32 Replies to “Helmet Cam – Horse Riding in Beddgelert Forest”

  1. The best thing that can happen for equines is for riders to realize that bits are painful and pointless. They need to be made illegal.

  2. That horse has a lovely slow canter, so easy to sit. Nice to not hear constant verbalizing, just the quiet of the moment (except for the squeaky saddle).

  3. Gorgeous horse and you have a brilliant seat 😁 there was hardly any wobble on the camera, well done both of you.

  4. Beautiful horse!, Well behaved as well when swapping head collar for bridle, u could take ur hands off of him/her with out it walking or moving off! xx

  5. Was that pad to protect the testicular region? If it was your a genius. I will forgive the noise for that.

  6. Beautiful Place and Gorgeous Horse.. But you must talk to Him he doesn't know if he's being Good or bad pat him on the neck rub his neck say Good boy! or something😕

  7. Nooooooo don't stop the saddle squeaking! Not being allowed to ride now for medical reasons, I crave the sound of a creaking saddle, along with other evocative sounds like  hoofbeats and the horse blowing down his nose (what a lovely horse, by the way) – all part of the pleasure. For the same reason, I'm glad you included putting on the bridle – it makes it feel more real for those of us who are now reduced to virtual riding. More helmetcam hacking, please!

  8. You should put some powder on that saddle to make it stop squeaking and maybe at the end of every ride give him/her a pat and a soft "Good boy/girl." Otherwise this seems like a great ride in a beautiful area.

  9. Haven't gone through all the comments – too many.  Didn't see where anyone mentioned baby powder to get rid of the squeak in saddles.  Apply baby powder lightly in all areas where leather touches leather.  Do this with the saddle upside down.  Be prepared for some powder to fall out when the saddle is righted, but it shouldn't last long.  The squeaking will go away almost immediately.  Diane W.

  10. how do you find those saddles? look so comfy but my thigh was digging into the pommel bit, and the stirrups were set too far  back for my stiff hips

  11. I have a forest near where I keep my horse but we cant go round much of it because it's filled with deer traps and stuff like that 🙁

  12. The saddle on the horse I ride started squeaking once, I was looking around like "Don't mind me" xD

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