His Garden Is World Famous – The Back To Eden Garden

His Garden Is World Famous – The Back To Eden Garden

hey welcome back to another axe family
video hope you’re doing well hope you have a smile on your face cuz today is a
beautiful beautiful day today we are going to meet up with a guy named Paul
who started type of gardening called back to Eden gardening Taylor and I
implemented on our garden two years ago when we saw amazing results and so we’re
excited for you guys to meet Paul and to see a little bit more of what he’s doing
but first we gotta go over a bridge hey Paul I’m Cody I’m doing well it’s my
wife Taylor there’s something that’s really got my attention last couple of
years and it’s so opposite what I’m learning is it everything that I’m
seeing from God in nature is exactly opposite of what I was taught in school
you see how beautifully the kale is growing under my trees the produce under
my trees grow far bigger and healthier and they do away from the trees squash
plants they spread on the ground really flat you ever watch it you know the
holidays yeah and there’s bread out yeah they don’t climb my squash plants they
didn’t plant the trunk they went out to the branches and climbed into the trees
really and I have pictures of spaghetti squash hanging on my trees like apples
you see these are all dwarf trees supposed to be this baby and how they
create dwarf trees as they find their root stock that doesn’t naturally
develop a large root system and they grafted to that because you have a small
root system keeps the treat or if a let’s say that you got a stake them so
guys I’ll show you why these things do something better cause it a little plum
tree out here this that’s 10 years old they have root suckers coming out 35
foot radius not diameter yeah ladies Wow so the roots from this tree over here
they’re coming all the way over to here that’s how far they spread out in a
circle and imagine the size of that roots and I think I’m like oh that tree
mm-hmm it’s no way it can no way possibly consume all the nutrients is
coming into that root system so it has to displace the excess out through its
foliage and the plants that are evening fed from the top some telling people now the first thing
you want to plant your veg and vegetable gardeners releases yeah because your
protists are this much better and then the advantage is like in the summer when
it’s really hot you can’t grouse arugula and spinach and
lettuce and cilantro mm-hmm in the full sub under the trees the shade you can
and so the advantages just don’t end yeah with having fruit trees in the
garden you got the spider on and what’s
happening here is that these plants produce seed and if I don’t plant them
they see themselves and I if I do nothing I have incredible abundance I
never go to the store for any reason I have all any because my I’m not an
orphan my father’s good care of me so this is Paul here and Paul why don’t you
kind of give a brief explanation of what it is that you spend most of your time
doing and where we’re at today this is my home I live in western Washington
it’s a beautiful place my family and what I grow on my own food because I as
I read the scripture I I get the the significance that God put us in a garden
for a reason next to our food and we should draw our foods
what’s interesting science has found that in 10 minutes after fruits and
vegetables are picked they can lose up to 80% of them add a lot properties in
10 minutes and you were never designed to buy stuff out of stores you were
supposed to like everything you made sure they can eat don’t go anywhere
I just so you have a bunch of fruit trees here what else you have growing
them if you look over there along the fence is blueberries assess the room
garden over there okay all kinds of herbs with strawberries and more fruit
trees that’s where we were there’s the orchard that’s his home now we’re in the herb garden and chicken
coop yeah he’s got some blueberries and some other stuff over here so he told me
you to eat whatever I want taste it so thought I’d bring you guys
along and check it out together big celery plant mr. strawberries in
front of the blueberries is a big mass of green that’s wasabi and no one’s
everybody able to identify it until last year a couple came from Japan it was so
awesome – wasabi Wow because wasabi only grows in nature and standing water in
full shade I’m growing it in full Sun in wood chips when I grow out in front of
it sage sage rules of nature in desert
right no water so I’m growing a desert plant next to a water standing plant
side by side of that watering this is enough air space on the woodchips for
the sage you hang out the older faces and avoid the water but wasabi wants the
water noise but they have the option God created this most amazing environment in
nature so you can grow everything in the same place and the plants can choose
we’re out there trying to create this environment for this planet for that
doing all this labor-intensive hard stuff it never lasts and it’s totally
inconvenient they’re necessary and it’s just so fun in this environment goes
planet anywhere just leave and just grows doesn’t eat nature needs to help
he made it so easy parsley and there’s Vinnie’s right there and it’s lettuce
and the fuels of carrots over there cilantro and then Swiss chard and you
know rows of kale I’ve even block with all April that fresh broccoli every day
are aware but the kills probably the most potent food that exists now you
know that stem from your experience is usually tough and stringy I want you
start at the stem eat your way back on top breaks right apart pull the moisture
it’s not bitter and so I’m better usually kills better
yeah as soon as you take the cover off the ground it compacts it’s dead it dies
it’s dead soil to see this this soil here you’ve been pounding on this on
your even with your foot just pound that hard a little soft that down look good
they really try to compact it it just bounces back and laughs at you yeah how
slick your hand in there and just watch these moves but soon take the cover off
the ground context and dies what I love about wood over everything else like
grass clippings or leaves or straw remember these are wood products have
fungi and fungi is such a huge component you think about mycelium it’s a fungi
look mycelium will travel under the ground for miles all connected the same
