come on guys welcome back to another video I am going to be showing you how to do the downtown drop challenges or the new one which is hit any of the trick jumps or either the crane elevated train or fence so leave a like and subscribe use code not below 40 on the item shop if you guys find this video helpful and let's go alright guys welcome to another video so we're gonna be starting off and it's gotta be a little bit tough but first off I'm just gonna show you the location of the first place and then I'm gonna show you how to do it because this game-mode is completely broken currently it's still a mess but anyways this over here is the fence where you gotta do the trick jump and on our next turn I'm gonna show you how to exactly do the trick jump on the fence but yeah there is one on the elevated train which is gonna be coming up next so the next one is gonna be on the elevated train and I'm gonna show you how to do it in a little bit guys that's just very good I'm getting good at this but if she takes five minutes so this one is the hardest one and what you gotta do is drop on this like water spring over here so we're gonna be going and see if we can do it you gotta hit this one okay so we're gonna do it next row but you gotta do all the two of these and then you get on the elevated train which is right above us and the third location is actually the crane job and I hope we can do at least one on the first lap did it so broken but anyways what you gotta do is jump so you get more speed just like this and then you should be able to hit the crane just like this and I think this counts because we got the the thingy oh my god do look at the lag look at the lag but yeah I think this counts and this over here is jump on the crane so we're gonna I'm probably just gonna show you a bunch of times because this challenge is that a little bit tricky and you might need some help but the best the best way to do it is to jump just ahead so like here you jump to get momentum over here actually this one yeah you have to okay I didn't even do it correctly I didn't even do it correctly but I think I can still do it maybe let's see no no but this is jump on the first you got to do only one of these so we're gonna figure out which one is this easier one but I think the easiest one is the number three the one that I just shown you on the plane I think that's the easiest one even though I can pretty much nail all three them but yeah John wick was here alright let's go let's keep going dude but this game was broken the music sometimes don't play sometimes the game mode doesn't start sometimes you gotta wait like three minutes I did like three interest for this video but anyway so this is the location number two and you go on the crane and I mean on the train and we still didn't have enough speed like what do you mean dude this is probably like the hardest location though this one I don't recommend at all because you gotta hit all the trick jumps actually wait you can probably do it from here if you go on top of this truck but let's try and do the crane again let's do the crane so we can at least do one of these so yeah you only have to do one of this and yeah jumping to gain momentum then okay this is actually difficult guys like when you try to give you would know but at least you guys know the locations is just that it takes a little bit of practice and it's actually good to see how I practice because next time you can kind of skip the practice but yeah basically over here you got a jump over this car and then go over here as well jump again and now wait like this oh no okay but that was that was the fence alright let's go again this is this is actually too hard this is actually super difficult I told it to be easy but now it's like it's all we're to they disabled the help of the game-mode is disabled like some of the speed features are disabled and sadly this is not a trick jump on the car but anyways all right over here I'm gonna try again and how you should be able to do it is just you start going down then about over here you jump to get them make the mega speed and then you keep going forward keep going forward jump on this thing Oh what did okay that doesn't even work what do you mean alright oh my god I mean that's the way to do it is just super tricky I think the crane is the easiest one or I mean at least the one that's doable alright here we go oh alright okay I couldn't even do it I think that counts I think if you just touch it it should count so we should be fine I don't know how am I gonna do my own the whole childhood but this chance kinda crazy but anyways you jump over this thing I also think you can probably hit this ramp as well my god then I'm telling kids broken like this game world they literally epic games just did not do well on this one you're gonna see once we start the next game it's like you gotta wait a bit and yeah this was not even an intern so that was the three locations though hit add so hit any of the trick jumps on either the crane elevated train or fence and I guess the crane was the easiest one which was the one towards the end of the map like for sure but anyways you can see over here we have 20% on it I still haven't done all these challenges but this one unlocks in 38 minutes I wanted to do a video on it and you got a queue up again and hope it's not broken because usually when you kill this game mode it's just currently it just does not work like at all so you'll see what I'm talking about I don't know how happy games haven't fixed it like sometimes she just stands straight away and you're like super lucky sometimes the music dump doesn't play you don't get the impulse Nate's like you see it right now I I'm just not gonna move in case yo I think one person can crash the entire game did I need this mod kill oh this isn't item shop I know but like hello all right okay yeah definitely need in in dire need of that he saw me turn turn around so he actually he started doing it even more but anyway so okay these vacations are not too hard to find but they're hard to do the trick job I know I've done the trick jump on the fence in one of my other videos but I don't have the bunny this is the best