Hiking – Devils Gulch, Horseshoe Mine, Bridge to nowhere, Narrows – San Gabriel East Fork

Hiking – Devils Gulch, Horseshoe Mine, Bridge to nowhere, Narrows – San Gabriel East Fork

we're hiking up to Devil's Gulch tonight got a bunch of people up there savage Donny Nova Justin should be kind of fun see how way too much crap on my back oh man focus that's pretty dark all right I'll see what I can do is for us fill me it's a lot heavier than I thought it was gonna be it's still a little bit early well it's still a little bit early for everybody else yeah but uh we're up at double-doubles Gulch camping out I'm trying not to wake everybody up I got my hammock hangin up there Savage has joined us today he's going to show us around so should be a good day we're gonna try and hit horseshoe mine and another one I believe you said it was called fake tree mind never bend either one of them so it should be pretty cool and maybe we get lucky and find some gold along the way just figured I'd show you around well I'm here a bit of a hike that finally got to lay down on my hammock around 3:30 in the morning and everybody else probably told about six crazy people anyway I had to go make some coffee get this day going I just wanted to show this this is where my hand makers hang this tree out notice anything yeah somebody's been climbing here mmm reconstituted breakfast it's actually not terrible the biscuits and gravy ones a little better well a lot better but up man if you're hungry this will do it I will try to follow Donnie that's good enough that's pretty cool Wow we'll poison oak yeah I think we're on put that up there see if I can try and get a view of this thing this wasn't as far up as I thought it would be that's beautiful don't fall we're all about to climb up this thing in a minute slippery oh I made it up I'm not all the way at the top yet I'm not really sure which direction to go at this point there's a yucca cut here with a little trail going over there and kind of slippery here looks like somebody's being blown up this way I have no idea which way to go I guess it depends laughs I wanna go to the very top or not but I am wearing sandals I'm not sure if I want to go up there well I think about it for a minute it's gonna be real hard on the way down well I'm on my way down I just decided that uh it was just a bad idea to keep going in sandals it's too slippery got no traction on these things so I'm gonna work my way down slip and slide down this rope oh man this is gonna be interesting decided to go back up and over hopefully I don't fall here [Applause] nice this is above the fault don't break that sluice this is not as easy as you would think holding a phone oh wow yeah there's a child up here right there it scared him if I get us attention again in a minute right in the corner over here there is horseshoe mine and it's starting to sprinkle right now you have to hurry the heck up and get back and make sure my sleeping bag doesn't get wet no good oh there godammit sorry if this looks like crap try to look around some calcium buildup Wow go straight up you guys see that shaft going straight up your guess is as good as mine oh man it collapsed oh there's another shaft up here what looks like up there that's a shame old riverbed look at that crazy Daniel went in there and got a small pan and there was already a little piece of gold stuck on the side of one of the rocks how well that visible that's crazy they look through all of this hard rock to get to that riverbed well I'm just nuts if I can get out of here one piece yeah I'm over here looking at the wall wondering what they were digging in they were just trying to get over their craziness or how they even knew it was there alright that was it the savage is taking this over to find a an old pump pretty close to the bridge and start to rain kiha leave this view though kind of underneath the bridge almost pretty close little we pump cool we decided to take a alternate route back came across this open e look a view it's pretty so I decided to take a little morning walk see what was up the hill the camp is right below this mountain just right at the base it's not very far from here we've just found a little bear prison yummy just thought I'd share that kept hearing a little bit of noise last night that's probably what it was big times anyway I'm not sure what we're doing today maybe prospecting a little bit maybe hiking and exploring don't know we're winging it you see how it goes nice day today I thought I would share this on the way out if you're using a hammock and need to under quilt obviously I got this down throw at Costco for like 20 bucks I was reading about it on backpacking forums a lot of people are doing this aisle it over to harbor frieght and I got these tarp clips and the first night I just hooked it into the corners and strapped it up and the whole thing was hanging down like really low underneath it didn't do much good I'm a helped mmm but it was still a little chilly when I pulled the sides up over me I could tell the bottom