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  1. 1:52 im pretty sure my mom worked with that guy. shes a neurological nurse who works in Edmonton and this is part of the reason she hates trampoline parks

    regardless, i still go to them lol

  2. This is the stupidest "investigation" I've ever watched. Not sure why I watched as much as I did. But in all honesty if you want to find the bad in anything all you have to do is look for the bad.

  3. Wow, wow wow. OMG, this is crazy shut them all down. God thank you for saving everyone!!!


    Just let people live their lives and have fun.

  4. I guess the fun stuff we did like jump in the water off rocks land close to rocks
    Maybe the chestnut acorn and rock fights, sledding Down the street in Fitchburg ma wasn't that dangerous.
    Kids are so coddle they think they can do anything if the adults say it's ok
    Poor kids can't have fun

  5. U should only attempt flips on your skill level, these young kids think their cool and then they hurt themselves, it's not the trampoline parks fault.

  6. 5:40 the girl is complaining about burning body parts, half my body is paralyzed, so who’s complaining now

  7. Got my 5 year old doing frontflips into the pit on my channel. disperse the weight on landing and learn how to fall. Of course the injury rate will be higher into pits!! Kids are huckin new tricks trying to learn. don't fall like that again once you heal up XD

  8. the Trampoline parks can NOT be held responsible for what YOUR CHILD choose to do. I went to Defy in NC, read the wavier THOROUGHLY and then sign it. I then went to JUMP, not flip and do stunts I know I have no training in executiing. It is the responsibility of the PARENT to read the wavier then the PARENT CHOOSES TO PUT THEIR CHILD IN WARMS WAY.

  9. as a flipper, this made me kinda mad. Like I understand that people can get hurt from jumping on a trampoline but you can get hurt by anything so why does this exist.

  10. This is live, live is risk, here we have couple individual who get seriously hurt (with i wish best for them) for what milions visits ? How many kids yearly break spine for falling down stairs while running? I'm old, i was climbing on trees when i was a kid… you have agree that live is danger, if you can't deal with that, go to prison and lock yourself in 2×2 meter cell. You will be safe, until shower time but You get the point If You eliminate every possible danger then why live for first place…

  11. There are dangers everywhere in the world where other people are involved in the things you use. Injuries can happen anywhere and at any time.

  12. Been binge watching all your marketplace videos. I hate everything from 2015 because it was all mostly fluff, but your newer stuff is just amazing and packed full of good information.

  13. I and my bestie went to a trampoline park not too long ago and I'm a trained gymnast so I was teaching her making sure she did not get hurt and we made sure that we listened to the rules and kept our feet away from loose trampoline areas
    we also had my dad watch the whole time and told a worker that we were doing gymnastics and stunts and had extra supervision

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