High Heart Rate Archery With Sleds Pusheas

High Heart Rate Archery With Sleds Pusheas

shoot with a high heart rate under duress this is the drill today we were messing it is almost spring so we have the roll-up door out here johnny is going to be out of our way we're gonna push the sled down and back the sled is Oh 55 110 185 + so 250 pound sled we're gonna go down high back low you'll see what that means and then we're gonna shoot an arrow three rounds for time and we'll see how it goes I think that is going last week that's all of it of the last week this time I'm actually know my shot so I was aiming for here here's my first shot hi and I believe this is my second time a third so it's good tie him up every week we're gonna try tighten him up I shot with this today super hard because I was definitely holding longer and I just don't know when this is going off so you have really hold you accountable but man this lad was harder I liked it my heart rate was higher I had lactic acid in my legs and that's your foundation when you shoot so give us a shot it's called a prowler if we said 250 pounds we went 25 meters down high 25 meters back low we shot an hour an arrow each round it took us both three minutes 16 seconds and it was awesome yeah

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  1. Great video – looks like your draw length is a bit short. Having to tilt your head down a bit to get your nose on the string. Keep them coming.

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