got a lot warmer so last night you can see here I kind of rolled it up a little bit like a taco so that it brought the hard to see here sorry so Brett these ends up like this and it helped tremendously so if anybody is on a budget and they're just trying to stay warm and they're using a hammock I recommend giving that a shot it is a cheap alternative was like 25 bucks altogether and you just need a little bit of paracord strap it up Noble was over here walking around and I think she saw mountain lion or Bobcat so cuz I'm a retard I'm gonna go check it out Oh aha I was just walking up here this is where the bear scat is well it wasn't me I mean I do smell pretty bad there's bears get boy I heard her yelling and I came up totally out of breath it's probably long gone into the river by now that's probably at the river by now or hiding and waiting for us to show up mmm kind of funny I'm over here making breakfast if she hollered again against the little guy came back but uh just wanted to say if you guys are looking for something good kind of like these guys this is really tasty looks like not really big on doing reviews but uh I can get some good tips why not this is a good brand I like it obviously I'm roughing it here I think we're gonna go back up to the narrowest today maybe um maybe Iron Mountain we'll see stuff to carry all this junk back well I've never been accused of being smart but I decided to go up here anyway and sit for a few minutes with my back to the wall just see what happens she said when I came around to just smelled awful you could smell it so should be pretty obvious if it comes by if anything exciting happens I'll get it on camera hopefully I'm just gonna sit here with my knife put my back against the bedrock not curious to see what he looks like or she you'll see wish me luck well I've been sitting up here for about 10 minutes there's the bear scat haven't seen anything yet if they'll start heading back me and over back in the mine just wanted to show this a little bit I'm gonna dine in my hole I'm back in the very back of the mine where they were digging a hole called River Rock riverbed and I don't know if it's gonna show up at this area right here that's been burned by a torch it actually works this way down to a little passage that goes up before I got to be in here there's a passage here that goes up pretty far it looks like it goes for is long way by the time it gets up to the top there and then there's a little hole here obviously there's another passage that goes down here and it goes back pretty far I don't know if it opens up or not and then this is the entrance that came in there's a passage over here there's a to the right probably pan out into a bigger area also I'd really love to do some prospecting in here you can see this is literally just caliche it's hard as a rock but there's like a little gap here already and this stuff looks pretty soft like if you were to chip away at it without the big rocks being here it's just gonna fall apart everything I'm standing on here is just all cave-in there's just no way I'm gonna chisel like this it would just be stupid um no without coming in here embracing everything off doing a purpose which is my partner he's invited stopped but anyway I just wanted to share that on the way out it's really cool I don't know if they dug through all this hard rock and the mine to get to this point or if they just came across too by accident but they obviously did a lot of work to get to this point I want to take a sample so bad maybe I'll take a sample from the floor since this is okay all right we're gonna go up to the nearest what's ready out here today let's see I got too much crap in my hands pretty clouds like wind I'm diggin it for those of you who haven't been to the bridge to nowhere this is it the most you probably have but uh apparently a good place to body jump sorry about the wind can't do much about it so technically we are in the Narrows right now actually we have been for a while it was a nice pull down there to do that right in the middle looks nice and people alright see what it looks like further up we're just around the turn past the bridge thanks Paul Wow looks like a good campground over there beautiful sky here anyway I'm gonna get a bunch of little clips this is a little further down here see the river down there I just assumed maybe somebody hasn't been over here they might want to see what it looks like oh yeah I'll do my best there's some water down there some really nice waterfalls we're starting to get down towards the water now I think we're finished climbing on these hills here hey look it's a five mile marker we've done a whole five miles actually we've done a lot more than that miles but this trail has been five miles all right Oh fresh water hey a little hole over there interesting Hey look at this stream here is rocks falling down already hey anyway this is part of the Narrows pretty much looks like everything else – the crazy bedrock all right are we going up Lefter okay before I forget anybody want