Heroic Dad Dives Over Fence to Rescue Toddler in Pool

Heroic Dad Dives Over Fence to Rescue Toddler in Pool

a relaxing day at the pool turns into a freezing moment of pure panic a little boy walks through the open gate lured by a colorful beach ball floating in the family pool his dad is keeping a careful eye and calls out for little Rocco to be careful then in an instant the 18 month old falls in in a split second his father turns into Superman look at him make a jaw-dropping dive over the 4-foot fence straight into the pool saving his little boy here it is again super dad leaps over the 4-foot fence headfirst the dad Albert passive aunty who lives in Palm Beach Gardens Florida says adrenaline kicked in and he suddenly possessed Superman strength to save his son I spoke to him from China where he's on business do you think your athleticism played a part you don't have to have any kind of ability to jump over a fence you know it's the kids in trouble you know you got to get to them as quickly as you possibly can what advice do you have for all parents you just absolutely have to keep an eye on your kids I don't care what measures you ever put in place tragedy happen this is what a 4-foot fence looks like it was installed by Tom Breno I'm five foot seven and you could see the height of this fence it's it's nearly you know mid chest on me so for anybody to get over this you either be very strong very very good on his feet the super dad rescue comes with the arrival of summer and all the dangers associated with backyard swimming pools just the other day country singer Granger Smith and his wife Amber opened up about the recent tragic drowning of their son River we're gonna constantly search for ways that that good will come out of this luckily super dad was there to save Little Rock Oh you

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  1. It's good to see a parent who watches their child around a pool. All the kids drowning it pretty obvious some parents aren't doing that.

  2. I was that boys age in the 90s watching older kids swimming and using the dive board. I wanted to try. Parents where watching. They let me. I jumped. Came up kicking. And swam to the other side. Have been on the other side since

  3. Inside Edition: Super Dad jumps over four foot fence head first WHAT A GREAT DAD!
    Soon To Be Inside Edition Story: “Look at these crazy people jumping head first into shallow pools, big no no. Here’s diving in shallow waters expert Mike Hunt.”

  4. I'm glad he saved his son but pay attention to your kids and this wont happen why do parents do this all the time pay attention

  5. Good dad. Can't stay right on top of them 24/7 but you can still watch them like a hawk and jump in to help/save them if anything bad were to happen. Don't let them too far from you but still give them the ability to run around as long as you're nearby and actively watching. That jump wasn't even a thought, it was parental auto-pilot.

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