plant hmm four miles and when plant roots
connected to that mycelium they access the life forces miles I’m just telling
you it’s just when you start looking at how what God made and hey it’s genius
design it’s like wow and so this is why I would ships to meet you and if a solar
asks you where in the planet is the most fertile soil well the forest is created for woodchip
environment and basically what I’m doing my property I’m creating the forest
floor because it can’t be improved on it’s the best yeah it’s so simple
yeah you know just put what you started everything grows I mean you look at the
greenery all this you know everything obvious he’s about he was coming up out
of the ground over there oh yeah and just everything how green and lush this
is with no fertilizer and this orchard has never been irrigated for 38 years
Matt ever and last year we had 75 days ago rain I had totally covered with
squash and stuff and nothing is watered and do totally great
I get development of stuff I don’t want watch this and just break it off see how easy that
is yeah you see you leave you’re leaving no wound it’s just so convenient like
these branches are starting to go straight up but what’s your like what’s
your plan though yes you can now next year oh you can see I’m getting I’m
getting fruit development here here so this is still within my reach so the the
apples will like they’ll pull these branches down that’s what they’re all
bending over cuz everything just comes down yeah do you do uh like a major
pruning major point you want to do it is in December January soil they’re struggling to live all
right and they’re expressing in their flavor their bitterness and have you
ever um looked at how they tell you to grab and then you got paste so you make
sure that this diameter is the same as that what you do over here is you kind
of opening in it you take this piece and you cut an angle and you slider the
opening and here’s the cool thing about tape as you wrap with the tape it pulls
everything into alignment so the cambium is lined up because there’s wrap the
tape it’s not gonna flex or move because it’s wrapped with tape it keeps it
airtight and because it’s black when the Sun is if it warms it means quicker and
when it’s all done and grabbed it’ll come off and so all you need is a roll
of black tape and your pruners you can graft although it’s so simple neiguan
you can look at fruit see all this is fruit first year you know how old is
this tree so I mean I can stand inside here you can basically walk on the
inside and pick your fruit and then yeah and then walk on the outside and get
fruit how do you decide at what point to graph like we’re on the moon just
it’s wherever I feel like it yeah I want to get inside enough so it’s not gonna
be out beyond work my space is up there cut it out there so I write you get
something inside the graph into and then and the beauty about graphing it like is
it I paint nothing you see you buy trees like 23 dollars you may not like it with
graphing the sine losses are free and I can sample the fruit if I like it mmm
I’ll do more of this if I not I remember you’ve seen this in the video but at
what point the pick the apples right so usually you’re there all right I like
them to fall off because I know they’re right you see the water coming out of
that it’s again it’s so good honestly have you ever had Asperger’s it tasted
like that there’s dripping water water yeah would
you cook that no no you know why we cook food you see we’re trying to make it
soft because it’s tough when you need asparagus and you urinate there’s a very
powerful order that comes off your hair and that nothing else she does here
there’s why it’s called minerals asparagus in Jerusalem around 14 feet
not inches 14 feet into the ground and they’re pulling that mineral content
that no other produce even gets near and when does God have it show up at the
time of year when your body is a most middle deficient yeah that’s an accident
and was this hey I’m telling you you start tracking you start observing God’s
order nature and how he brings food in the season they’re blown away
the list see I’m now doing all the things they say you can’t hmm I’m making
a point to do things that doesn’t work asparagus should be in full Sun this is
under my tree this and this building knocks off forever in the Sun and it’s
totally thriving I’m growing potatoes under my tree the soil is so nutrient
dense every square inch can be used to grow food it’s not like an orchard here
in the garden there how often are you adding more woodchips a good question
when I first started because my soil was really hungry they broke down really
quick because the soil started hey what’s happening now because my soil so
nutrient dense by camera is a pleasure hanging out with here and hope you enjoy
this take care thank you so much for teaching us there you go that was our
time with Paul and he basically was sharing knowledge with us the whole
entire time about his garden and the world and plants and God and it was just
amazing to hear him talking and just tie all that together and I feel like we
learned a lot my main question for him was about pruning because we do want to
have fruit trees someday and I know that he prunes obviously very different than
what I’ve been taught or what you’ve seen and so that was really interesting
to learn yeah so if you’re curious or anything that Paul said you know piqued
your interest go look up back to Eden gardening and you’ll find either their
website they do have a documentary that you can watch for free and initially
that’s how I heard about it we watched that documentary when we started our
garden two years ago basically using wood chips as a cover and
that increased the water retention in the soil you know help keep nutrients in
the soil keeps the weeds down so we saw amazing results in our garden from from
following his methods and so I would encourage you if you’re into gardening
or anything I got or if you’re just curious go check it out back to eat in
gardening and yeah now we’re driving down to Olympia Washington we have some
friends down there that we’re gonna go stay with for a little bit and so if
you’re new to the channel thank you so much for watching today we would
encourage you to hit subscribe and follow our journey I hit that thumbs up
button on this video and we’ll see you later
hats off to you