some tobacco it's just growing everywhere up here kind of pretty I got a handful of seeds out of it we'll see how that goes just out of curiosity big rock oh you think all this digging over here all these tailings it's crazy that'll be like six miles to get up here even some bedrock over here right yeah somebody's done some work over here it's crazy I almost want to sample pan some of this but it's getting really late doesn't that look beautiful look at that beautiful bed right kind of continues on over there anyway something caught my eye over here see if I can get it on the camera and that River Rock let's come back up here in sample well we're a little bit further up now how far just yeah but uh well bedrock a lot of bed rest look at that Oh dizzy don't look up while you're standing on one foot I actually think I need to take a couple of pictures of this pretty those rocks are gonna come down soon I wonder if there was any gold in this quartz over here that's a roading away anyway it's pretty up here I gotta go a little bit further this is kind of interesting a rock gets in here and the current spins it around and around and around and around until it makes a big hole in the ground kind of cool maybe that want to make a bigger hole okay all right the rock I was the hold on the rock goes right down below me a little bit too much wind here I apologize for the wind was hoping for a better view from up here but uh yeah there you go getting a little dark time to head back it's pretty thick or maybe like two miles past the bridge somewhere around that ballpark local stuff up here I hope this video does this rock justice look at this thing that is crazy I want this in my yard hey hey Nova I want to put this in my yard and you have Ron bring his chopper over that is like the coolest rock ever thought I would share this I found this on the way out maybe a mile down past the bridge what was kind of interesting there was a date or something on at one point I'm not sure what it is but there was definitely a cabin right here I'm so out of shape try and get a do from this side yeah there wasn't Kevin right here for sure that's pretty cool this little tobacco plant was in danger needed to be rescued so I'm taking him home I saved it camera doesn't want to okay there it goes all right yep look how crooked it is I couldn't remember if I had gotten a video of the side of the bridge or not so I decided to do it real quick I think it's about 6:30 starting a little dark we've got oh geez at least a mile walk through that Valley on the right there and till we get to camp maybe a mile and a half and then we gotta pack everything up and hike back about almost four and a half miles sure is pretty out here though look at that it's just beautiful this is what crazy people do right I hope we find a mountain-lion we find a mountain lion that's just the way it is it's getting dark what do we have about four and a half miles something like that yeah I'm gonna have so much boring video by then ooh that was slippery anyway yeah it's dark I'm not 100% sure but I think this is a comet that is really cool who that what if they're laying a space shuttle tonight or something that's definitely it can't be an airplane looks like it's going down awesome alright we're about to head off to camp it's about 8:30 got about four and a half mile hike or so it's gonna be kind of late when we get back dov'è said the lights on your back or supposed to help keep the Cougars out so you're better shot see how that works out found another friend dinner and not tonight they'll live another day

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  1. I’ve been trying to find Horseshoe Mine but with no luck. Do you have GPS coordinates or a video that shows how to find it?

  2. Thanks for including those cabin ruins. That's the one thing I've never seen. You probably know about the Horseshoe Annex Mine and supposedly there's a third, Horseshoe #2. Great video.

  3. In 1986 I fell from 100 feet up from the water down to the water hit every rock on the way down near where you took the picture of the bridge at 31:22 . It was night time my friend Billy hiked out to get help I woke up next to the river with my head on my jacket where he left me about 1am I made my way back to the cabin on the other side of the bridge now there are 2 green containers there. The next morning a helicopter flew me out and to the hospital. Fun times the news paper called me a prospector ha.

  4. That was AWESOME!!!! I have always wanted to go up that far but always chicken out because I have no idea if I can handle the hike or not. Really appreciate you sharing that scenery and all. Well done, sir!!

  5. Pretty awesome adventure bud. You've shown some things on the river I've never seen before. You mentioned a sluice at one point in the video, I hope you didn't pack that Calsluice 6 miles up the Canyon. Way to heavy for that. Still hoping for a chance meeting one of these days. Be well and be safe up there.

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