it when you pull the charging handle back you see you've got space here this spring location hamster fish get caught on here you can still charge a weapon system this is retractable so it does move forward but the cheek piece always stays in the same location you've got adjustments with peas here this does not have a little moly all the rest of the functions to the weapon system are very similar to the power 17 this particular package here from heckler & koch is 59.95 comes with nylon case engraved or monogram case and everything that you see here could I see the rifle in action absolutely let's take a closer look as you can see just like any other heckler & koch weapon system very accurate very easy to use stays on target every shot

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  1. i know you pay for quality but it seems like one of those weapons that your just paying for fancy furniture that you could put on it for half the price

  2. This weapon retails for $6,995, not $16,000. Everything you see in the video with respect to the weapon system is included in the price including a hard case with molded foam interior designed specifically for this weapon and all of it's accessories: bipod, optics, rail accessories and mags. He mentions a nylon case but you actually get a hard case, comparable to a pelican case built for extreme abuse. The base weapon MR762A1 retails for $3,995 but you don't get any accessories or the case.

  3. i agree ive had a 40 usp compact and its a tac driver one of the smoothest pistols ive ever shot to be honest. its good to hear positive things about the sa80 the brits saved our asses more than once with those rifles

  4. yeah even for h&k thats a bit pricey there great weapon systems though ive put a few thousand rounds down with a sa80 mk2 and never had a fault

  5. ouch…. bite Larue much on that buttstock riser bro ?? hope usent them a fat check, cause their RISR was out 2 yrs ago hahah

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