Holmgang Hamburg – Scharfes Fechten Teil 2 – fencing with sharp blades

Holmgang Hamburg – Scharfes Fechten Teil 2 – fencing with sharp blades

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  1. Very bold and corageous. I personally hate Evola, but you guys are completely allowed to shitpost about "warrior spirit" without being cringy. I want to start a community like this in my country, do you have any advice? Mensur goggles + gorget is enough protection for sparring with sharp swords + no thrust?

  2. Warum? Warum macht man sowas!? Beim normalen fechten o. historischen Fechten machts Spaß aber hier, verletzt du dich nur. Im besten fall sinds auch noch Nazis

  3. warum wurde der zweihänder vom degen früher abgelöst? wegen den schusswaffen weil alles schneller gehen musste?wo liegt der vorteil vom degen zum zweihänder?

  4. So many people talk shit that are to scared to do anything. Fighting with sharps is a whole different feeling and fighting style that if you want to be a great sword fighter , you should try . You say they don't respect the weapon but when you fight with sharps you respect them more then the people who haven't. Every hema faggot wants to be historically accurate but don't wanna try it with sharps how they did back in the day. You will never be accurate go cry about hand shots you hema faggots .

  5. Aww that must be kinda annoying, how often do u get to fight if as soon as you get cut u gotta stop?
    Still this is very thrilling to watch it’s like a swashbuckling movie, even tho it’s kinda insane😂
    Edit: Never mind I’ve seen the whole video and some of u still continue after blood is shed😂 crazy man💪🏼

  6. USA Wall-E's in the comments, bunch of soft dicks with emotions controlled by tribal media and their constant vanity and materialism, ah yes the Liberal way!

  7. holmganghamburg
    This looks like a lot of fun if you know what you're doing and understand the risks. Have you ever come close to killing each other fighting like this? I don't know the laws where you fight, but I'm curious if you get in trouble.

  8. This is awesome to watch but quite unwise and frankly, you guys would benefit from some proper sabre practice. Except you would probably end up actually taking less than 5 minutes for one sword fight.

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