of all oh my god I don't have the click strap yo hello do you buy everything with v bucks do you buy everything with v bucks I'm so jealous dude I'm how do I get all of the books they have the frisbee as well just do best match come on season 3 do you have the season 3 mode I don't think so I don't think you have this is remote I didn't even unlock that last season okay so look now it's a starting game and here is where the trouble starts to like row in that's where the the new issues start to arise so the first will it stick at listening to best mates which is the Optio here we go yo yo for the video just started straight up hello oh no it's now it's broken now it's breaking it's not gonna explode oh my god it actually worked all right so yeah we're gonna try and hit it good okay that's cool his last game last two games I had to wait for a few minutes oh yeah you can use the in posted okay I almost did it let's try and use the impose grenades enjoy oh yeah definitely that should be able to do it alright jump over that person what if you just is this an easy way is this an easy way to get the speed yes it was an easy way but it we didn't really hit three jumps I think even just few think it would work yeah oh that was cool that was have a nice all right so let's keep going let's keep going so yeah they're dead here comes the music guys like I told is broken alright I'm gonna try cheesy to show you the train location so usually the normal ways to go through the spring and hit two of these jumps and it's super hard but now we're gonna try and do it the easiest way which should be hit okay notice the next ramp hit this ramp and over here oh oh my god okay wait wait wait wait wait wait wait we gotta cheese it and actually do it we gotta cheese didn't actually do it and since we now have the impersonates which were not available to yesterday we should be able to actually do it so alright I'm pressing s right now oh that I mean that could count that could count because we did step on it but this is the Train job if we actually have to hit the entire like trick job that's gotta be so difficult alright here we go two jumps music stop did that that distracted me so much I can't do it oh my god the discharge is gonna be hard guys this challenge is not easy at all alright here we go oh I guess that's an easy way to get thirty throws p-trap what do you mean dude I never really realized that with you can just cheat it with an impulse Wow alright let's go for the fence that respect for anyone who gets this on the first try this is super difficult okay that didn't even work and yeah okay so wait if you want to cheese it let's say you only gotta get the last item because that's how I think it might work you just gotta get the basketball like would this work bro ultimate yet so that does not work at all alright we're gonna try and hear it again though we're gonna I hit this first one again because I really wanted like actually do it it just seems super difficult it seems like super difficult buddy all definitely did okay so you can use the impulse nails to cheat but it still doesn't help too much oh my god I can already see it guys there's gonna be so many people that would just go around on this one challenge and just keep trying to do it it's gonna be insane and the game's just gotta keep lagging and clashing and stuff but okay anyways over here we got render the legit way this time which is to jump twice and just keep keep the momentum like how are you even supposed to nail this one dude this is just crazy or or they change the acceleration it just doesn't work I'm not sure this is actually super difficult this is the most the most hard challenge yet for sure like this is definitely the hardest challenge alright so let's just go on this ramp again then I honestly feel like you can just I feel like it would be easier to just stay over here drop an impulsive jump that it is actually easier almost we almost did it alright look at this oh my god this is good stick alright so this is where you gotta go okay so you gotta go after that there is that I'm blocking the way oh all right I see the basketball as well all right here we go easy game on a double definitely count we hit the train jump alright oh this is oh my god yeah this must be this is like the hardest thing in the game wow that was crazy though oh yeah that was kinda crazy they don't give you enough coins for doing that jump like honestly but okay here we go oh I'm so fast alright that's tran can even do this without jumping okay I think that was my bad I think I'm not supposed to jump oh here we go oh my god did well I mean on this one you can definitely just do this and yeah okay let's do it again alright so if you're on the inside you can legit just cheese it so that's what we're gonna be doing alright yeah that does definitely come with my child and it's why guys you watch my channel videos you see the most easiest way to actually do the chair which is kind of crazy because I mean this should be much easier I know just the controls are so slippery and stuff and then they kept changing them yesterday throughout the day to fix the issue where it actually crashes the game once we started and although I haven't done Josie on the rooftop have pardon me guys I just need to get Josie on the rooftop oh my God look at that alright here we go we get Josie on the rooftop we have all know the games gonna end dude that the music's not even here whatever but anyways guys you get the point you got the challenge you can probably complete it now games broken but thanks so much for watching please leave a like and subscribe nobody fort in that shop if find this videos fun to watch and they're here for so thanks so much guys I'll see ya next time


  1. Bodil40, please reply if u read this, why do u always stretch ur videos to 10minutes+ for like 1 challenge? You know it’s wasting people’s time, just answer me why??

  2. Yooo this video was so helpful thank you keep up the good work I'm going to show this to all my friends

  3. For you guys having trouble as soon as you start that one train on the rail also counts and it’s the easiest

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