Hidden Gravestones and Decaying 1800s Iron Fence

Hidden Gravestones and Decaying 1800s Iron Fence

this one is broken up a lot but again the writings in good condition so it still could be saved it almost looks like somebody maybe drove off the road accidentally you can see sort of like an impact damage right there and it would make sense with the direction of this headstone over here that somebody accidentally drove off the road and ran into it all very very lonely little headstone here it does appear to have some writing left and I have to see if I can get that one we get back to the command center though because I can't quite get it it's like maybe an Ellie or Nelly and I see possibly 25 years but again makes me wonder about the brush arias here I don't really know not seeing anything right off bat it does kind of dip down behind these flowerbeds and you can see again the kind of dying plants maybe they haven't actually sprayed like the previous video that our episode that got released but maybe they're just dying off because this is their natural time of the year to do that so I don't know but I don't see any evidence of historic markers that have been left out beyond the borders it doesn't Lea swampy back there so I don't know I know but I do know there's some more stuff up here in this corner I did notice a old section of fence that looks like it's been sort of abandoned at the edge of the graveyard here so let's see if we can head that direction this is actually turning into a pretty interesting episode despite the fact that I didn't really know what I was gonna run into when I got here and maintenance seemed to be mowing this area over here even though I don't see any evidence of anything not sure why other than its appearance why I wanted to check this out but I figured I'd give it a glance really hard to read obviously because of the angle based upon the rest of the stones here who knows when that's gonna be and again that's not really the place judgment on any one particular person just sort of a general observation of this place is condition [Applause] all right so let's continue on this way this time and check out this fence line now I don't know how much historical well obviously it has some historical significance but I'm not sure what other items of historical significance we're going to find near it but I think it's worth a shot here is definitely a at least near original piece of the fence and very similar to some of the incredibly old iron fences that we found if not exact it makes me think that there may have been a very few amount of manufacturers of these items back in the day and so a lot of them were done by the same company or person that maybe that's just the style maybe that's really pervasive interesting section here before we check out the fence look at this – just this again marker that's not incredibly old but very very corner here not interesting if you look we pan over here just goes right into a ditch and underneath the road I don't see any other memorials around this area but we can tell that this was part of the historical section because continuing on as I said we can see the what I'd safely guess is the original fence line right here and even has a support wire that continues on down into maybe one of the historical ditches looks like they've tried to change this up a few different times and install different pieces or maybe it's just falling apart itself so I really don't know in that I do see a person way over in the distance mowing an open section right over here and I don't know if that's actually someone's lawn or if that's a maintenance worker mowing another section of this graveyard here so I'm kind of interested to see exactly what's going on here but this appears to be the back order here these are really interesting they're not the most unique stunts I've seen but it's kind of rare to find the really thick headstones and the writing is definitely very beefy as well and really designed to stand the test of time very very interesting a plant hair that has been cut down and left just an incredible design here there's another one there also some really interesting groupings here I don't know if they're necessarily family sections some of them have similar last names some of them don't that doesn't always mean that people aren't related though so kind of hard to tell exactly what's going on here but it seems to be fairly common throughout the entire place very interesting installation here as well and see that they placed a little granite marker there and maybe it was updated at one point so I don't know it's hard to tell well they're incredible-looking marker I'm not sure exactly what it is might just be an American Legion marker but let me know what you think and behind I wanted to check out this really quick I'm actually filming this after I thought I was gonna leave this tree here is starting to capture this headstone I believe a few others too actually looks like there's more than one plant growing here probably quite a few but this actually at no longer has a headstone on it either so it looks like it's falling backwards at some point let's walk around the back here and see if we can see any evidence of it oh there it is yeah you can see right under here is an entire lost headstone huh and see a carry and it looks like they have there's no last name that's craziness well there's the last name there loud whoa Wow I'm glad I actually stopped but I will carry on with the rest of the episode from here I'll throw this in there somewhere but I almost miss that that's that's not so that's not everything I've spotted for at the moment I think I want to do a little bit more research on this place and actually maybe come back and do another part either a second or a third part not really sure at this point I want to thank you all for watching this episode make sure you hit that subscribe button we do this about four times a week every single week for the most part obviously occasionally there's going to be some times when there's some scheduling issues that other than that we didn't been doing really well on that schedule so make sure you hit subscribe make sure you turn those Bell notifications on so you don't miss a single episode and of course always helps to let me know and to let YouTube know that you like the episode by giving it a big thumbs up if you enjoyed and as always I will see you guys in our next adventure

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  1. The marker with the eagle ~ Freedom Friendship Charity ~ They are The Improved Order Of Redmen. They were patriots who concealed their identities to work underground to help establish freedom and liberty in the early colonies.

  2. Great video Matt
    Like the format, seemed to get right to the gravestones.
    I felt like cutting the branches and using a brush to clear off the hidden stone at the end.
    Great that you found it

  3. Thanks Matt for sharing with me this video about hidden gravestones and decaying 1800s iron fence Matt i really enjoyed this video i know you make these videos about the graveyard because you care about those places and thank you for sharing with me this video and i can't wait to see your next video and God Bless you my friend and thanks again.

  4. Very interesting cemetery and well kept. Glad you found the stone hidden in the bushes. Thanks again for sharing with us.

  5. Hey, Matt ! Very interesting cemetery. Seems to be well kept yet you finding some hidden head stones shows all is not as it looks. I'm happy you are showing more of the writing on the stones. Keep up the good work !

  6. I would love to know the person's story behind these headstones. So many different lives. About the headstone damage, I believe some of it is caused by the mowing crews running into the stones.

  7. Good catch! Hope some one gets that lost stone back into its place, it will help their descendants find them. Thank you for all you do.

  8. its is sad to see damage done to graves stones so glad you get a record of it before its lost forever thank you


  9. Broken headstones with no descendants left to restore them ! People have been dying for thousands and thousands of years and there may not be any point in remembering the past and no future space will be available if all graves and monuments in cemeteries are restored

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