Here Are 4 Common Handgun Shooting Mistakes

Here Are 4 Common Handgun Shooting Mistakes

hi I'm Luke Williams today we'll be going over for handgun mistakes that we see commonly at the range and how to fix them alright before we get started I'm gonna address one of the biggest things I see at the range which is people putting their finger inside of their trigger guard when they're not actually firing if you're not shooting your gun then your finger needs to be on the top of your trigger guard every time so now that we have that out of the way let's move into some of the mistakes and the first one is improper stance now stance is a point of contingency for a lot of different trainers in the firearms industry and that's because some of them are teaching for everyday carry where you need to be able to fire from any position especially if you're protecting yourself you never know what's going to happen versus if you're shooting for sport or competition where it's gonna be the same every time and you want to get into that routine today we're just gonna look at the basics of it and the biggest mistake I see in this is people leaning backwards you're leaning backwards your balance is gonna be off number one but number two you have nowhere for that recoil to go what you need to think here is nose over toes you want to be leaning forward just a little bit so that your nose are over the edge of your toes so when you take your shot that recoil can absorb and then you can get back on target the next mistake I see a lot it's inconsistent trigger control now if you're out of the range and you're getting great groups however they're a little bit left or a little bit right that could be caused by something as simple as where your finger is placed on your trigger if you just have the edge of your finger on the trigger then your shots are gonna push right if you have your finger too far in on your trigger it's gonna push a left you've got to find that sweet spot right in the middle and then after that you have to be consistent with it because if you're moving back and forth between different spots on my trigger with your finger and you're likely gonna have a spread out group or no group at all the third mistake I see all the time is flinching this is the anticipation of either the sound or the recoil a lot of people especially when they first start shooting are not used to it so before they pull the trigger they'll actually jump or tense up you got to be able to stay relaxed and fire your shot now if you are having a problem with this one of the great ways to overcome it is the practice dry-firing at home with pop caps or if you want to come out to the range you can put some pop caps or some empty shells into your mag and then shoot whenever you get to one of those empty shells or pop caps whenever you shoot you'll know if you're flinching because your gun will actually rise up if it is and you know you need to practice some more this also helps you prepare if you're gonna jams how to quickly fix it and the last mistake is something you've probably heard all the time growing up if you played sports that's follow through that applies to firearms as well after you take your shot one of the biggest problems I see on the range a lot of times in follow through is people are so antsy to see if they hit the target or where they hit their target so they don't follow through keep your stance after you shoot your shot come back to target and relax and then pull down your gun and put it in the safe position all right guys I want to know where their common handgun mistakes that you've had to deal with or that you've had to help your friends with let me know in the comments below and then make sure you head to Raider its youtube channel and hit subscribe from the farm I'm Luke Williams

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  1. Instinctive shooting without aim is important cuz any ccw issues should be less than 12 feet anything over you would be hard pressed to convince the court why you felt eminent danger at 12 plus feet

  2. Shooting low and to the left with my Gen 5 at 7 yards. however my dad can chew out a circle at 7 yards and I can't hit squat

  3. Awesome video, I use empty casings I paint with red sharpie, I used snap caps and the soft brass gummed up my shadow 2

  4. he is letting the trigger go all the way forward again when he could let it out just a tiny bit and shoot again within a second and not a seconds and a half

  5. When my father taught me how to shoot a gun for the first time, before I even held it he told to me to keep my finger out of the trigger guard 'else he'd whack me upside the head. I knew he wouldn't actually hit me, but from that day forward I made sure my finger was where it should be every time.

  6. My gun keeps jamming…. I'm barely learning how to shoot and I really wanna get better!! Thank you for the video

  7. Nice video… I always feel like I need a refresher after not shooting the winter months.. but I finally got a range day. The friend who went with me was having trouble with his XD and my glock.. he would fire a round and have to chamber the next round. Then I would fire both pistols without any issues. So limp wristing is a problem i see at the range. Thx

  8. Hearing gun shots in an indoor range or knowing a loud gun shot is coming from your gun can throw you off when starting to shoot firearms. Start off use inner ear plugs and high NRR rated ear muffs together, so the only thing you notice is some recoil and virtually no sound.

  9. I did a search of limp wristing, your video was at the top of the list. You never covered it. If you're going to tag something, you should cover it. FAIL!

  10. People always talking saying this nfl QB is a "Gun Slinger." NO THE HELL THEY ARE NOT!! This man is! This is a GUN SLINGER! Thank you for a great, intelligent, FACT BASED, TEACHING VIDEO! You hit the BULLSEYE!

  11. People completely releasing the trigger between shots, not realizing there is a trigger reset zone. They just jerk it from where is sets all the way out. First time shooter shit right there, but I've seen people that have shot a few boxes before do it too, completely unaware. Man does their accuracy magically improve once I find out they are doing this. Usually not being able to hit anything at all is the dead giveaway lol.

  12. talking about shooting mistakes yet you fire every shot with your left eye closed. You NEVER close any eye while shooting, both eyes open at all times. Also you lose so much depth perception its a wonder you hit anything.

  13. At my range I've seen a lot of poor trigger discipline and SOME poor nuzzle discipline. New shooters really stand out. AND IF THATS YOU ITS OK. We were all new shooters once upon a time. Don't be afraid to ask questions but be carful who you ask. Ive seen ppl who have been shooting for decades being completely unsafe. Safety should always be #1. Never never never point that barrel at something you don't plan on destroying. EVEN WHEN ITS UNLOADED. always treat it as if it's loaded. Really rule number 1

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