Henry Bodnik‘s Archery Basics: Is it necessary to unstrung your bow?

Henry Bodnik‘s Archery Basics: Is it necessary to unstrung your bow?

hello welcome to a new episode of archery basics welcome at my youtube channel Henry Botnick archery and adventures so you already saw how I took my bow back into my bow wreck and at the intros you saw a few shots from me with the mohawk chief so today I want to explain you I want to talk to you about a question often done in social media network and also at my courses in instinctive archery a lot of people asking me every time the same especially this question if you bring your bow home after the shooting is it necessary to unstrung you go oh or is it possible to store your own strength this is a question a lot of people don't know really how to handle this and what I see if you already watch my bones in my bull wreck so the question is already done because I am storing my own mind personable and also the both of my son he is strong because if it's a glass laminated bull the bull will not lose any weight or will be damaged if you store your bows from the only reason there are two reasons to unstrung a bow one reason is of course if you are traveling and you need to to break the bow down or you have a takedown bow to take him apart and also if the string will chains will stretch a little bit so the bracelet will change the nothing point will change and of course this may be it's necessary to answer on the bull but it's not necessary because the bull will get dead though I am talking of course for the body booze finally I think every of the glass laminated boat will have no problem to get to be stored Strunk but I cannot talk about different bull brands so and in this matter I want to point out if you have a burning boat it's not a problem at all to to store the bow is strong if you are using a cellphone made out of pure natural materials or pure wooden boat of course you have to understand this bone because otherwise people will get screenful although this means the shape the shape of the bow will get changed and the bow the limbs will follow the string will follow the power and also this boat made out of natural material will lose some weight some poundage so I want to display to you now some special bending so I will give my bow right now a tough time and to display you if a bow is able to compensate that should extreme bending process you will be of course also able to get stored shrunk so just a moment for me and I want to display to you this special bending process meanwhile I am stronk Mabel and took and put a whole layer here at the ground to protect limp especially the tip of the lamp against any damage because I want to display to you an extreme bending of a bow to display how tough a glass laminated pole is and that especially to store a bow strunk not affect the boat at all so I will bend the bow completely in the opposite direction I take the recurve here flatten the recurve at the ground and I will bendable extremely back in the different directions so when if a bow is able to resist against this of course it will be no problem at all to store your glass laminated both strung so of course if it's born ago because I cannot talk for the other brands so I will I want to thank you watching my youtube channel Henry Botnick archery and adventures by the way I tried the new arm guard from Bearpaw products here and I really like this arm guard it's some softshell here it's covering and protecting perfectly and in one of my next video I want to make a review for about this nice new arm guard from Bearpaw products and your comments about my new video what you saw here I highly will come below looking forward to your comments thank you for watching and see you soon again bye

3 Replies to “Henry Bodnik‘s Archery Basics: Is it necessary to unstrung your bow?”

  1. Yes Sir!!! we don't unstrung the bow in Kyudo….my carbon bow (yumi) don't loose power in 7 years and never unstrung….

  2. I have a 33 1/2 draw length, would a Bodnik bow be able to handle this seeing that it can take so much abuse?

  3. I think Yes. Every day 🙂 I know, day, or week for modern laminated bows it's no problem, but… wood (2-3 hours to selfbow) imho

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