[Highlights] Male -80kg | Moscow 2017 World Taekwondo Grand Prix

[Highlights] Male -80kg | Moscow 2017 World Taekwondo Grand Prix

as we move up now into the main Spain ECT chicks ala CC is now sound of Hong Kong he's been in really good format today their horses readiness both of them CC up against a finds a nice push kick to the boy to their great shot tries what the head tact is when he just don't expect that he's gonna have to do it here because he finds a push kick can match the punch of CC post walking whale this short and hot dog he's got a strength here nice footwork from CC dedicate their role on campus think so sure the check cell sec agrees tummy kicked in from CC what does the slight advantage they can check entrepot [Applause] what that is as well all of them sporting but that one certainly floating CeCe well good start from Jake's Alice II see it enjoying it this is why the Volvo accuracy not quaintly at Hong Kong we don't a point gonna album one style fake there there's a question pop pop now if we point in the second is a hater I can then evens up 10 points a piece defensive good body shot underneath there from CC it lands nicely they make really good viewing note for checks our CC water champion and yesterday drop the gold man West hidden horse : that gap which is just around the corner steps up with a rate hand punch pop pop try to get into the final here CC be point gap there punch slutbag good short underneath the line with the headshot is coastal get one simple lines all the way through strong enough see see on the box is placed on big backpack support for Coach shifting time to kill the pork [Applause] don't be fatal Takako ççla all the way the redoubtable russian produced the way Oh alive Takako of course he added more squid stronger in fitting you intend to kick behind that cut skin trace to cut it under goes Faust things an end to Anna grossing battle between the two for the Russian intention Anton started whale just find an answer [Applause] wanted me to do to turn severe from court phone was unsafe Italy my goal is called code for doing well 25 nature the shoulder for the end their success you're going to your right [Applause] the referee here five minutes corkboard watch Patrick here closer three points she X or what Xia nothing to do with cold cold war but cook Joe went from 85 to 11 E Perdue deeply calm and unsuccessful back into this one catching them cold under the guard their cook responding to one body short looking for that [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] looking for the extra point and to the last a few seconds he scolded me [Applause] don't translate to eat to chase the cash Paco will show leadership the corner [Applause] Tony can't get why advice top cop certainly landed it maybe the extra point Beauty team taking down the referee playing his own video deeply card both fighters throughout a mere stomachache and that was cooks via a rocky snail shot from both and it looked to me I'm gonna see similar video replay from the Russian coach that was a mistake there from the coach once it's been played as kick good with the way they funded through our game John mr. Spencer Moldova tried to catch the bank invest on the Cacnea Lantern Corps call grunting well causing it to the snakes through [Applause] I am joined for sale today for either man's there's not much time left either coupe Silas of Expo kept going the corner court cough falls to his feet he's going to get to his feet for the spend coupe can't cook I don't find an object cannot this one is going to tech day [Applause] he's able to see what about Amish from the Russian the man from Moldova animal stories managed to find the location could they have tried any harder I do not think so wonderful what are we to do [Applause]

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  1. The last few minutes is how it should be. Then again, maintaining that is very hard. Three times 2 minutes full on is crazy tiering.

  2. WTF? My god this sport now sucks. I remember guys that fought like this years ago with the pushes and the feather touches to the head and they got demolished because the standard was trembling shock for a point and two for a 9 count. There was no 'review' , there was no punch score unless you puked or were incapacitated. In retrospect punches should have been scored if they displaced the opponent..that I agree on. But this is a fucking video game. Every time I come back it is worse.

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