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  1. you just need to wear your peace maker too. two guns one ammo 45 lc makes big holes in zombies.I Shoot single action 45lc 1873 ish knew how to make amazing guns.

  2. That looks like the rifle that my grandpa is giving me eventually but I can’t remember if it’s a lever or a bolt action

  3. Before Hickok's channel, I though lever-action rifles were an outdated relic of the past, now I think they're coolest thing ever.

  4. The "Prop" Henrys seen in old westerns are made from 1892s. The fore-end stocks were removed and the receivers painted gold. Often those same westerns would feature "Prop" 1858 Remingtons. Those were made from SAAs. Fake webs were welded to the bottom of the barrels. Both the fakes can be seen often in the first season of "Bonanza".

  5. Are you shooting to the left or is the rifle shooting to the left?, either way, you should have been able to correct your aim after at least two shots. Beautiful gun though.

  6. It didn't have a loading gate, barrel got hot…..yes but it was the first mass produced repeating rifle so imagine the year is 1863 and you have a single shot rifle or that….. I'l take the hot barrel and "long reload" any day.

  7. I'm pretty sure if he lost both his arms he would be shooting with his feet the next week.

    I can't wait to tell my Grandkids 30 years from now how every time you hear something fall on the ground it's one of Hickok45's rounds from his ghost. Wait, I have Grandkids already, guess it wouldn't hurt to tell the story early.

  8. Hickok45 I’d be so reluctant to fire such a beauty and risk scratching it, BUT I know a gun never fired is a sad thing…

  9. It's interesting that it's loaded at the muzzle. It shows it's roots with the muzzle loader. The side loading was a big step in the evolution of the lever action. Very pretty gun. Thanks for sharing.

  10. The best Zombie gun is a shotgun so you can shoot off limbs to keep them from chasing and grabbing you. Putting holes in them with pistol ammo will barely slow them down.

  11. So, I know this is a different Firearm than what my comment is about. But, I've seen your WW2 weapon videos. And I just want to ask how I can get my hands on WW2 weapons like the MP40, Thompson M1A1, M1 Bar and, ect. Some of those weapons are fully automatic, and I want to shoot, and collect them. How does one go about finding and obtaining these firearms?

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