High Intensity Circuit Training Workout

High Intensity Circuit Training Workout

yo sup guys is Mike today I got an awesome high-intensity circuit for you to do so if you come here and check out the board we're going to be doing three exercises now these are playing exercises push-ups squats and pull-ups today we're going to be doing it with weights so we're going to wear a backpack and we're going to put weights in it so for me I'm going to go ahead and put about twenty five and ten this way can really amplify but all three of these exercises and make them really tall push-ups works good on your chest shoulders and triceps but at one point once you start getting up to 40 and 50 and 60 push-ups you're not going to be able to build a really big chest unless you start you know using benchpress and dumbbells and things like that so this is a good way to go ahead and do high resistant training and really still be able to hit the three really good exercises which is push-ups squats and pull-ups so the way we're going to do it today we're gonna aim for about 10 to 20 reps on every single exercise if you can get over 20 reps that means you got to put more weight into your backpack if you don't have weights you know it's okay you can put rice sand rocks get creative with it doesn't matter anything that has really good weight by the first round you can be the strongest but we're not resting much I'm minimizing the rest pretty much as much as you need to rest and then on to the next round so you may not be able to get the same amount of reps as you can on the first one do the best you can but don't drop the weight in your backpack ideally if you can leave the backpack on you the whole entire time that will keep the intensity high and they'll prevent you from wanting to go ahead and less than a weight so this will get more reps don't worry about that keep the backpack on and we'll just crank through it so five rounds the three exercises let's do it 25 a 10 let's do this Oh six I'll swing by reps for me all right so squat who those your balance off big-time got me fourth rule too yeah Oh Oh for Hey it's got a pretty tough when you go over to the ground alright pull-ups maximum reps I got tight you've been standing here with this weight pretty much it just feels like a workout just standing here it's like you're resting but you're not really resting oh hi I'm gonna try to get about five or six boom aah all right so there goes round one you notice I put Matt's on pull ups just guys pull ups are gonna be tough with this backpack especially when you're doing that very end for you a lot more exhaustive but there's got to be a really good workout we have to put a lot of resistance into some of the real basic training bodyweight type of training like squats and push-ups pull-ups back into push-ups round to take my in is work on my circulation we cut off in my arms okay well see if that happens yeah take off your bed all right sorry Rex yeah yeah yeah – brutal Oh all right so big goes around to help your guys can join me we're having a lot of fun yeah it's gonna be good so I'm starting around three back two push-ups ah love for you guys to try this is my first time doing all three these together I trying to man apparently before push-ups squats pull-ups you know with uh with the backpack but not all together so I would I think this is gonna be a good because the I'm feeling it like crazy and reps Hey I'm we're out of bread then anything else right now right Oh I said don't take off your backpack but is anything but not sit down okay it's kind of hard to sit down cuz the backpack won't touch the bench so it's like so what's like pulling me back one thing for sure you get use the training with weight and your push-ups quads or pull-ups and then later on you do it without weight you can realize how much stronger you got I feel like nothing when you're pulling or pushing look at that laughing again ring huh it's okay none to cry Belen that was robbed three going on round four Oh one thing I do sometimes you train in and you want to feel like you want to give up I go into where I call it machine mode it's where you don't think about like your pain anymore or or whether or not you're dying or hurts you just kind of blank out we go no because what I doing sometimes in the videos I got just staring his things and you'll see it in my eyes that's I'm right in there I'm just trying to finish up the repetition the power your real strength guys come from here your muscles is kind of like you're like you're like your tool you know just like Control Center you can crack your own high crank it on low and your are super body's kind of like you're just your tool that you use that's right who wouldn't finish it what do they Brown you haven't started working out again grab your backpack you gotta try this oh it is tough Hey oh okay let's do some squats pull up Hey ten reps Oh yeah it's got whoops five rounds Oh Oh whoo I believe I can fly feels light now yeah lot like that's probably one rep I sound like it's like a third rapper be like heavy I tell you alright came and talked stuttering so hope you liked this work out really really high-intensity because we're cutting out the rest time that's what she can and having some weight on your back the whole time makes it a lot more intense because just long as you don't take it off you literally I never really like resting you know so that ruler cranks the intensity up because even when I'm sitting down the bench so using ABS core we were standing up kind of resting between your exercises you're still holding a lot of weight on your body which is still working your body so that makes it that much more intense but man doing your push-ups pull-ups squats this way we really had some really good resistance to all through those exercises and that pretty much covers the major part the major body parts of your whole body so hope you can try this workout you haven't it again and more workouts mortician go to sixpackshortcuts.com see I get there peace

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  1. Hi. If you want to be prepared for this check Unflexal website. I know you'll find good solutions for your workouts.

  2. Can't believe Mike has been all but erased from the channel. Episode names have been changed and even the video image is of a different guy

  3. I go to college and there's a free gym but there's no pull up bar there and there's no way to do pull ups in my dorm. And obviously if I hang one in my room I'll have to pay a fee for "property damage". Any alternatives I can do for pull ups?

  4. I'm no where near your size and I bang some of this workout with 60 pounds in the pack. Although, I knock down to 40 after the 1st round. makes me wonder if leaner muscle is more condensed.

  5. Fantastic stuff brother! I don't even know where to start on how much I've learned from watching and doing workouts like these. Almost if not all of my workout buddies and I do these workouts or similar ones. No matter how far we've gone in life or how short we've come, everyone on here has made it to the dance. What is the dance? This is the dance! Any doubters and naysayers can all fuck off!!!! You rock Mike!

  6. I'm a 12 year old and play football I know if I wAnt to play linebacker I need to add muscle mass and lose weight how can I do this at the same time please don't say bulk and cut because I don't have that time

  7. did this with 20kg (I'm 64kg) on my back, man that was fun! This resistance really builds up for body weight exercises!?

  8. The push upsfor me are the murder cause I use a 12.19 lb weight set and 6 2.5 lb rice packs its really heavy

  9. I used my cast iron pan set. Push ups and planking are noticeably easier after 10 workouts with the backpack. Shoulders will be burning too.

  10. ………..i legit watch his videos because he's hot as fuck lawd <3 nah jk ( not really ) his advice helps a lot 

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