34 Replies to “His Garden Is World Famous – The Back To Eden Garden”

  1. Hey! I think I might have been the one that tipped you off to Back to Eden a couple of years ago when you were asking for input on your garden. I'm so glad you were able to meet Paul in person. I'm on my third or fourth year now and it just keeps getting better.

  2. What a great experience being able to meet Paul of Back to Eden. We have been using his gardening advice for about 3 years and it took awhile to allow the wood chips to breakdown but his advice really works. Did you have a change to try his eggs? They are supposed to be very good and the best tasting eggs. Thanks so much for sharing your visit. I am sure that you will remember your visit for years to come.

  3. Very well constructed video. Now track with me. You have done such a fantastic job with this video it completely blows my mind how you have made it feel as if you’re actually there. Two years ago my wife and I visited Paul‘s garden and it brought me right back. I watch The tours of his garden over and over and over again and it was so much fun to see something a little different. I just had five loads of wood chips dumped in my backyard we purchased our house three weeks ago and I am so excited to go back to Eden. We have been trying for 11 years to purchase a house and finally I have the ability to garden God’s way.

  4. Great video! I’d love to visit Paul’s homestead, seen his videos a few years ago. Greetings by the way neighbor, I’m just north of Seattle.

  5. If ye love me, keep my commandments.
    John 14:15 KJV

    Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.  Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:
    Exodus 20:8‭-‬9 KJV

    Saturday is the day of the Lord

    The claim that Christ by his death abolished his Father’s law, is without foundation. Had it been possible for the law to be changed or set aside, then Christ need not have died to save man from the penalty of sin. The death of Christ, so far from abolishing the law, proves that it is immutable. The Son of God came to “magnify the law, and make it honorable.” [Isaiah 42:21.] He said, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law;” “till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in nowise pass from the law.” [Matthew 5:17, 18.] And concerning himself he declares, “I delight to do thy will, O my God; yea, thy law is within my heart.” [Psalm 40:8.] GC88 466.3

    Ecclesiastes 12:13 KJV
    Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

  6. I applaud the 'no dig' approach (at least as Charles Dowding has demonstrated), and can completely comprehend the mycelium argument (and rather think that is how I plan to manage my own property). My interest is that the idea that the 'forest' provides the nutrients, I mean 'forests' are devoid of all the wonderful things that are promised here. What is doing the work is the mycelium, the access to light, and the mineral subsoil – Paul's garden has a limited life span of productivity unless he finds other nutrients – they don't spring out of nowhere. Lovely man, interesting video, but rather lacks a basis of 'where stuff actually comes from'. And no, showing a garden with a bunch of trees and veg doesn't show that it is 'sustainable', or 'viable', that takes a rather longer period. There is a rather tricky 'equation' at play here, I.e. Can a piece of land sustain production enough to support a family and generate an income? (Generations, and many millions of inventive people have tried to achieve this by the way) which is how the industrial revolution came about…

  7. Paul has a amazing ministry. He is "A Man After God's Heart" We all have our own ministry and gift. Paul's gift is Gardening God's way. I love how he relates gardening back to God. He is so humble giving God all the glory. Great video. Love the drone footage giving it a new prospective.

  8. I admire how Paul delivers his message with the same passion and importance to 1 or 2 individuals just the same as he would to a large group. Whether there are cameras or not. 🙂

  9. Great way to bring the Father of "Back to Eden gardening", Paul Gautschi, into the age of "Youtubers" and vlogging. Great use of B-roll and sound effects! Continue to educate, entertain and make relevant….

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