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  1. Great Video!! Did you use any wood posts in with your t-posts? Some things I read say to use a wood post every 150 feet. Thanks

  2. Wow, thank you..feel like learning curve decreased greatly by just watching!! You made a project I was dreading, very do-able My husband and I have to work together in next few days to set up our first high tensile…you really helped a lot, Thanks!

  3. Where do you get that rubber hose stuff that your using on corner posts? Or what's the technical term for it? Ive looked all over and can't find that stuff

  4. Great video. You answered alot of my questions as my wife and I are newbies to horse fencing and we have a couple pastures to fence in soon. Can you really space the t posts that much? Everyone keeps telling me no less than 12 feet

  5. An old carpenter taught me about a story stick, I love using mine for fencing. And the best thing about them is I make mine out of just a stick and a marker, so I do not mind loosing mine too to often.

  6. keep in mind this only works on flood plans flat as the moon, but here were the land is rolling hills and nobs it take a whole different game

  7. Unless the end bracing posts are cemented in rock deep, the tension of that heavy guage wire and that many will cause the wire to loosen up repeatedly. Might as well use rolls of fence netting and add an electric wire or two. Coyotes on the run at night will get thru that also. The electric wire gets inefficient with tall grass contact, especially when wet.

  8. Did you use a double ended spring on one end? If not, why? I thought you needed that to set the tension, keep it tight and give it a little "give" when something tries to power through. Great video by the way, even better than the fence manufacture's stuff. Oh, and as to being modest I would be in the "measure twice cut once" category 🙂

  9. Absolutely one of the best fencing videos I've watched! I'd give you an A+ for humor on the"modest" comment as well.

  10. If there is a next time. Try tying the loose wire to the end post and keep the Jenny in the UTV. You might find it easier.

  11. Great video…we will be using high tensile fencing for our horse pasture next spring…glad to see how easy it will be to set up!

  12. Why did you use so many strands as ground only? I thought they should all be hot and only the charger connects to the ground rods.

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